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Name: Noth

Age: 22

Race: Mixed (Avriel/Human)

Date of Birth: 97 Ashan, 695

Marks: None

Factions Joined: Al'Angyryl

Languages Spoken: Fluent Common, Broken Lorien, Conversational Ith'Ession.

Partners: Nightshade Eld (Romantic), Neronin (Faction/Most Trusted Ally)


Noth stands at a height of 5'8. He is covered in a multitude of feathers which gently lay upon his skin, and conceal it from sight. If one were to peel away the feathers they would find a light bluish tint to his flesh. His eyes are the color of burning embers, and they glare with the same fiery expression, as if though seeking to engulf everything he sees in flame. The eyes couple well with his general expression of distaste. The hybrid walks with a confident air about him as if though he cannot be touched by anything nearby, and he generally refrains from making contact with his surroundings if at all possible. It is difficult to discern exactly what his body type is through the feathers, but if one watches for long enough they will note that he is of a fit and athletic build. One of the most discernible features of Noth is the complete absence of a left wing where it would otherwise be present in a full-blooded Avriel. His right wing seems to function perfectly, providing a strange counterbalance to the missing left.


One abdominal scar wound crossing horizontally. The feathers in this area do not grow as well, and thus the scarring is somewhat easier to detect. There is another light scar on the opposite side reminiscent of the raking claws of a beast,
though it is far lighter.

Saun 40: Large stab to the thigh - If treated by a competent surgeon or doctor, will heal fully in 90 trials. At Expert, 60 trials. At Master, 45 trials. If treated by a novice, 150 trials and a high risk of infection. However, Meraki managed to Shadowbound with Noth, and stuffed his shadow in the wound, stopping the bleeding to allow him to get to a doctor within 1 trial of receiving the wound.


Noth is a visibly hateful person. There is little that does not receive at least a semblance of his anger, and it is found to be most heavily directed towards the Immortals whom he curses for stealing away both his blood right to a complete set of wings, and for allowing a series of unfortunate events to occur in his life. He is also prideful to an extent common in Avriel, and clearly sees himself above the rabble; including the winged species themselves. He is ambitious, and seeks longingly for power with which he might establish new order, and prevent the same things that happened to him from occurring to others. In that at least, he is faintly generous. He is however young, and fairly inexperienced except with suffering. He is lost in what he needs to do in order to accomplish his goals, and has trouble even determining what they are from one moment to the next. Despite that apparent inability to choose, he is meticulous in his planning, and accounts for any detail that might derail his intentions. He is distrustful, and himself deceptive, willing to lie and deceive simply to make things simpler for himself. His hybrid blood enables him to think for extended periods of time; a trait uncommon in pure Avriel. In short, he is intelligent, but vile.


Noth's story is one of an agony so intense that it shapes the remainder of his life. It begins with the desires of a young female Avriel who he never has the chance to meet. She was youthful, and vibrant, filled with energy, and had only just return from the adolescent purging that all of her species partake in to rid themselves of their basest qualities. To an extent, that journey had been successful for the young female, but as it turned out, it had not been a complete purge.

One day, as she was spying upon the slaves that worked harshly around Athart, she took notice of a particular slave. He was strong, and mighty, and she soon became infatuated with him as she watched. Using the available funds of her family who had provided for her until she could support herself, she purchased the slave from his master. Her family were aggravated with her for her rash behavior, but were unable to refund the slave, and therefore decided to put him to work. The young Avriel enjoyed watching him closely, but she kept her feelings hidden away from the rest of her family, well aware that they would not approve.

She would watch the slave for another year before finally making her move. She stalked into his slave quarters in the darkness, and awaited his arrival. When he finally arrived, she confessed her desire for him, and the slave reluctantly consented, unsure of what other choices he had in the matter. If he refused then she would no doubt call upon the family, and report that he had disobeyed a nondescript order, and he would surely be punished.

The union between them soon sprouted into an active arrangement, and she would creep into his quarters many times to engage in the same amoral activity. The result of their nightly escapades soon revealed itself in a forbidden pregnancy with the inferior. It came as a shock to the young Avriel, and she scrambled to conceal the fruits of her labor, succeeding in hiding any changes to her body as the young offspring grew within her womb. The slave was informed of the arrangement, and was vowed to secrecy on the threat of forcibly ripping the tongue from his mouth.

Several months passed, and eventually the inevitable birth occurred, hidden away in secret and shadow. The new mother gazed upon the infernal child that she had brought into the world, and noticed that it had only a single wing upon it's back. She felt it's soft feathers, and clutched it close to herself, and soon grew to genuinely care for the deformed life as many mothers do. The realization came that she could not keep the young one within Athart, and she scrambled to depart from the city in the middle of the night.

Her flight out of the slave hub was noted by a pair of Shadow Wings, and they pursued the frightened mother into the jungle. They made their presence known, and harassed her to land. She consented, still holding the worried child, but covering up it's imperfection with a thin sheet of cloth. The nocturnal guards questioned why she was leaving in such a hurry, and why she appeared so worried, though the questions were moot as they already had their suspicions. Her attempts to deceive them were without practice, and she attempted to dismiss them from her presence.

One lunged forth, grappling the child away from it's mother, and gazing upon it's form. They accused her of having fostered a mixed breed child, and expressed their disgust. The two saw that they were alone with the pair, and decided to enact justice in their own way. They both drew weapons, and the first placed the child onto the ground, preparing to cleave it in twine for the crime of having been born. The mother hurled herself protectively over the creature, and was promptly stricken with the blades, and a moment later she expired.

