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(Legend)The Blue Beachcomber, The Blue Maiden, and the Blue Sands

The Blue Beachcomber, The Blue Maiden, and the Blue Sands
Developed by Oram Mednix
Background A legend of about Egilrun and its blue sands.

There once lived near Egilrun a young beachcomber who sang as he worked in a voice as beautiful as that of any bird. Many who lived nearby came to hear him sing, and more than one girl had swooned to his singing. Any of them might have loved him But one trial he saw a young woman, an eidisi blue from head to toe, whose beauty, in his eyes, surpassed that of any other, and his heart from that trill on wanted no love but hers. Every morning he would look for her as he walked the beach, and whenever he saw her he would sing the loveliest songs he knew, in the sweetest and strongest voice he could manage. Always she would smile, and thank him, though she never told him who she was. And always he would ask her to come and see him again the next trial, and promised when she did to sing her another song, as beautiful as, if not more so than, the last.

This went on for some time, several seasons at least. But then one trial she did not come. The lovestruck beachcomber searched high and low for the beautiful eidisi, but did not find her. Not discouraged, he would sing the song he had chosen for her, anyway, imagining as he did so that she was there, watching, listening, and smiling. The next trial, she also did not appear, but the young beachcomber sang his song for her anyway. And the same thing happened on the next trial, and the next…

Seasons passed, and then cycles passed, and then arcs. Not a trial went by when the beachcomber did not sing his song dedicated to his missing blue beloved. But she never appeared again. The beachcomber grew older and his youth passed him by. He spurned the love of other women, for he cared for them not. He had no songs for them, only for her. After many arcs, his voice lost its beauty, and he grew too old to sing. When this happened, the beachcomber instead simply played his glass flute, sitting on the beach, offering his wordless melody for his beloved eidisi, still in the hopes that she would once more appear, to listen and to smile on him.

One trial, the beach was silent. The people of Egilrun, missing the music, looked to find the now-old beachcomber lying dead on the sand, still clutching the glass flute to his lips. They all saw, to their wonder, that the sand on that beach had turned blue for as far as they could see, as clear and vivid a blue as that eidisi maiden’s skin. And when they listened they could hear, beneath the thudding of the surf, sweet musical tones seeming to rise from that very blue sand.

And so it is, to this very trial, that one can travel to Egilrun, where one can find beaches of blue sand and hear from its dunes the same sweet tones with which the young beachcomber had serenaded his lost eidisi love all those arcs ago.

Regional specific This legend is specific in its references to Egilrun, but there are rumored to be similar legends from other parts of Idalos.

word count: 566
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Re: (Legend)The Blue Beachcomber, The Blue Maiden, and the Blue Sands

 ! Message from: Pegasus
I love this - and how the beach turned blue for her. I bet there's loads of theories about what happened to the blue minx! Lovely, lovely, LOVELY piece of dev. Thanks so much!
word count: 36
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