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The Lost Boy

The Lost Boy

42 Ymiden 716
“Where are we going?” Liarra asked for the sixth time as she followed her redheaded friend. And just like the other five times, Kyeran ignored her entirely. It was getting more and more agitating as she watched his broad back. He had been terrifyingly quiet this entire day, disappearing without telling her where he was going.

A part of her wondered if perhaps Kyeran would finally make her pay for her crimes. This was his home and he was a part of the Aukarian Occult. All he needed to do was alert anyone of his presence and tell the truth about his disappearance. That he had been her slave for arcs. The thought made her clench her teeth and her body shiver with paranoia.

As if he could hear her thoughts out loud, the man in front of her turned and met her eyes for a brief moment. “I need to show you something.”

The dullness in his tone was enough to make her stop asking. Times like this, Liarra had little idea what was going on Kyeran’s eyes. He had been a mysterious figure the first time she met him and she had tried to uncover him layer by layer. But she knew there was a lot of things that he still refused to speak with her. Things that made him grimace with anger and pain.

She made sure to memorize every turn, every street they passed. It didn’t matter where it led. If Kyeran it was something important to show, it was worth remembering how to get back to it. They walked for at least half a break before he finally paused in a corner. Kyeran motioned for her to stick closely to the walls.

Unable to help herself, Liarra immediately peeked pass the corner. There stood a nice two-story house made of obsidian stones. It would have looked like every other building in the dark city if it wasn’t for the stunning garden blooming around it. They were careful to stick to the shadows, the dark structures helping to hide them from untrained eyes.

When she turned to him with a question resting on her tongue, Kyeran simply shook his head and pointed back at house. Puzzled, Liarra had little else to do but watch.

A girl finally stepped out of the house. She was clearly Aukarian with her burgundy hair. With her delicate features, it was difficult for Liarra not to admit that she was beautiful. She walked right toward one of the bushes, some tools already in her hands. As she worked, it was clear that she had done it a million times.

“Who is she?” the Naer asked slowly, somewhat afraid to hear the answer.

Kyeran looked straight at her, the anguish barely hidden on his face. “My sister.”
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