The child screamed, and cried it's awful noise, and the first of the Wings prepared to dispense with their 'justice'. There was a loud thud, a harsh whistle, and another dull thud as a crossbow bolt pierced the heart of the Avriel. His ally recoiled in shock, and shot upwards into the air where he thought he was hidden from the unseen assailant. His blade glinted in the moonlight, and in another moment a secondary thud sent him spiraling to the ground. An aged man stepped forth from the shadows, searching around for any sign of other Avriel. His ears perked up at the sound of crying, and he approached the orphaned child, scooping it into his arms, and casting a final glance at it's deceased mother before departing from the bloodied place.

The older man's name was Nicholas, and he brought the child with him to his farmhouse near Etzos. He lived alone in his home, and raised a small herd of sheep. Nicholas had once sired a family, but they had since moved away to pursue their own interests, and follow the death of his wife, he found himself alone. His adoption of the newborn brought him out of his loneliness, and he soon grew to adore the young baby. It was given the name Noth, and he raised it as he had his previous children, teaching him how to walk, and raising him in basic understandings of language, and mathematics.

Noth was adventurous, and highly inquisitive, and the pair would spend long periods of time outside gazing upon the stars sprinkled throughout the skies, and caring for the gentle sheep that resided near the farmhouse. As he grew, the hybrid's feathers became thicker, and grew a darker shade. Noth knew that he was different from Nicholas, and he asked questions about the various races on a daily basis, attempting to understand why he was different from the person he considered to be his father. Eventually, Nicholas relented, and discussed his discovery of the young Noth, answering many of the curious child's questions.

He could see it in his eyes when they watched the stars that the boy longed to soar through the air, but his inherited disability meant that he was unable, and Nicholas tried his best to distract the youth from his fantasies. They lived together for many Arcs, and in that time the elderly man grew aware of the various aspects of the Avriel. He read many stories, and other bound volumes about them, and how they were raised, and discovered in his research that they would become irresponsibly violent, and animalistic once they reached adolescence.

He knew that if he was going to keep Noth safe throughout that developmental period, he would need a plan. He used the wealth that he had accumulated throughout his lifetime, and constructed a second story to his farmhouse consisting of a single large room, and a smaller room attached to it's side to serve as a restroom. Nicholas furnished the new construction with tables, and chairs, and a comfortable bed, and put viewing ports alongside the walls to allow for an unobstructed view of the outdoors, and Etzos.

Noth began to display the signs of his adolescence, and became increasingly primal in his interactions. Nicholas was disheartened by the task ahead, but he realized that it was the only way he could personally preserve the Avriel's life. He slaughtered one of his lambs, and cooked it's meat to create a delicious odor. Noth was drawn to the promise of dinner, and returned to the farmhouse from his outside explorations, finding the meal placed upon the bed of the upstairs room. He feasted hungrily upon the meal, and soon found himself growing tired. With a gentle bed located nearby, he decided immediately to sleep, and soon slipped into unconsciousness. Nicholas waited for many bits until he had determined that his adopted son had fallen into a deep rest, and crept up the stairs. He attached a long chain to the foot of the unconscious hybrid, and placed the other end against a hook located in the wall.

Noth awoke the next morning to find himself entrapped within the structure, and he shrieked for his father to assist him. Nicholas explained reluctantly that he was aware of the mental changes that would occur, and gave an indepth explanation for his actions. Noth felt betrayed, but decided to trust in the direction of Nicholas, believing that it was unlikely he would lose his faculties.

Seasons passed, and gradually the black feathered humanoid slipped into a state of primal emotions, and became like the beasts that roamed the lands. Nicholas awoke every morning, and fed his captive child with the best meals that he could find, taken from the best of his livestock. He also read to Noth each trial, ranging in subjects from educational, to works of fiction, and even told stories of his youth, and the tales of adventurous figures. This continued for many Arcs, and Nicholas began to long for the days when he would roam the fields with Noth, and gaze upon the stars. When the trial eventually came that Noth began to regain his sensibilities, he rejoiced, and immediately found himself happier.

The hybrid began to respond to the questions with coherent thoughts, and it seemed that all of his awful behavior had been purged from his system. Nicholas was not a fool, and so he waited several more trials, but he desperately missed the being he considered his child, and soon he found himself stepping up the steps once more, and releasing the Avriel from his captivity. Everything seemed as if though it would return to normal once more, and Nicholas moved to embrace Noth.

Noth responded with a shriek of aggravated rage, having pent it up for Arc upon Arc, and finally his opportunity had come to release it upon the being that had made him an object. He flung himself at the elderly man, and the blow struck him with such force that it sent him tumbling down the stairs. The anger disappeared as quickly as it had come, though the negative emotions had not fully vanished from his heart.

He rushed down the steps to assist Nicholas, but as he reached the bottom he discovered that the worst had occurred. In his rage, he had thrown the elderly man down the steps, and his brittle bones had snapped from the impact. He lay still, and his heart stopped only a bit later. Noth couldn't comprehend the events that had just occurred, and spent a long while simply nudging the corpse of his 'father', attempting to rouse him from his eternal sleep. He apologized for what he had done, and even shouted out to the Immortals above to help him in his time of need, but none heeded his call.

He was filled once more with rage, and confusion, and ravaged the farmhouse, allowing his emotions to carry him. Windows were shattered, and tables were broken in twain. When he had grown tired, he returned to his 'father' and moved him into his bed, resting in a chair nearby in the event that he suddenly awoke, but when dawn came, there was no sign of change. There was little that could be done, and grief swamped his soul, and anger at the Immortals for allowing him to commit such a brazen act, and then for not rectifying it once it had been committed.

