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NPC - Mister Tinkles [Saiore's Dream]

Name: Mister Tinkles
Created by: Darius Baer
Race: Cadouri
Birthday/Age: Arc 682, 19th of Saun
Title: Blacksmith tutor
Skills: Running (Novice), Smithing (Expert), Strength (Competent), Teaching (Competent)
Details: Mister Tinkles likes sleeping, silently judging others, and smithing - and usually in that order.

With an appearance resembling that of a housecat, the cadouri stands at 3'4" with a stocky frame. He is always seen wearing a thick leather apron, a pair of heat-resistant gloves, and a grumpy facial expression. He also wears a necklace with a small, glowing pendant, which makes a gentle tinkling sound - similar to that of a small bell - whenever he moves. Mister Tinkles does not like the bell, but he has not been able to remove the necklace, so has accepted it as one of the literal burdens in life that he must bear.

Mister Tinkles has many smithing tools, but he tends to use a particular hammer more than anything else. It is his favourite tool, because it has an image of him - complete with his sunny disposition - on its head.

Mister Tinkles does not suffer fools, but he will teach smithing to any student who appears to be genuinely willing to learn.

Mister Tinkles doesn't like being called Mister Tinkles - he thinks it damages his tough blacksmith reputation - but he has yet to find a suitable alternative.
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Re: NPC - Mister Tinkles [Saiore's Dream]

 ! Message from: Pegasus
I absolutely love Mister Tinkles!! I mean, he's just.... amazing. Excellent dev work, thanks so much!
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