Brute and the Beast [Kal]

Kalous comes under Linika's care.

35th of Ymiden 716

Stronghold of education and learning, this fortress is in one of the coldest areas of Idalos and home to many knowledge seekers in a variety of disciplines. However, unknown to most, below the city are those who suffer for the sake of science. While all are welcome, not everyone will be treated as they expect.

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Brute and the Beast [Kal]

Brute and the Beast
35th Trial of Ymiden, 716th arc

Continued from here.

The knock came right as Linika was closing up her little cubicle in the infirmary. She knew it would be a long time before she was granted any measure of prestige beyond that of peon, such status being clearly reflected in the cramped quarters where she worked. But even being employed in the infirmary was a huge step for her. After all, such was the way of slowly working your way up a ladder peopled by a race devoted to an Immortal that was bitterly opposed to your own.

Her Naerikk matron of Audrae was a mortal enemy of Yvithia, the "Bitch of Viden" as Linika thought her. She shook her head to avoid even going through the history of the dispatch of the sniveling weakling, Treid, and how it came to establish the hard feelings between her people and those of Viden again. It was over and done with. But the ongoing hostility of Yvithia only demonstrated her instability and irrationality. Strength was what determined the ability to rule, by Naerikk standards, and the only thing strong about Yvithia was her ability to cling to a pointless grievance.

Audrae had done nothing to her. But Yvithia's newly sensed secretive behavior had long put Mother Audrae on guard as to what plotting she may be up to. Audrae was thus far confounded in her attempts to wean the secret of the FRA from her usual methods and sources. As a result, Linika had been publicly branded "Eill", the Naerikk equivalent of traitor, and cast out of Augiery, her home city.

In truth, it was an act; a front for a spy mission, destined to bring sing-song glory to Linika as one of Audrae's greatest children, if she could pull it off. First was simply the hard, travel north, filled with loathing and rejection, by her own people, as well as the hate-filled envy of all the other, lesser, races on Idalos. That was done; she was now a citizen of Viden. Next was to get a foothold into the Infirmary. Check that off as well.

But now was the subtle, long-term portion of her mission. Build up acceptance, infiltrate to deeper and deeper levels of the FRA's secrets. And then...her specialty...sabotage the facility and report back to Augiery to claim her celebrity, as well as a probable boon by the great mother herself. Her initial foothold was gained by the "salvaging" of several thousand nels' worth of Frageon crystals, an immensely valuable stockpile of a rare reagent. One whose versatility was unrivaled by anything currently known in the chemical world.

This seemingly selfless act had gained her that initial level of trust, as well as recognition of her obvious competence with medicine and its procedures. So now she played the waiting game; groveling with unquestioning obedience and vomiting and endless stream of thanks to her snobbish eidisi "superiors", endlessly acknowledging the fact of how she deserved this abuse, being, as she was, from such a criminal and traitorous race as the naerikk. Only on occasion did she whimper a complaint that it was worth noting that she had been cast out of that monstrous society and hoped one day to rise above the understandable contempt she received.

But it was important not to overdo this. Far better to let this ongoing disdain fuel her desire to bring this wretched culture down in a glorious conflagration of destruction and realization of eidisi inferiority. Oh yes, she would triumph over these pitiful humanoid dregs...In time, sweet vengeance would be hers.

And speaking of pitiful dregs, she stepped aside to allow a gurney into her workspace. The "man" stretched out on the platform was a filthy, stinking wretch, worthy of representing human males in general. His only redeeming feature, appeared to be some stout endurance in the face of a worthy mauling by some wild beast; probably a bear, judging by the spacing of the tooth and claw marks.

Well, it was obvious what was expected of her, regardless of it being her supposed quitting time. Did the eidisi dump this victim on her because they did not want to 'soil their hands" themselves? Most likely. Truth was, this immediate flash of thought only served to give her a slight measure of empathy for the maimed figure before her. Human or not, at least he was not an eidisi. Those disgusting blue fops lumped humans into a social refuse heap only slightly above her own level.

She considered the possibility that they did not expect him to live, and wanted his death to be a black mark against her. A failure for her record to justify holding her back to even less than the slow rate of advance she already suffered. Well, she would show them. She would save this bleeding mess of torn flesh.

She started in with the usual stripping of clothes, and cleaning of wounds. She rolled her eyes as she noted that his genitals had been spared any damage whatsoever. As usual, the male would let himself die, rather than suffer the least blemish to his primary mortal worth. She snickered inwardly at the thought, and cleaned up these features as well. It was best to do this while shock kept the subject unconscious, the salves and ointments bearing chemistry of their own that often was initially painful upon freshly opened nerves.

There developed an eventual appreciation for the stillness of the subject. No apparent mental trauma causing thrashing and violent reactions to the painful cleansing and disinfecting procedures she was forced to perform. She had to admit, this was a tough subject. Probably no stranger to pain and hardship. His clothes suggested a life in the wild. She recalled her own training in the cold southern mountains of her homeland; a preparatory regimen to inure her to cold environments. But the cold of the far south did not match these frigid northern climes. Her training had helped, but still...damn!

She was surprised to discover midtrial's approach by the time she'd finished treating and wrapping the figure, and coaxing a mild sleep draught down his gullet. She would look in on him during the course of her regular duties over the next few days. She was not about to let this one sully her record by dying; and he ought to be coming around in a day or two.
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