There was no way that he could pass off the corpse as having died of old age, and so that left only one option. He needed to flee before any in Etzos would know of his vile deeds, and so he packed away everything that he had owned, and drew it all together into a small hand pulled cart. It was filled with survival necessities, and the occasional luxury, and the hybrid grabbed a book that Nicholas had once read to him as a child; a book of stories, and legends. He found a strong sheep in the pasture, and properly slaughtered, and butchered it, intending to take the meat with him on his journey. With that act done, he simply released the remainder of the sheep so that they might run free, and be found by a traveler before they starved.

The Avriel found refuge inside of a cave outside of Etzos, and began to live there as an outcast, all the while fueling the fans of anger within himself.

A goose discovered by the Avriel whilst he was on his journey to his new cave home. It has become essentially his only companion, and is trained to alert him to the presence of intruders. It also provides a steady supply of eggs for his consumption, and in return receives an amount of the forage he discovers.

A trained large black wolf possessing blue eyes and a ferocity which stood out among its kin. Noth uses it both as a faithful protector whenever he decides to travel alone, and to serve as a hunting aid and tool of intimidation and terror whenever he requires its services. Noth was given the beast as a gift from Ryder.

The Beast - Noth's Diri
(Per a PM from Malt. Here are the powers of the Diri)
Yeah there is the first domination where it simply exaggerates or diminishes the importance of a line of thought.
This includes the aspect of attaching some past event or impression to the cause of this altered level of importance.

Then there is the use of "Future" where it takes a hope or a fear related to the target's belief in what the future holds, and attaches the thought of what the person is doing right now, to make them believe that their current action will cause that future to come about.

Book of Legends:
A sentimental item taken during Noth's escape from his home. It holds an extensive list of legends throughout the ages, and also tells many stories. Some of the legends are very clearly untrue, but others hold a potential to be real. It is difficult most times to discern which is which.


Noth lives within a particularly large cave near the city of Etzos. It has a great open maw which allows for many smaller flying creatures such as bats to make residence in the area that he considers home. A large log acts as the only true barrier to the outside, and the hybrid tends to keep a fire burning near the entrance in the night to ward of hungering predators, there are also a set of makeshift spikes to keep away any particularly savage beasts, and to slow the approach of sentient beings. It is unknown how deep the cave leads, but Noth generally stays near-ish the entrance, using his possessions to form a makeshift camp there. Light bleeds in from the sun, and moonlight outside, and therefore makes it generally unnecessary to use artificially created light sources. Vern sleeps across from Noth in a slight crevice filled with dead grass and hay taken to form a basic nest. She acts as an alarm to any potential intruders.
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Credit to Pegasus

As a note: Noth is a Grandmaster in Intimidation. That means that he's at least as scary as the Count from Sesame Street. Beware.

"The tyrant confuses those he can't convince, corrupts those he can't confuse, and crushes those he can't corrupt." - Anonymous
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Race: Mixed Race
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RP Medals





Skill NameSkill PointsSkill Level
Animal Husbandry 16/250 Novice
Acrobatics 5/250 Novice
Business Management 27/250 Competent
Construction 1/250 Novice
Deception 78/250Expert
Detection 27/250 Competent
Discipline 57/250 Competent
Endurance 45/250 Novice
Fieldcraft 27/250 Competent
Hunting 27/250 Competent
Intelligence 78/250 Expert
Intimidation [FT] 256/250 Grandmaster
Leadership 78/250 Expert
Linguistics 4/250 Novice
Mathematics 4/250 Novice
Meditation 25/250 Novice
Melee Combat (Mace) 158/250 Master
Ranged Combat (Longbow) 157/250 Expert
Stealth 9/250 Novice
Strength 25/250 Novice
Tactics 158/250 Master
Unarmed Combat 158/250 Master
Writing 4/250 Novice
20 Unspent points.

Capstone Abilities

Frightening Presence – Noth naturally exudes an aura of fear around himself, causing some trepidation in those who would otherwise oppose him, and leading many to surrender or flee far sooner than they might have otherwise. The terror he exhibits is so great that even predatory animals often find themselves seeking more suitable prey, or else accepting his position as a beast of far greater strength.

Will Breaker - The dreadful presence of the murderous Avriel manifests itself in a gradual deterioration of mental resistance in his immediate vicinity. This GM specifically targets Discipline and Meditation, with the caveat that even though certain marks (Like Audrae's complete anti-fear ability) and magics might be mostly resistant to it, the ability will still erode that protection to some small degree.

The basic system applied to the Will Breaker is that for every ten bits someone spends in the presence of the Avriel, they would temporarily drop a level of skill in Discipline or Meditation. Naturally, this is only applicable in scenarios wherein Noth is attempting to actually intimidate someone, and would not affect allies.
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Credit to Pegasus

As a note: Noth is a Grandmaster in Intimidation. That means that he's at least as scary as the Count from Sesame Street. Beware.

