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Beacon Community Centre

Beacon Community Centre

The Beacon Community Centre is where everyone goes when they first arrive at Beacon. Here they are assigned a cottage to live in during their stay. They are interviewed to get an idea of what their skills are, and what they might want to work towards. A member of the Order of Adunih assesses their physical, mental, and emotional health, and if need be, sends them to the outpost to recover from the events that brought them to Beacon in the first place. Citizens of Beacon are given information about what is expected of them, and what help is available for them during this initial interview. And for the duration of their stay, citizens have meetings with a staff member each cycle or season as deemed necessary to measure their progress towards their goals.

Classes of all manner are held at the community center. They range from teaching people how to read and write, to how to speak Common and Scalveen, to a wide variety of classes that teach various skills to classes on family planning to parenting classes, and more. While it is not mandatory that citizens of Beacon take advantage of these classes, it is highly recommended that they do. And it is common to find citizens who are taking some classes, and teaching others.

There is a library in the Community Centre named Ari'sora's Library. It is a place where all of the citizens of Beacon may come to study or check out books that are of interest to them.

Hikarin Anasu

Name: Hikarin Anasu
Race: 1/2 Sev'ryn, 1/2 Human
Age: 121st Ashan, 696
Title: Head of the Community Centre
Skills: Business Management: Expert, Caregiving: Competent, Detection: Competent, Discipline: Competent, Etiquette: Competent, Leadership: Expert, Linguistics: Expert, Logistics: Expert, Socialization: Competent, Psychology: Novice, Writing: Competent, Teaching: Competent
Other Information: Hikarin has a calm, confident aura about her. She is friendly and kind, but she is also very business like, having been born and raised in a merchant family. When needed, she can be quite stern. Beacon was there when her younger sister needed it to recover from being captured and enslaved for most of her life, after being kidnapped by a rival family at a young age. Because of that, Hikarin is deeply grateful for Beacon and all that it stands for. As a result, when the Community Centre was opened, she left the successful shop she and her brother were running and volunteered to run the center. She is fluent in Common, Common Sign, Cursive, Dehasin, Haltunga, Ith'ession, Rakahi, Scalveen, Vorkelien, and Xanthea. And she is conversational in Vahanic and Yari. It is her job to handle the initial interviews for incoming residents among other things.

Ziera Cairis

Name: Ziera Cairis
Race: Human
Age: 21st Saun, 694
Title: Administrative Assistant
Skills: Business Management: Expert, Detection: Competent, Discipline: Expert, Etiquette: Competent, Logistics: Expert, Tactics: Competent, Teaching: Competent
Other Information: Ziera is a brisk, business like woman. She never loses her head in a crisis, but she is not much of a people person, and she has little tolerance for stupidity...or what she sees as stupidity. If time management was a skill, she would be a master at it. She is extremely efficient, and she is good at keeping everyone on track when it comes to meetings, and so on.

Ziera is the type of person who gets things done, and if they are not done to her standards, she will know why. She is a perfectionist, and she drives people to do their very best, but she drives no one harder than she drives herself.

Kazira Tatieru

Name: Kazira Tatieru
Race: Sev'ryn
Age: 37th Zi'da, 699
Title: Healer/Librarian
Skills: Caregiving: Competent, Detection: Expert, Medicine: Competent, Psychology: Expert, Research: Expert, Teaching: Competent, Writing: Competent
Other Information: Kazira is a very kind woman who hates to see anyone suffering. When she does, she cannot help but do everything in her power to help them. She is a member of the Order of Adunih; a blue cloak with a hood and three medical research trims. It is her job to assess incoming residents to see if they need to be sent to the Order Outpost to recover before taking up residence in Beacon. When not called upon to do that, she acts as the librarian for the Community Centre library, and researches various herbs and medical techniques. She reports her findings to the Order once a season.

Sheldon Antira

Name: Sheldon Antira
Race: Human
Age: 59th Ymiden, 691
Title: Head Teacher
Skills: Gardening: Expert, Research: Expert, Socialization: Competent, Storytelling: Competent, Teaching: Expert, Woodworking: Competent, Writing: Competent
Other Information: Sheldon is a kind, gentle man. He has a passion for both learning everything that he can, and for sharing what he knows with others. It is his job to hire new teachers for the Community Centre as needed, to organize the ones they have on staff, and to evaluate their performance. He will step in to teach a class when needed, or if he feels that a class needs to be added. Sheldon has a calm, soothing speaking voice that has a tendency to draw the listener in to whatever he is saying. He has a passion for gardening, so in his spare time, he will help to maintain the grounds of the Centre.

Player Notes

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Credits to: Kirei Qe'Azour
Submitted for Development: 3/17/21
Developed by: Kirei Qe'Azour
word count: 924
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Re: Beacon Community Centre

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