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Lour Ak'shai qalar-Treid

Name: Lour Ak’shai qalar-Treid

Age: 18 (turning 19 this Saun)

Race: Ellune

Date of Birth: 28 Saun, 697

Marks: Ezere

Factions Joined: Treidhart Military

Languages Spoken: Leni (fluent), Common (basic)

Partners: Masare Shalna and Nisali Vraskai, two other members of Lour's Tri.

Lour is a typical young male Ellune. He stands at seven feet, ten inches tall, so he is slightly shorter than the average Ellune, but he still towers over the shorter races. Lour is rather compact, weighing about 250 pounds. Though slim looking, Lour is stronger than he looks. All Ellune possess more strength than might be expected, and Lour tries to work on his martial abilities as much as he can.

He possesses the characteristic ridged skin of his people, which bothers some members of other races. His skin is a charcoal gray, standing in stark contract to his hair, which is silver with some white mixed in. His hair possess the coarse nature that many humans find off-putting, but which suits Lour just fine. He usually keeps it short, so that it can’t get in his eyes or provide an opponent with a grip in a fight. Lour's eyes are a startling shade of pale ice blue. All in all, he strikes an imposing figure to anyone who is not an Ellune, but doesn’t stand out when mixed with others of his kind.

Lour often goes naked in warmer temperatures, like many of his kind. When he does wear clothes, he often prefers practicality and comfort over style. Especially because his kind so often prefer to wrap themselves in layers of snow rather than layers of cloth, Lour doesn’t spend much time on his clothing. When he does wear it, it’s always utilitarian, usually leather for protection from the elements or from a errant strike from his fellow soldiers.

In general, Lour cuts a rather unassuming figure. Lour actually prefers to remain unnoticed unless absolutely necessary for a variety of reasons. He tends to stand with watchful readiness, in a parade rest, that is deceptive in its mildness. Really, Lour is ready to leap into action at any moment. His gestures are measured and his eyes are constantly roaming, taking in the world around him. When he gets stressed, his tension can be read in the tightening of his shoulders and in the furrow that appears on his brow. Lour doesn’t smile often, but when he does it lights up his whole face and his joy shines clearly through.


17 Ymiden, 716 Bruising on arm from slamming hard into wall and some muscle fatigue from sprinting (given Lour has some fitness issues!). This should last a few trials.



Lour prefers the quiet, cold places of the world. While he loves his family and the few friends he has, and would sacrifice nearly anything for them, he doesn’t enjoy the hustle and bustle of a huge city or the company of strangers. In fact, he finds parties and similar social situations to be quite uncomfortable. That’s not to say that he doesn’t enjoy people. Like all Ellunes, Lour doesn’t do well in isolation. It’s large gatherings, where the strangers outnumber the people he cares about that he finds problematic. Lour has trouble navigating such large crowds, preferring smaller, more intimate groups.

Lour doesn’t think much of his own well being, and not necessarily in a healthy way. He embodies the Ellune trait of caring for others beyond himself to its logical conclusion. Lour can often forget to take care of himself. In fact, his politeness fatigue, as the Ellune refer to it has gotten so bad at times that Lour has actually gotten physically sick. It’s a fault of his, that he cares much more for others goals and needs than his own. He has trouble saying no when someone asks him for help.

Lour shares the patient nature of other Ellunes. He tends to accept things as they come, and doesn’t mind waiting to get what he wants. However, unlike many of his compatriots, Lour reacts quickly to perceived threats to those he’s placed under his protection. Lour fiercely guards that which he believes is worth preserving. He hates anything that disturbs the peace he’s worked so hard to cultivate in his life and in his city.

Lour also is curious, like most of his kind. He believes firmly that knowledge in the right hands is an important goal, and that it can be used to further the goals of his people. Therefore, whenever he gets a chance, Lour tries to improve both his mind and his body. In his belief, the two are interconnected, and honing one strengthens the other. Especially because the use of Nilas requires both a strong mind and a strong body, Lour hates the idea of neglecting one in favor of the other.