"The tyrant confuses those he can't convince, corrupts those he can't confuse, and crushes those he can't corrupt." - Anonymous
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Race: Mixed Race
Profession: Monster
Renown: -370
Character Sheet
Plot Notes
Wealth Tier: Tier 1




RP Medals






► Show Spoiler
Race: Tunawa
Race: Eidisi
Sevrath: Control over Plants
Sevrath: Lemun Suna Spores and Drowsiness
Sevrath: Able to Turn Body to Earth
Emea: The Labyrinth
Emea: The Game’s Mistress
Emea: Dreams of Death
Artifact: The Halo
Immortal’s Quest: Obtain the Halo
Immortal’s Quest: Failed
Location: Rharne: Slave Auction


  • Ranged
    Ranged: Aukari Fire Outlines Them for Easy Targeting
    Ranged: Melee Fighters too Busy to be Aware of Bowmen
    Bows: Lack of Practice Equals Loss of Skill (ML)
    Ranged: Keeping Intruder at Bay
    Ranged: Arrow through the Lungs isn't Immediately Fatal
    Ranged: Long Bow: Beware of Enemies' Lucky Shots
    Ranged: Long Bow: Keep it Ready While Resting
    Ranged Combat (Longbow): Can’t Shoot Through Armor
    Ranged Combat: Aim for the Center of Mass
    Ranged Combat: Shooting in Concert Increases the Chance of Hitting the Target
    Ranged Combat: Arrows Can Pierce Through Arms
    Ranged Combat: Keeping Arrows Notched Without Firing
    Ranged Combat: Plucking On The Bow Without Firing
    Ranged Combat (Bow): Harder to aim when injured
    Ranged Combat (Bow): Hold close to your cheek
    Longbow (Ranged) – Spinal Damage Cripples Opponent.
    Longbow (Ranged) Arrows Cut Through Bone
    Ranged: Firing On a Target to Distract it
    Longbow: Aim for Vitals to Kill Quickly
    Longbow: Shooting from Cover
    Ranged: Providing Covering Fire
    Ranged: Works well with Stealth for Early Hits
    Ranged: Excellent for Disabling Enemies
    Ranged: Hitting Bigger Targets is Easier
    Ranged: Be Careful Where you Shoot an Enemy.
    Ranged: Fast Draw
    Ranged: Fast Fire
    Ranged: Critical Shots

    Bludgeon: Mace: Heavy Mace
    Bludgeon: Mace: Mercy Killing a Disemboweled Soldier
    Bludgeon: Mace: Parrying Axe Strikes With the Hilt
    Axes and Bludgeons: Two-handed Mace: Should be swung hard to deal damage.
    Bludgeon: Holding Down a Victim and Beating Him
    Bludgeon: One Murder Leads to Another
    Axes & Bludgeons: Axe: Cleaving
    Axes & Bludgeons: Axe: Hacking
    Axes & Bludgeons: Mace: Judging the weight
    Axes & Bludgeons: Mace: Judging force
    Bludgeon: The Blind, Backhanded Surprise Swing
    Bludgeon: Getting Close Enough to "Feel" Where the Enemy Is
    Blunt Weapons (Mace): Increased height for improved swing
    Blunt Weapons (Mace): Swinging can leave you open
    Bludgeons (Mace): Not a Suitably Delicate Tool for Opening Chests
    Thrown (Mace): Not the Most Balanced Weapon to Throw
    Bludgeon: Kneecapping Strike
    Mace: Striking Fingers breaks them
    Mace: Striking the Neck breaks it.
    Mace: Swinging Too Hard Means You're More Likely to Miss
    Mace: Can Get Stuck In Tree Trunks
    Bludgeons (Mace): Useful in Removing Earth Walls
    Bludgeons (Mace): Destroying Wood with Iron
    Bludgeons: All Items Can be a Bashing Weapon
    Mace: Useful in close quarters
    Mace: Ready to draw position
    Bludgeons (Mace): Can Shatter Bone Through Armor
    Bludgeons (Mace): Collarbones are Excellent Targets
    Bludgeons (Mace): Deflecting a Sword is Difficult
    Bludgeons (Mace): It's Easier to Strike a Pinned Target
    Bludgeons (Mace): Offensive Weapon, not Defensive
    Axes and Bludgeons (Mace): Swinging at an opponent who is using short, fast feints
    Axes and Bludgeons (Mace): Swings to drive an opponent back and gain space

    Throwing (Explosives)
    Throwing (Explosives): Wait for the fuse to be shorter

    Unarmed Combat: Carving Defensive Spikes (ML)
    Unarmed Combat: All's Fair, Including Biting
    Unarmed Combat: An Arrow as a Hand-to-Hand Weapon
    Unarmed Combat: Many Ways to Die Besides Weapons
    Unarmed: Intestines as an Entangling Weapon
    Unarmed Combat: Talons to the face.
    Unarmed Combat: Twisting and popping limbs
    Unarmed Combat: An Inexperienced Fist Hurts Itself More
    Unarmed Combat: Beware the Raskithecal's Tail
    Unarmed Combat: Kick’em While They’re Down
    Unarmed Combat: Throwing Armor at People
    Unarmed Combat: Using Arms to Block Blows
    Unarmed Combat: Claws are Very Dangerous
    Unarmed: Stabbing at someone with Talons
    Unarmed: Stomping on Fingers
    Unarmed: Kicking in the Back
    Unarmed: Using Armor to Deflect Punches
    Unarmed: Detecting where a Punch will Travel.
    Unarmed: Holding On and Never Letting Go
    Unarmed: Yanking a Bat's Head Off
    Unarmed: Claws Do Not Beat Steel
    Unarmed Combat: The Talons of the Avriel
    Unarmed: Melting Organs with NG
    Unarmed: Blocking A Needle
    Unarmed: Grabbing at Important Bits
    Unarmed: Tearing Out a Well
    Unarmed: Taking a Hit
    Unarmed: Knowing Where to Strike
    Unarmed: Inflicting Painful Blows
    Unarmed: Downing an Opponent is the Best Way to Subdue Them
    Unarmed: Removing Armor is a Foolish Choice
    Unarmed: Savagery at Times Begets Results, Other Times, it is Harmful.
    Unarmed: Stomping Heads
    Unarmed: Straddling a Foe to Keep them Pinned
    Unarmed: Striking Frantically
    Unarmed: Wing-Assisted Shoulder Charge
    Unarmed: Slashing Through Ropes With Talons
    Unarmed Combat (Brawling): Gaining a burst of speed in a charge from a strong flap of my wing
    Unarmed Combat (Brawling): Attacking the legs of a large creature

