Tavern Scuffles

Aualar is given a harsh memory of his past

60th of Ymiden 716

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Tavern Scuffles

60th Trial of Ymiden 716
The door creaked open slowly, and the heat and noise greedily escaped into the cool night air. Aualar had finally been given time off, and planned on doing absoluetly nothing with it. As he was still in training, they were only give two three trial breaks over the full two season length.

He had rushed home as soon as his application for time off was accepted, eager to see his mother and sister. The pair of them had been shocked to see him, and they spent the night catching up.

They had been well. His mother was finding work a bit intense at the Heart, but she was managing for the time being. His sister was loving her training, but couldn't tell him what was actually going on. He, in turn, regaled them with tales of his abysmal archery skills and chuckled together over the first trial's run.

His mother easily picked up on something about his mannerisms and focused in on Eohky almost immediately, much to Aualar's chagrin. His face flushed red as he tried to weasel his way out, but his mother knew him far too well to let him brush it off.

Finally, he told them about the girl he met, begrudgingly giving details as they were slowly pulled from him by a mother who should've gone to work as an interrogator.

The next morning he had set out to wander around the town, feeling uncomfortable without anything to do. He had run into several of the other students from the Second Finger, all having that same lost look in their eyes. He had set up a time to meet in DeCanter's later that night, happy to find something to do.

As his eyes scanned the room, he couldn't find anyone else, and resigned himself to waiting as he settled down. Several mugs of Ellanic Bitter Cider later, and they still hadn't shown up. Anger began to bubble in his stomach, but he calmed it as he convinced himself that they were probably just held up.

Nearly another break passed before he gave up. He dropped the coins on the counter as he passed, pushing open the door to breath in the crisp air. He closed his eyes, relaxing and letting the anger go when he heard a familiar voice.

"Well, well, what have we here."

The hair on the back of his neck went up at the sound. Dryden? His eyes snapped open and looked down to see Dryden and half a dozen others in front of the door, obviously just about to head in.


He looked around quickly, but the street was deserted as Dryden strode forward quickly.

"Why don't you come with me? I think its been too long since you and I fought. I still remember the last time Master Rythan set you against me and you hit me with that cheap right hook.."

His thick hand reached out to wrap around Aualar's arm, holding it like a vice. He was inexorably dragged behind the beast of a man as he walked towards the alley.

He debated yelling out, but the dark streets were deserted, and it likely would've just pissed off Dryden even more. He staggered along behind him, knowing what was to come yet not seeing a way out.

Finally in the protective darkness of the secluded alley, Dryden let go of Aualar.

"You should've known better than to come back here alone. You not remember what I said would happen?"

Dryden's voice was already becoming raspy from working the smoky forge, and Aualar shifted uncomfortably.

"Come on Dryden, you don't want to do this. Just let me go my way, and we won't see each other again."

He figured it was worth a try, but pain exploded in his gut as Dryden drove his fist upwards.

Take it thats a no.

He tried to fight back, swinging a few wild fists as the group of boys silently fell upon him, but he never stood a chance. Against Dryden alone, using swords, he could easily beat him. Using only fists, and against so many?

As they collapsed on him he managed to throw one of them against the wall, and a feral grin crossed his face as the boy didn't rise. A fist rang against his ears, making his vision dance, and he staggered around to face the rest of them. A lucky punch hit one of them square in the nose and bright blood shone on the stones as his hand ached.

A blow to his shoulder spun him into another on the forehead, and he fell to a knee. A foot flew towards him, and he barely managed to dodge it, but it gave him space and time to get back to his feet.

The moment he hit the ground, it would all be over.

The respite was short lived, as they pushed forwards as one. He took blows to his shoulders and arms as he covered his head, trying to push through the throng of bodies and make it out. But they easily threw him back, and he hit the wall hard, knocking the wind from his lungs.

Dryden stepped forward, his large frame dwarfing the rest of the boys as he swung a massive fist straight for Aualar's head. Aualar's eyes were still on the ground, and he didn't see it coming, but somehow he managed to list to the side just as the blow was going to connect.

With a crunch, Dryden's fist hit the solid stone wall, and a shout erupted from his lips.

He pulled back his hand, mangled and bloody, and looked at Aualar who had completely missed the swing. His eyes filled with rage, and Aualar could see it coming, but there was nowhere to run. With a burst, flames sprang into being from his chest, but within a trill he was completely engulfed in flame. The others backed away, realizing too late that it had gone too far. But there was no escape from his wrath. Two of them were thrown against a wall as he wordlessly roared.

He swung at the others as they ran like rabbits from him, but he was far too slow to catch them.

That just left Aualar.

He was in no shape to be running, and he was in no shape to be fighting.

Well fuck.

The flames that licked over his skin were small, but Aualar could smell the skin roasting. He charged, arms spread wide to catch Aualar no matter where he went. He tucked and rolled, but the somersault simply tangled him up as Dryden climbed atop and began punching his face. He tried to protect it, but the blows were too fast.

The skin blistered where the punches connected, the flames searing Aualar's skin. Dryden got to his feet, somehow managing to realize he needed to get away, but the animalistic rage inside of him came roaring back. His heavy, booted feet crashed into Aualar's ribs, driving the air from his lungs. He gasped, but no air came in. His vision swam as he boot hit again and again, feeling the ribs creak under his skin.

Aualar was far too hurt to move at this point.

Black dots swam, and he closed his eyes as he felt himself drift off to unconsciousness. Then, it was gone. He could hear a girls shout, and the roar of Dryden, and a single, solid whack.
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