However, his serious exterior hides a kind and gentle interior. Those who do befriend him cite his loyalty and his dedication to the causes he devotes himself too. His voice is a deep bass, but it's quick with a compliment or a comforting phrase when it's needed. Lour also has a quick mind, and enjoys research. Although it’s not his primary mission, he can usually be found pursuing new information in his spare time, combing through the animal skins of his people for anything that might be lost or forgotten. Everything he learns, he tries to use for the betterment of his city. Overall, Lour is an optimist, always believing in the best in people and always willing to forgive mistakes, even if his exterior doesn’t always show it.

Lour doesn't quite have the same fanatic relationship with Treid as many of his fellow Ellune do. Lour's patron Immortal is actually Ziell, the Immortal of Winter, Peace, and Prophecy. While he respects Treid, and would never do anything to sabotage the efforts of his fellow a'Luan'ii, he feels that the loss of his heart obviously proves Treid is fallible. While the quest to retrieve Treid's heart is a noble one, Lour also believes that his people can't lose sight of the greater scope of the present world. Ziell, on the other hand, while a fairly easy-going and quiet Immortal, oversees the domains of both Peace and Prophecy, both values Lour appreciates.

Even if Treid is miraculously revived, Lour knows they'll still have to deal with the other races and cities, and so Lour thinks it's high time that Treidhart starts making a name for itself, because Treid can't solve all their problems. Lour believes that the Ellune have to be stronger and have more foresight than simply hoping that everything will be fixed by their Immortal. This attitude has caused some clashes with his fellow Ellune, who sometimes simply can't understand Lour's attitude. Lour wishes to start making overtures of peace now, before something like what happened in their past happens again.

Like many Ellune, Lour grew up in an extended family. Born in the middle of the hottest part of the Hot Cycle, he is the youngest of five siblings, and has an uncountable number of first and second cousins. Lour loves his family, but they can overwhelm him at times, which leads him to retreat to the only place he can get some privacy, the snowy plains outside Treidhart. There, he tried to learn how to calm his mind and bring peace to himself, so that he can then carry that peace and serenity to others.

His parents refer to him as their miracle child. Not only did he survive a birth during the hottest part of the year, which would have made any birth more difficult, his mother, who was already old when they decided to have another child, had a lot of trouble in childbirth. She was in labor for a long time, and some despaired that they'd lose both mother and child. Therefore, when he was finally born, all rejoiced. The whole community showered the family with gifts at Lour’s birth.

Lour grew up comfortably, although his family wasn’t the wealthiest or wisest in the city. Instead, they worked as laborers. His father Alavain and mother Aloura were both involved in the excavation efforts to retrieve Treid’s heart. His eldest sibling, a sister, Vainya went into Treid’s priesthood. The next two children, a girl and a boy, as well as fraternal twins, Vasar and Maire, both became miners like their parents. The closest one in age to Lour, another brother, Masram, followed their eldest sister into the rituals of Treid. There is a significant age gap between even Lour and Masram, so Lour often grew up without the company of his siblings, who were already working on their life's goals.

It was Alavain and Aloura’s greatest hope that Lour would follow in the family’s footsteps. They raised him as best they knew how, giving him the fundamental basics of an education. Lour learned about the basics of math and how numbers worked, as well as how to read and write in both Leni and a bit in Common. They introduced Lour into the basics of the innate gift of their kind, Nilas. Like all Ellune children, Lour learned to freeze his bath water at first, and slowly worked his way up to simple, basic creations. Lour threw himself into this particular part of his studies, attempting to learn everything he could about this god-given gift. With his family he would practice making the idols and statues to Treid that were so commonplace in Treidhart, while on his own, his would practice with more offensive abilities, attempting to figure out how his ability could be used to bring down an opponent in a non-lethal manner.

