Letter to Syhera

Need to send a letter to a friend? Family member? Lover? Here you can post in character letters to other PCs that are not in your area. Take a look inside for more information and to see how long travel time is for letters.

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Letter to Syhera


It has been a while since we last saw each other. Perhaps not as long as that occasion in which I was nowhere to be seen for an entire season, but certainly long enough for your heart to be bursting in joy as you read this letter. If you are still under the impression that I, the almighty Peake Andaris, haven’t seen your constant leers and unsubtle flirtations towards my being, you would be very mistaken. Just because of a sabotaged kiwi you have yet to defeat the best of me, and so, just like I have been doing so far, I will continue to reject your obvious desires for my chaste flesh. If I was slightly less intoxicated than what I currently am, I would think my ironic jesting is stretching a bit too far, but alas, I’m too lazy to open the nearby drawer for a new piece of paper.

Before I get sidetracked into the craft of more grimacing metaphors, let me say that I enjoyed our last date. I honestly found pleasure in sharing a couple of tarts with you, even if I will never forgive you for making me lose that game we played. Obviously, keeping my defeat a secret is part of our arrangement, in case you wished to undermine my loved and adored reputation in the city of Andaris. Discovering that the heroic taxman was defeated by a red-headed fiend would certainly shatter many children’s dreams!

Despite both of us living just a short sojourn away, you must forgive me that I am relaying you important news through the means of paper instead of words. The new responsibilities in my life have not made it easy to gather the free time to spend at my leisure, and apparently to the King, free time also includes my need to visit a bed every once in a while. I know of no Lords nor Barons that have to improvise a make-shift bed on top of their desk, so my name will be part of history whenever someone decides to document this occasion.

The reason for this letter, issue still unaddressed in spite of it being the main cause for this message, is a certain summoning I’ve received just today. Said summon includes you, by name, and thus I believe you are entitled to not only know this information, but also to decide if you wish to involve yourself. If you would recall our initial arrangement, one of the conditions I posed was the need to attend a certain ceremony once in a while. However, this event is not something to be taken lightly, not by you and definitely not by me.

In a few words, my father wishes to see you and me.

I’m not talking about him watching us while we practice our lovemaking, example I have no idea why my mind has even bothered to craft, but merely to meet you and know that you are… real. I may have invented a few inexistent women in the past, to which he has reasonably grown suspicious of my words, so this is partially a formality. On the other hand, you must know that my father, Benji Andaris, is not just any man, and that the fact that you exist must be well known to him. Although shameful to confess, he may very well know more about you than I do, which is yet another hint of his efficient gathering of information. Judging by the arcs I’ve known him, and the fact that the belt was his favorite child development tool, I would say he’d try to break our arrangement to finish his own goals.

I spoke to you and your lovely mother Gwynthera, whom you should kiss on my behalf if you don’t mind, about my father, and so I hope I need not to say that he is extremely dangerous. For this reason, it is my belief that attending to this supposedly voluntary and meaningless event would be the best choice. Facing him now with our presence may be an important point in a possible change of mind by his part, one that perhaps stops trying to pair me with some madly horny rapist. I don’t expect too much.

If you wish to be there when I attend, I would appreciate it. Hopefully, your beauty will stun everyone long enough for me to slip by unnoticed, and perhaps visit one of the quarters in the upper rooms and lay in something that isn’t a hardwood desk for ten to fifteen breaks. I also don’t expect too much from this fantasy, either. If you still consider attending despite all this, please be aware that nobles usually behave like animals, and that you should prepare to either plug your ears to their poisonous words or that you get ready for the bitterest comments you may have received. If that were to happen, however, know that I will also be a victim of their repugnant mindset, and that I will gladly remain close to you so that we may team up to defeat their arguments. No grace is required in this last task, mind you.

Do not reply to this letter, even if you’re certain you do not wish to attend or if you feel obligated to do so. This is, like I said, a choice that belongs to you, and I will have no part in any attempt to pressure you.

In ten trials, approximately in the eighteenth break of the day, a carriage will halt in the road near your mother’s shop. If my eyes catch your crimson grace through the window, I will take that as a positive answer. If you are nowhere to be seen, however, know that I will hold no grudge whatsoever, unlike the Kiwi incident that I swear I will never forget.

Until then, or until a next time,
Peake Maxos Andaris.


P.S: A squire is supposed to deliver this letter before the end of the break, so if you believe he’s late, please go ahead and smack him across the head. I need him to return as quickly as possible so that he can prepare my desk for my nap, so don’t entertain him either.
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