    Tactics: Human Meat-Shield [AN]
    Tactics: Feign Unawareness to Lure Watcher In
    Tactics: Suicide Pill as Weapon
    Tactics: Wing as a Weapon
    Tactics: Smart thinking beats brute strength.
    Tactics: The bigger the weapon, the slower it swings.
    Tactics: Setting Up The Bodies Like an Robbery Scene
    Tactics: Only Taking Cheap Items to Avoid Suspicion
    Tactics: Planting the Body to Misdirect Investigation
    Tactics: Kill the Enemy Tasked to Kill the Prisoner First
    Tactics: Make the Prisoner Carry the Weight
    Tactics: Go After a Nocturnal Beast During the Day
    Tactics: Teamwork: One Melee, One Ranged
    Tactics: To Kill or not to Kill?
    Tactics: Use Aerlan's Skill to Create a Landslide
    Tactics: Considering each individuals’ worth in battle
    Tactics: Never allow the enemy to regroup
    Tactics: Sometimes, it’s such a good tactic, it works twice.
    Tactics: Don't Waste Time Dazing a Foe When You Don't Have to
    Tactics: Casually Mentioning Etzos to See Fridgar's Reaction
    Tactics: Knowing when to stay down
    Tactics: Clearing Up a Loose End
    Tactics: An Accusation that Affects Everyone Present
    Tactics: Don't Kill a Man You Intend to Question
    Tactics: Using Underlings to Fight
    Tactics: Burn Out a Portal's Charge by Throwing Many Things Through it
    Tactics: Let the Rioters do Some of the Bloody Work For You
    Tactics: Taking What Someone Discards
    Tactics: Making Someone Discard Something You Want.
    Tactics: Ambushing Caravans from Woods
    Tactics: Chasing Down Survivors to Prevent Reinforcements
    Tactics: Kill the Head to Assimilate
    Tactics: Make a Harsh Entrance to Deter Retaliation
    Tactics: Scheduling A Meeting Far Ahead
    Tactics: Allow Someone to Test Something Before Using It.
    Tactics: Noting the Wind Patterns of Breath
    Tactics: Never Underestimate the Weak and Small
    Tactics: Once you know what someone wants, they are easier to control
    Tactics: Knowing when to leave, when to stay
    Tactics: Sift for information
    Tactics: Making Plans in Advance
    Tactics: Ensuring Everyone Knows the Plan
    Tactics: Keep yourself safe
    Tactics: Reveal as little as possible
    Tactics: Most Defenses are Broken by Treachery, not Strength
    Tactics: Repeating Strategies, Just to Depart From Them
    Tactics: Fighting 1-1 to Avoid Larger Conflict
    Tactics: Patching Up Holes in Walls so Passerby Can't See Inside
    Tactics: Equipping Prominent Soldiers with Better Equipment
    Tactics; Knowing your physical strengths
    Tactics; Knowing your physical limitations.
    Tactics; Taking time to understand the strengths and weaknesses of different weapon types.
    Tactics; Deliberately choosing weaponry based on your adversarys strengths and weaknesses
    Tactics; Acknowledging your enemies strengths.
    Tactics; Acknowledging your enemies weaknesses
    Tactics: Shouting to bring more into the fight
    Tactics: Backpedaling to buy time and space
    Tactics: Minding one's own shadow while fighting shadow beasts
    Tactics: Accept supernatural allies when fighting supernatural enemies
    Tactics: Crowdsourcing a fight using The Beast
    Tactics: Using increased pain to trigger the Avriel blood frenzy

    Discipline: Hiding Hatred of Immortals
    Discipline: Not Lashing Out at Avriel Antagonists
    Discipline: Don't Make Too Big a Threat of Yourself
    Discipline: Fear is Not a Bad Thing if Controlled
    Discipline: Keeping Impulses Controlled While Adventuring
    Discipline: Suppressing the Dread of Fighting Your Doppelganger
    Discipline: Keep Your Armor and Weapons Wiped Clean
    Discipline: Suppress Your Pride to Get Your Bow Back
    Discipline: Keeping Your Cool in the Face of Such Insolence
    Discipline: Not Flinching in the Darkness
    Discipline: Business before Pleasure
    Discipline: Not allowing yourself to think certain thoughts
    Discipline: Recognizing that lesser wounds can't compare to greater ones

    Meditation: Focus on the Goal
    Meditation: Ignore Distractions
    Meditation: Resist Offered Alcohol
    Meditation: Do Not Give in to Harlots
    Meditation: You Will Not be Lead Like a Dog
    Meditation: Avoiding Dreams that Involve Real-Life Plans
    Meditation: Keeping Calm When Hostiles are Near
    Meditation: A Calm Mind Let's You See Through Disguises
    Meditation: Don't Panic When Trapped

    Strength: Stringing up a body
    Strength: Holding a Long, Heavy Pole Steady

    Mount: Riding in a Chariot


  • Animal Husbandry
    Animal Husbandry-Sheep (SP)
    Animal Husbandry-Geese (ML)
    Geese: Much more than food (ML)
    Geese: A Surprisingly Intimidating Cry (ML)
    Animal Husbandry: A Warm Wrap to Keep the Pet Warm
    Animal Husbandry: Leaving Enough Food Behind for Vern
    Animal Husbandry: Be Aware of What Your Pet Eats