They also inducted Lour into the history of Treid, the betrayal, and their ultimate quest to save the Immortal. It was at this point that Lour realized that he differed from his family, who were the perfect servants of Treid. While Lour put his friends and family first, and shared close bonds with the rest of his people, he also didn’t necessarily think that the fallen Immortal would want or expect the Ellune to simply await his return. Instead, Lour was filled with a deep-held notion that Treid would want them to move on with their lives, to make more of an impact in the wider world. In short, Lour believed that the Ellune could be doing more to prepare for the day of return, if it ever came.

With that in mind, Lour started to be more proactive. He felt that there was a place for the a'Luan'ii in the wider world, and that his people could and should be ambassadors for peace. After all, that’s what Treid had been trying to do when his heart was cruelly ripped out. Still, peace must be protected and maintained, and that means that someone had to step up to protect it, so Lour started seeking out ways in which he could get introduced to the more martial skills that his family were reluctant to touch. He also began trying to find more information about the world outside Treidhart's icy walls.

As luck would have it, his family’s home was next to a member of the Sublimaters. Besem Ihira’Nae’s family were long time members of Treidhart's military, and when Lour learned of this, he sought the older man out. At first, Besem was reluctant to teach someone who was only nine, at the time, but Lour was not to be discouraged. After several trials of waking up to find Lour waiting outside his door, after which Lour would do his best to convince the man to take Lour as an apprentice, Besem finally gave in.

He started training Lour in the basics of ranged combat using Nilas. With Besem, Lour learned the Sublimaters art, how Nilas could be used as a weapon in and of itself, instead of just creating weapons to be used. These were the standards for the Sublimaters, and while all of Treidhart's military gained the same basic training, Besem had an affinity for teaching the Sublimater's art. For a melee weapon, Besem quickly realzed that Lour preferred the spear. While it wasn’t a typical choice, if Lour ended up as a Sublimater, he wouldn't be fighting up close anyway. Besem also started the process of teaching Lour how to use his Nilas to create appropriate weapons on the off chance he ended up as something other than a Sublimater, although Lour really only learned how to make a spear at this time.

Finally, the secret came out, and Lour’s family descended upon him. They were shocked and appalled at the choice he’d made, but Lour stayed firm. Seeking solace in the snow, Lour thought long and hard about the life he wanted to lead. After searching his soul, he finally realized that he wanted, almost needed to protect that which was beautiful in the world. At that moment, Lour was visited by Ziell, and gained his favor, the immortal impressed that someone so young would take on such a weighty responsibility. Armed with this revelation and newly energized, Lour went back to his family to convince them to let him join the military. Finally, although it was with some trepidation, they agreed to allow Lour to continue his training with Besem.

Lour continued his studies in the general life skills that every Ellune was expected to possess. However, this time his military training was allowed to continue without any opposition. At the same time, Lour, after his encounter with Ziell, become much interested in studying the intricacies of the Immortals. While most of the information on Immortals in Treidhart pertained to Treid and those who had helped and betrayed him throughout his history, those he had loved and lost, Lour was able to find some small tidbits of information, both among some of the Elders of his people and among the animal skins that recorded all the knowledge the Ellune possessed. While Lour didn't consider himself an expert on Ziell, partially that was because Ziell didn't seem like the type of Immortal who required much worship or ritual.

Eventually, when he was old enough, Lour enrolled as a recruit. There, Lour was placed into his Tri, consisting of himself and two women, Masare Shalna and Nisali Vraskai. The two girls quickly took to Lour, understanding that his quiet ways didn’t indicate disdain, but rather realizing that he only spoke when he had something to say. The three became thick as thieves. The two women had a much more mischievous streak than Lour, and while he didn’t always condone their antics, he didn’t report them to anyone, since, in his mind, their pranks were harmless. In time, the three became as close as siblings. In fact, Lour considers them to be closer than his actual brothers and sisters. There was never any romance between them. In fact, all through his young life, Lour shied away from romance. In truth, he was scared of it, and didn't know the appropriate way to act there. This caused him no end of teasing from the Masare and Nisali.

