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Lindor Crafts

Lindor Crafts

Lindor Crafts is a crafts store that is located in Beacon. All manner of classes about various crafts are available in the Beacon Community Centre, and this is where those who take those classes can get their supplies. Pretty much everything craft related can be found here. From thread and yarn to bolts of material for making clothes to sewing and knitting needles to materials for making soaps and candles to wood for woodworkers, this shop has it all. It also carries books that contain embroidery patterns, and information about various crafts.

In addition to selling craft supplies, Lindor Crafts will sell the crafts that citizens of Beacon make using their supplies if asked to do so. Every seven trials, a different craft is chosen to be a special feature in the shop.

This shop has ties to craftspeople throughout Scalvoris. Those ties allow Lindor Crafts to sell the wide variety of crafting materials that can be found here in that they put the shop in contact with the merchants that the various craftspeople they have ties to use. In exchange, when a talented citizen in Beacon is found, the owner of Lindor Crafts will pass that information to the craftspeople they have ties to so that if they are looking for an apprentice, they can approach the individual in question.

Given the nature of Beacon, Lindor Crafts is not a typical shop where people buy the things they want, and do not take things they cannot afford. If someone can afford to pay, they are expected to do so. But many of the citizens of Beacon have little or no money, especially when they first arrive. For this reason, those who cannot afford to buy what they need can still "purchase" things on a barter system. Perhaps the person in question is an ex slave who is skilled at organizing things because their work as a slave involved such. That person would be allowed to earn the things they wish to buy by volunteering their time at the shop to organize their stock room. Someone who was good at heavy lifting might be asked to help with a delivery in exchange for the things they wish to buy. And so on.
Any "bartering" for goods will require mod approval, and a thread(s) to earn the goods.

Ali Lindor

Name: Ali Lindor
Race: Sev'ryn
Age: 13th Vhalar, 700
Title: Owner
Skills: Appraisal: Expert, Business Management: Expert, Caregiving: Competent, Science: Competent, Detection: Competent, Art: Competent, Discipline: Competent, Endurance: Competent, Jewelry Crafting: Competent, Logistics: Competent, Needlecraft: Competent, Psychology: Competent, Sculpting: Competent, Woodworking: Expert
Other Information: Ali is a shy woman, but she has a passion for arts and crafts, so if you get her talking about that, she is a fountain of information. She also has a keen sense of business. Having been afraid and vulnerable herself, she understands what people are going through when they are in the same situation. So she speaks softly so not to startle or intimidate the timid. She is endlessly patient, and while she will offer help and advice if asked, or if she feels her customer is open to it, she will never rush someone into making a purchase, or try to sell them something they do not need.

Ali is a former slave who was owned by an artistic family. In her work, she picked up bits and pieces of knowledge about a variety of arts, and when her masters saw that she had a talent they decided to use that to their advantage rather than punishing her. They taught her the basics of their crafts, and had her make things of her own. And when she produced something that was good enough to sell, they would sell it and keep the money for themselves. As a result, she is something of a dabbler in the arts.

That, and the business classes she took during her recovery time gave her the idea to set up a craft shop. As an artist herself, she also sells some of her own works at the shop as well as featuring local talent. But she will never feature her own crafts.

Price List / Goods Available

If appropriate
[td]transparent border_color=#000000][/td][/tr]
Item: Wealth Tier:
Thread See Shoppe
Yarn See Shoppe
Sewing/Knitting/etc. Needles See Shoppe
Dyes See Shoppe
Bolts of Various Types of Cloth See Shoppe
Parchment/Paper See Shoppe
Pens/Pencils/Ink Sticks See Shoppe
Clay See Shoppe
Looms See Shoppe
Pottery Wheels See Shoppe
Materials for making decorative/scented soaps See Shoppe
Other Crafting Supplies See Shoppe
Crafts of various kinds (quilts, wooden beads, etc.) made by the people of Beacon See Shoppe
Books about crafts and embroidery patterns See Shoppe

Player Notes

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Credits to: Kirei Qe'Azour
Submitted for Development: 3/17/21
Developed by: Kirei Qe'Azour
word count: 822
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Re: Lindor Crafts

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Lovely piece of Dev, it's fab and totally fits the ethos of the place. Thanks so much for your contribution!
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