    Running: Running in snow
    Running: Running whilst injured
    Running: Running in the forest can be tricky

    Logistics: Unloading Mounts and Loading Boats
    Logistics: Adjusting Travel Estimate to Account for Burden
    Logistics: Crowded City Life vs. Wilder Outdoor Life
    Logistics: Foster Brothers May be a Future Problem
    Logistics: Many Potential Hazards of Cave Life
    Logistics: Always Another Detail You Overlooked
    Logistics: Counting on the Target to Supplement Your Needs
    Logistics: Weight vs. Bulk vs. Cost vs. Availability
    Logistics: Cave's Connection to The UG Both a Boon and a Liablilty
    Logistics: Best to Have a Guard at the Door Who is Awake
    Logistics: Pirates Have Many Advantages Over Thieves and Bandits
    Logistics: Having to Plan a Caper in a Hurry
    Logistics: The Chaos of a Lynch Mob in Running a Plan
    Logistics: Too Many Fake Names Gets Confusing
    Logistics: Planning Too Far Ahead Invites Disruptions
    Logistics: "Safety in Numbers" is a Myth
    Logistics: Waste Nothing
    Logistics: Give Away Things you Don't Need
    Logistics: Do Not Start an Enterprise until It’s Been Discussed
    Logistics: Recruiting Foreigners to Help
    Logistics: Paying Someone Who Knows Someone
    Logistics: Deface, then Kill
    Logistics: Mercenaries Work Only for Cash
    Logistics: Diri's Offer Requires Loss of Hand
    Logistics: "Join or Die" Recruitment Policy Does Little for Loyalty
    Logistics: Rewards for Loyalty are Worth the Cost
    Logistics: The Causes of Subordinate Discontent are Many
    Logistics: Some Plans Need Elements From Far Away

    Endurance: Anger Numbs the Pain
    Endurance: The Strong Smell of Death as You Have to Fight
    Endurance: Hiking Mountains
    Endurance: Aiming whilst injured
    Endurance: Biting Cold
    Endurance: When everything hurts, it’s hard to take stock
    Endurance: Suffering with a Broken Wrist
    Endurance: Fighting Your Copy is a Long, Even Match
    Endurance: Wrist Pain Robbing You of Sleep
    Endurance: Fighting Through the Pain
    Endurance: Fighting through Lemun Suna
    Endurance: Stormy waters
    Endurance: Not Tiring Out Whilst Dancing
    Endurance: Performing A Strenuous Activity for 'Several Breaks'
    Endurance: Being stabbed in the thigh by a large talon

    Hunting: Ruined Flesh Can be Used as Bait
    Hunting: Skinning the Squirrel
    Hunting: Drop the Weight for Quicker Chase
    Hunting: Animals use scent to track prey
    Hunting – Firing from Hidden Position
    Hunting: Picking the Perfect Prey

    Stealth: Taking Advantage of Distractions
    Stealth: Avoiding Lines of Sight
    Stealth: Using Shadows to Hide
    Stealth: Torches just Reveal your Location
    Stealth: Hiding in a Cranny
    Stealth: Hiding Among the Branches
    Stealth: Listening for Reactions to One's Own Noises
    Stealth: Moving Along the Treeline
    Stealth: Keep to Terrain You Know
    Stealth: Feathers Muffle Sounds
    Stealth: Dead Plant Life is Too Brittle
    Stealth: Trading Silence For Chain Mail Protection
    Stealth: Don't Wear a Path to Your Own Cave
    Stealth: Tracking Soldiers
    Stealth: Following Humans Up Mountains Silently
    Stealth: Sleight of Hand Allows for “Magic”
    Stealth: Your Black Wing at Night is Good Mobile Concealment
    Stealth: Use the Light of Someone Else' Torch
    Stealth: Underground Shortcut Bypasses Gate Guards
    Stealth: Staying Near the Edge of a Fight Keeps you Hidden
    Stealth: Staying Away from Firelight
    Stealth: Keeping Far Behind an Enemy Party
    Stealth: Use Foliage to Hide Numbers
    Stealth: Listening for Footsteps

    Construction: Huge Doorway Equals Huge Liability (ML)
    Construction: Placing Defensive Spikes (ML)

    Fieldcraft: Cooking Method is Irrelevant as Long as it Works (ML)
    Fieldcraft: Constructing an Axe by Hand (ML)
    Fieldcraft: Fraying Rope to Get String (ML)
    Field Craft: Subterranean: Popping Plumb Bob
    Field Craft: Digging a pit
    Field Craft: A cave maintains temperature further in
    Field Craft: Listen For Changes in Woods' Noises
    Field Craft: Patterns of Noises in the Wild Means Men
    Field Craft: A Cave is a Good Position to Defend
    Field Craft: Signs of a Poacher's Den
    Field Craft: The Monster Poses Many Other Negatives Besides Attack
    Field Craft: Deers Shed Antlers by Rubbing Against Trees
    Field Craft: Maggots as Alternative Food
    Field Craft: Staying Hidden On Top Of A Hill
    Field Craft: Berry Juice as Ink
    Field Craft: A Deep Cave is Largely Unaffected by Seasonal Heat
    Field Craft: Learning to do Basic Tasks One-Handed
    Field Craft: Spiked Logs Actually Work to Block a Doorway
    Field Craft: Ripping Tent for Light
    Field Craft: All Senses are Useful for Tracking in the Wild
    Field Craft: The uses of Whipping Willow Sap