The three, as recent recruits, have only just begun their training. Lour plans to throw himself into this, as he's thrown himself into every other task given to him.

Lour lives in a Cluster with his other two Tri members, as well as three other Tris. He has a simple ice bed with a footlocker for his meager belongings. Working in the military means that Lour hasn't had the time, inclination, or permission to personalize his space much. The two ladies have the beds on either side of him. One wall has an opening leading to the small armory that serves his Cluster as well as seven others, and there's a canteen nearby where the Tris and other soldiers can be found off-hours.
Knowledge & Skills

Skill NamePoints AcquiredTotalTrackingLevel
Etiquette [RB] 25 25 25/251 Novice
Polearms: Spear [SP] 15, [NH] 3 18 18/251Novice
Research [RB] 10, [SP] 5 15 15/251 Novice
Blades: Longsword [SP] 5 5 5/251Unskilled
Shields: Tower [SP] 5 5 5/251Unskilled
Meditation [SP] 10, 5 [NH] 15 15/251Novice
Leadership [SP] 5, 2 [NH] 2 7 7/251Novice
Strength [SP] 5 1 6 6/251 Novice
Intelligence 2 [NH] 2 2/251 Unskilled
Running 2 2 2/251 Unskilled
Endurance 2 2 2/251 Unskilled
Persuasion 2 2 2/251 Unskilled

Basic Knowledge

  • Nilas: Ice Manipulation and Creation [SP]
  • Ellune: Treid’s People [SP]
  • Treidhart: Glacier City [SP]
  • Politeness Fatigue: Ellune Trait [NH]
  • Ellune: Knowledge Seekers [NH]
  • Treidhart Military: Tri [NH]
  • Ziell: Immortal of Winter, Peace, and Prophecy [NH]
  • Treidhart: Primarily devoted to Treid [SH]
  • Masare: Devout follower of Treid [SH]
  • Nisali: Not interested in Religious Conversation [SH]
  • Location: Treidhart's Market [SH]
  • Lour's Tri: Strong Bonds [SH]

Specialized Knowledge

  • Nilas: Spear Creation [SP]
  • Nilas: Ice Blast [SP]
  • Besem: Mentor [NH]
  • Besem: Sublimator and Nilas Expert [NH]
  • Ziell: Patron Immortal [NH]
  • Conversation: Calm words diffuse tension [SH]
  • Tri Formation: Defensive Triangle [SH]
  • Treidhart's Market: Busy and Loud [SH]
  • Lour's Tri: Still Mocking Lour's Virginity [SH]
Marks Section


  • The Blessing of Ezere: Favored
    • The mark of Ziell manifests in the design of broken ice emanating out from the heart.


  • Snow Falls Silently
    • In the winter, one can almost hear the sound of quiet snow drifting and building around them. This ability takes that silence and applies it to a different sound. The user of this ability can silence all sound they make, evoking nothing louder than the gentle sifting of snow. (They can maintain this ability for half a break before needing to rest.)
  • Calm Before the Storm
    • The user of this ability can target one person who is able to hear them. The ability lives within the words that are said and this ability is especially powerful in the moments before a verbal argument comes to blows. The target will feel all anger, annoyance, fear, and violence seep away from them. It may not change their minds about their disagreement with the other party, but they will no longer feel compelled to escalate the argument. This ability is triggered with a few words or sentences to the targeted individual. Those especially learned in Meditation can resist, but cannot hold their anger for long. This ability is useless against those that are already in pitched combat.
  • Winter's Warmth
    • The blessed individual doesn't feel the cold as strongly and is able tolerate much colder temperatures than the average person, walking in snow without footwear, venturing outside during Cylus, or swimming in an icy lake without issue. The marked cannot be affected by an ice or cold-based effect.


