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Yri G'hanna
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Race: Human
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Yri G'hanna

Character Name
Name: Yri G'hanna

Age: 27 Arcs

Race: Human

Date of Birth: 43rd Day of Vhalar,

Marks: None Yet

Factions Joined: Athartian Slave Raiders

Languages Spoken: Fluent: Common, Basic: Lorien

Partners: None Yet

The most noticeable thing about Yri is his skin; it's dark, nearly ebony. Though he stands around six feet tall, and is well muscled, many first notice the onyx color of his skin. He wears very little to no hair, depending on the season, and never any facial hair at all. His eyes are a dark brown, nearly black as well, and he has a heavy set brow and thick lips. His mouth is nearly always in a smile, whether from cockiness or pleasure.

Yri loves battle. He lives for the rush of adrenaline that comes with a battle, and he is quick to anger. Yri holds no resentment towards the Avriel, not caring about their pseudo-enslavement of the humans in Athart. Instead, he chooses to travel out and collect more slave workers, a job that earns him quite the ire of his fellow humans. However, Yri would rather them hate him than do a single trial's worth of manual labor. He is also prone to become bored with things easily.

In combat, Yri forgoes the ranged weaponry of his fellow raiders, instead preferring to get up close and personal with his prey. He uses two kris, with the edges honed to a razor's edge, to incapacitate and subdue his foes. While he does understand that his job is to bring back live slaves, he likes to play and toy with them.

Previous to his showing up in Athart at sixteen Arcs, not much is known about Yri. He rarely deigns to go into his birth, instead choosing to live in the present. The past is for those who cannot face the future, in his mind.

He joined the Athartian Slave Raiders almost as soon as he could, choosing instead to serve freely than be forced to. Though he mostly captures humans, which are his people, Yri feels no remorse for them. He sees the slave trade as the busienss that it is, and finds it no different than a merchant's stall. In fact, Yri revels to go on the 'hunting' trips, because it allows him to get out and showcase his flamboyant and arrogant personality.

Yri comes first, no matter what. He looks out for himself, not out of spite, but because he is resilient. He doesn't particularly care for the Avriel rule of Athart, but doesn't openly oppose it or Avriel themselves. He is content with the status quo, and will continue to work in his trade until he can no longer.

A small house in The Human Sector of Athart, sparsely decorated. Not even a potted plant.
Knowledge & Skills

Skill NamePoints AcquiredTotal
Weapons Skill: Blades (Kris) [SP] 15, [RB] 10 [NH] 5 30
Stealth [SP] 20 [NH 3] 23
Tactics [SP] 15 [NH] 2 17

Basic Knowledge

Knowledge of Athart Geography [SP]
Knowledge of Bladed Weapons (Kris) [SP]
Basic Formation Tactics [SP]
Avriel: Slavers [NH]
Business of Slave Trading [NH]
Basics of Hunting Humans [NH]
Advantages of Being a Slaver in Athart
Follow Your Pre-Raid Checklist
NPC: Slave Girl, The One That Got Away
NPC: Kalff, Fellow Slaver
NPC: Lirea, Fellow Slaver
NPC: Strenn: Slaver Squad Leader
Only Acknowledge Fear to Yourself
Race: Avriel
Respect Slaver Traditions
Slavers' Mutual Trust Goes Only So Far
The Slavepool Wager

Specialized Knowledge

Knowledge of Pincer-style Ambushes [SP]
Knowledge of Human Anatomy (Critical Spots) [SP]
Tactic: Trapping a Human [NH]
Avriel: Leave the Men to the Slavers and Grab the Women and Kids
Avriel: Providing the Details on the Targets
Avriel: Strategy is Cowardly but Effective
Blades: Kris: Wavy Edge A Plus to Parrying
Escape Technique: Fraying Rope Against Rough Surface
Hunting: Track Patiently, Don't Rush
NPC Kalff: Master of the Whip
NPC Lirea: Lover and Confidante
NPC Strenn: Helmut Plume Distraction Technique
NPC Strenn: Unforgiving About Loss of Sleep
NPC Slave Girl: Becoming an Obsession
NPC Slave Girl: Determined and Resourceful
Raid Details: Some Targets Will Submit to Initimidation
Raid Details: Rounding Up The Stragglers
Raid Details: Slaves That Fight Back Deserve Options
Tactics: Come From All Sides
Tactics: Each Group Has its Purpose
Tactics: Split Into Groups of Three
Marks Section


None Yet


  • N/A
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No Knowledge
  • City Dweller's Starting Package
    • Full Set of Soft Leather Armor
    • 2 Iron Kris
Starting gn +100 100gn
Full Set Leather Armor -35 65gn
2 Iron Kris -12 52gn
Ymiden Wages +332 gn 384 gn
... ... ...
... ... ...
Total Currency: 0 ON, 384 GN, 0 SN, 0 CN
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