    Detection: Locating a Target based on Sounds
    Detection: Using other senses when One Fails
    Detection: Bait Indicates a Stranger
    Detection: Smoke is Trouble
    Detection: Tools Left Out Means Exhausted Sleepers Inside
    Detection: The Signs of Old Construction
    Detection: The Smell of Blood
    Detection: So-Called "Monster" Did Not Behave Like One
    Detection: Too Many New Added Details to be a True Story
    Detection: Soldier's Disciplined Expression is Hard to Read
    Detection: The Unnatural Lie of the Neck Means Death
    Detection: Piercing the fog of war
    Detection: Screams have different types
    Detection: Echoes Help Define the Size of a Dark Space
    Detection: Obvious Signs of Habitation
    Detection: Vern's Behavior Identifies Some Visitors
    Detection: Fridgar Didn't Realize His Magic Hadn't Worked
    Detection: The Signs of Apprehension When the Startle Fades
    Detection: The Face Someone Makes When They Know They'll Die
    Detection: The Difference Between Exaggerated Tales and Real Ones
    Detection: Torches in the Night
    Detection: Listening for footfalls
    Detection: Vern is an Alarm
    Detection: Following Cheers to Find an Event
    Detection: The Signs of Mind-Control, not Willful Cooperation
    Detection: Watching Where Parren Keeps his Coin
    Detection: Watching for Subtle Tells to Determine Intent
    Detection: Spotting Enemy Shooter
    Detection: Observing Someone As They Work Is a Great Way to Learn
    Detection: Using Emotions to Determine Subject
    Detection: Excessive Giddiness Equals Delirious Joy
    Detection: Noticing Irregularities
    Detection: Irregularities Mean Things Have Changed
    Detection: Making Assumptions Based on How Late Someone Is
    Detection: The difference between an idle gesture, and one meant to look like that.
    Detection: Noticing Subtle Facial Features
    Detection: Finding a place where you are likely to be able to stay
    Detection: Gauging skill level with a glance
    Detection: A feeling of heat
    Detection: Recognizing people from your dreams
    Detection: Listening to sounds above deck
    Detection: Looking for hidden signals
    Detection: Looking for individual's habits
    Detection: Perceiving Things That Don't Belong
    Detection: The wet thunk of muscle being struck by a fist
    Detection: The look of razor-sharp attentiveness in one's eyes
    Detection: Recognizing that a cat is avoiding shadows and darkness
    Detection: Following the eyeline of a cat


  • Intelligence
    Intelligence: Chanyalla: Source of Information
    Intelligence: Drunks and Merchants for Information
    Intelligence: Hard to Believe Friendly Enemies
    Intelligence: Etzos' Woods Monster is Nocturnal
    Intelligence: Gauging the Profits and Risks of a Caravan Heist
    Intelligence: Comparing Abilities of Mages to Gauge Domains
    Intelligence: Allies Help Gather Intel
    Intelligence: Agents in Different Places Can Say Different Things
    Intelligence: Pirate Camps Are Always Eventually Found
    Intelligence: Pirates Camps are Dangerous Sources of Good Information
    Intelligence: Recognizing a Situation Where Both Sides Might Pay You
    Intelligence: The Don Has Mages in his Employ
    Intelligence: Drunken Word-of-Mouth Network of News
    Intelligence: Committing to Memory
    Intelligence: Singling Out the Weak
    Intelligence: Catching On to the Magic of the Maze
    Intelligence: Going for the Achilles Tendon
    Intelligence: Gather information about your environment.
    Intelligence: Small pieces of information can be vital
    Intelligence: Spotting the disingenuous
    Intelligence: Dispatching a Spy
    Intelligence: Multiple Sources Means More Reliable Information
    Intelligence: Knowledge is Power

    Business Management
    Business Management: Consider the goods on offer carefully
    Business Management: Many types of business can exist in one place
    Business Management: Supply and demand
    Business Management: Items and services
    Business Management: Underground slave auctions need a lot of planning
    Business Management: The usefulness of secret ways in
    Business Management: Hiring Contractors for Work
    Business Management: Knowing When to Hit Competitors.
    Business Management: Lowballing Prices for Best Deals
    Business Management: Don't Go Too Low, Or You Won't Get Work.
    Business Management: Making Offers and Deals
    Business Management: Finding Trade Partners
    Business Management: Smaller Groups Are More Likely to Work With You
    Business Management: Smuggling is a Business Too
    Business Management: Don't Pay a Contractor More for an Easier Job
    Business Management: Fresh Products Make The Organization Work
    Business Management: Fresh Bodies Make the Raids Work
    Business Management: Hiring Employees
    Business Management: Securing a Business with Security
    Business Management: Introducing New Employees to Other Employees
    Business Management: Handing out a Signing Bonus
    Business Management: Why Spend Money When There's a Free Alternative
    Business Management: Musicians Draw Business
    Business Management - Try to Get Cheap Prices

    Investigation: Putting together information to draw the most reasonable conclusion
    Investigation: Comparing Emblems in Ruins with Current Etzori Types
    Investigation: The Raskithecal Wizard Explained What Happened
    Investigation: Many Features of the Ruins Change with Time Restoration
    Investigation: Searching Through the Underground Ruins
    Investigation: Talking to a Bartender to Get Information
    Investigation: Small Talk to Open People Up
    Investigation: Asking Plenty of Questions
    Investigation: Burning the Evidence
    Investigation: Watching Other Contestants' Efforts
    Investigation: Look for Patterns
    Investigation: Read Records for Clues
    Investigation: Asking an Immortal to explain themselves!
    Investigation: Use Public Resources
    Investigation: Always Ask Questions
    Investigation: Questioning Leads
    Investigation: Be clear of your parameters before you begin
    Investigation: How to find a criminal organisation
    Investigation: Consider all angles in terms of your actions.
    Investigation: Observe habits to determine personality
    Investigation: Approach people for information
    Investigation: Question the way that an organisation works.