  • List your possessions here!
    • Furr Jerkin
    • Furr leggings
    • Furr Undergarments
    • Furr Coat
    • Bison Leather Boots
    • Toiletries: Soap, comb, razor, toothbrush, toothpase
    • Waterskin
    • Two sets of eating utensils
    • Tinderbox

Snow Drop

A snowflake obsidian necklace on a rawhide cord. Lour likes the necklace because the gem on it reminds him of both Treid and Ziell, his two favorite deities. He purchased it on the same day that he decided to join the military, as a reminder of the oath he made to only use his skills for the greater good, and never to harm unless he had no other choice.
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... ... ...
Total Currency: 0 ON, 100 GN, 0 SN, 0 CN


Name: Masare Shalna
Race: Ellune
Date of Birth: 97 Cylus, 697
Profession: Soldier
Skills: Blades: Longsword 16, Shields: Tower 16, Endurance 17, Logistics 9, Strength 15, Tactics 11, Acrobatics 6, Research 10.
Appearance: The first thing anything notices about Masare is her height. She’s huge, with not only the height but the weight to prove it at eight feet, five inches and 300 pounds, most of it muscle. She has the rugged features to match, with a scar under her left eye from an errant blade during a practice bought, as well as a swordswoman’s scars and callouses on her hands. Her skin is the regular greyish tint of the average Ellune. She has white hair that she usually keeps cut short, to prevent it from interfering with her fighting. Her nose is large and hooked, her mouth is ruddy, and her eyes are a dark green. Despite her appearance, or perhaps because of it, Masare tries to make as small an impact as possible. She has a quiet voice and shrinks in on herself, unless she’s fighting, in which case she becomes an unstoppable force.
Personality: Masare, shockingly enough, is actually a very intellectual individual. While she spends a lot of her time on the training grounds, in her free time she can often be found studying the animal skins that hold the records of their people. As strong and powerful and commanding as she is in a battle, she also reads voraciously and has even taken a stab at writing a few times. She’s a sweet girl, under it all, and while isn’t necessarily the most adventurous, is always willing to tag along on her friend’s escapades. Masare is always the one to suggest a quiet evening in prayer, as she’s a devout follower of Treid. All in all, Masare is a study in contradictors, as both a scholar and a warrior.
Anything else you would like us to know: Member of Tri with Lour and Nikali Vraskai (personal NPC)


Name: Nisali Vraskai
Race: Ellune: 86 Zi’da, 697
Profession: Soldier
Skills: Ranged: Longbow 26, Endurance 10, Fletching 10, Acrobatics 16, Tactics 14, Climbing 18, Cosmetology 6.
Appearance: Nisali is short for an Ellune, only coming up to seven feet, six inches. She has light gray skin and pure black hair that she usually wears back in a braid or in a bun to keep out of her way. She has dark brown eyes to match her dark hair. Her features are delicate, with a small nose and a small mouth. Wiry with muscle, but thin, coming only to 220 pounds, Nisali is the most likely in her Tri to try and make herself presentable. She tries to make herself look smaller and more feminine, so even her fellow Ellune, who should know better than to trust appearances, tend to underestimate her.
Personality: What she lacks in stature, Nisali makes up for in attitude. She’s definitely the most animated of her Tri, and often is the one who leads Masare, at least into trouble. Constantly cracking jokes, Nisali often pushes her fellow soldiers to try new activities and get out of their comfort zone. A social creature at heart, she’s done her best to make the military feel like a family. She lacks the characteristic patience of the Ellune, and many of her Elders find her immature. What they don’t see is that Nisali feels like she has something to make up for. Rather than acting out, she’s simply trying to make a name and her place for herself in the world. Nisali favors the bow, knowing she’ll never have the same strength and reach at her height. Besides, she enjoys the idea of taking down her opponents from a distance. They’ll never know what hit them before an icy arrow sprouts from their body. Nisali is fierce in everything; fierce in her love of her family, both blood and adopted, fierce in her defense of her homeland, and fierce in quest to grab life by the reins.
Anything else you’d like us to know: Member of a Tri with Lour and Masare Shalna (personal NPC)
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