[Approved] Scalvoris: Fauna - The Silver Augur

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Scalvoris: Fauna - The Silver Augur

Silver Augur

Quick Facts

Adult Height: 5 ft
Wingspan: 20 ft
Length: 8 ft
Weight: 200 pounds
Native to: Scalvoris

Type: Mammal
Food Diet: Carnivorous
Lifespan: 15-20 Arcs
Nest Size: 2 to 3
Territorial: Yes
Danger: High (Situational)

Appearance: Deriving its name from it, The Silver Augur is -unsurprisingly- almost completely silver; Apart from some variations of brown tones on the tail, wing feathers and head. A majestic creature coated in thick, natural camouflage when in their species' cradle of life. The ice-cold, snowy peaks of Scalvoris' mountain range. Even the brown marks on its fur serve a purpose in their masterful camouflage, from a distance they looks like minor protrusion of rock and stone on the mountain's snowy surface. Their facial structure shows a lot of similarities with that of a scowling owl, giving birth to tales of wisdom and extreme intelligence related to these proud beasts of prey. Having four legs, retractable claws and tail gives them the characteristics of a feline hunter. Yet their most prominent features are still those of avian creatures, thanks to their enormous wings they are capable of flying and swooping down at insane speeds.

Habitat: They are originally, and exclusively, from the icy peaks of the tallest mountains on Scalvoris' island. Whilst they are literally only there to be found, roaming the snow and skies alike, there are those rare few whom had the skills, courage and luck to effectively capture Silver Augurs in their natural habitat. Occasionally there are hunting party-expeditions in their territory, since they are extremely rare -and priceless- flying mounts! At least when somehow managed to train and force a Silver Augur into submission. A feat most would deem impossible to accomplish, considering their prideful nature, their intelligence and their razor-sharp claws and beak attached their pure muscle beneath a cushion'y feathered exterior.

Silver Augurs are rare creatures to be seen, let alone captured. They usually engage and slaughter any living creature, as small or large as it may be, that invaded their personal space, territory or even more lethal, their nest. Their notorious protective nature of their kin even shows itself in Scalvoris' common sayings and phrases.

-- "I wouldn't mack on that lass, heard her husband is worse than a Silver Augur!!" --

Lifespan and Development: Perhaps the most unique feature about these creatures is that they're flying mammals! The females seek out a mating partner for a limited duration, during the coldest season of the arc, and only once every three arcs. The males have a similar mating season, except they go on the 'prowl' each arc. Because of this, during mating season it's not uncommon for males to screech and claw at each other in a death match. When a newborn Silver Augur is old enough to walk on its own four legs, its mother teaches him how to fight, fly and hunt -In that order- until she's satisfied with the result, more often than not immediately sending her child out into the wilds to fend for itself, the entire process usually taking around an arc or two.

Diet: Silver Augurs are a carnivorous breed, usually stalking the skies and mountainsides for smaller wildlife. Birds, mammals, basically anything they set their eyes on, a hungry Silver Augur is an extremely fearsome and skilled predator. It doesn't shy away from eating human flesh either, to a Silver Augur any living, breathing being is food when it's starving! A common story to frighten children is the tale of Silver Augurs flocking down a mountain, field - Or even village!- and feast upon all in claw's reach.

Abilities: Flight, natural camouflage, extremely good vision even while moving/flying at high speed & above-average intelligence for a wild creature. It will not be able to carry a full-sized person in anything heavier than leather armor.

Credit: Dmitri
word count: 657
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Scalvoris: Fauna - The Silver Augur

I think this is great.

I'd say go ahead and use this with the considerations that medium or heavily armored individuals could not be carried.

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