    Intimidation: Inner Avriel Savagery Good Enough Against Men (ML)
    Intimidation: Wild Animals are Good Examples (ML)
    Intimidation: Death Threat
    Intimidation: Silent Stare Treatment
    Intimidation: Wounded Enemy Has Nothing to Lose
    Intimidation: Appearing as big as possible.
    Intimidation: Natural confidence can scare others.
    Intimidation: Putting Threats in the Form of a Joke
    Intimidation: Shouting Threatening Challenges to Enemies
    Intimidation: Tossing a Severed Head for Distraction
    Intimidation: Angry Speeches
    Intimidation: Never Acknowledge What Upsets You
    Intimidation: Writing a Letter in Blood
    Intimidation: Friendship is a Weakness
    Intimidation: Seeing Evil as a Justification for Cruelty
    Intimidation: It's All In The Voice
    Intimidation: Exuding Confidence Can Give Muggers Pause
    Intimidation: Wearing 'Black Guard' Greaves Speaks Volumes
    Intimidation: Making an Example of Someone
    Intimidation: Taunting a Downed Foe
    Intimidation: Deliberately Making Your Cave Look Scary
    Intimidation: Predator vs. Scavenger
    Intimidation: Undead are Scary
    Intimidation: The Don had a Monstrous "Pet"
    Intimidation: Throwing Bloody Body Parts Out of the Dark
    Intimidation: Sneaking up on people heightens fear
    Intimidation: Restricting Escape Routes
    Intimidation: Telling Stories to Highlight Wrongs
    Intimidation: Overly Firm Handshake
    Intimidation: Running a Blade Along Skin
    Intimidation: Growl When You Wake to Ward Off Evil
    Intimidation: Making Phonetic Noises to Emphasize Bodily Destruction
    Intimidation: The Power of Touching Someone
    Intimidation: Showing Up Unannounced
    Intimidation: Mentioning Others You’ve Killed
    Intimidation: Stroking Deadly Instruments
    Intimidation: Pre-Battle Conversation
    Intimidation: Writing in Blood
    Intimidation: Warning Others
    Intimidation: Holding attention of a busy barkeep
    Intimidation: Calm and assured to intimidate even the most skilled
    Intimidation: Killing Heroes
    Intimidation: A Wicked Smile
    Intimidation: Leaning Closer to Prey
    Intimidation: Raking Floor With Talons
    Intimidation: Going Behind Someone
    Intimidation: Using your target's name as a weapon
    Intimidation: Taking Big Guys First
    Intimidation: Severing Hostile Leadership
    Intimidation: Pressganging Gangsters
    Intimidation: Blocking Exits
    Intimidation: Using Whipping Willow Sap During Lashes
    Intimidation: Literal Immolation
    Intimidation: Questioning Fiercely

    Seduction: Massaging Under Wings
    Seduction: Kiss Until You Can No Longer Breathe
    Seduction: Leave Them Wanting More
    Seduction: Compliments Go A Long Way
    Seduction: Eye-Contact.

    Leadership: Demand the Newcomer to Account for Himself
    Leadership: Hold Your Associate Accountable for His Recruit
    Leadership: Presenting The Plans for a Caravan Heist
    Leadership: Show No Fear
    Leadership: You Need to be Callous Around Your Faction
    Leadership: Angry Spectators Will Rally to a Doer's Actions
    Leadership: Taking Charge to Eject Common Antagonist
    Leadership: Make Your Play and Wait for Assets to Come to You
    Leadership: Pay Back the Hustled Money to Strangers
    Leadership: Being the One to Decide Which Chest to Spend the Key on.
    Leadership: Provide Weapons to Fellow Explorers
    Leadership: Giving Speeches
    Leadership: Allowing Your Home to be the Meeting Place
    Leadership: Don't Give in Too Easily to Subordinate's Suggestions
    Leadership: Keep Calm to Keep Others Calm
    Leadership: The More People Calm, the Better
    Leadership: Caring for Lackeys
    Leadership: Dead Lackeys Can't Work
    Leadership: Testing Follower's Abilities
    Leadership: Testing New Monstrosities
    Leadership: Taking Lessons From Rumors About the Don
    Leadership: Finding Common Ground
    Leadership: Changing others opinions on life
    Leadership: Giving Gifts to Underlings
    Leadership: Leaders Advice their Underlings
    Leadership: Showcasing Power by Placing Yourself in a Precarious Situation
    Leadership: Offer Support to Promote Loyalty
    Leadership: State your conditions clearly
    Leadership: Take into account individual situations
    Leadership: Checking In With Underlings
    Leadership: Contracting Outside Assistance
    Leadership: Fear is a More Honest Motivator Than Love
    Leadership: Let One Just Punished Give Punishment to the Next
    Leadership: Standing Firm Before Unaccountable Walking Corpse
    Leadership: There's Always Underlings Waiting to Pounce
    Leadership: Signaling Attacks
    Leadership: Calling Off Monsters
    Leadership: Knowing Where Soldiers Are
    Leadership: Looking Out for Well-being of Soldiers
    Leadership: Making a Scene to Save Lives
    Leadership: Realizing the Need for Lieutenants
    Leadership: Time Can Get Away From You
    Leadership: Better Equipment Leads to More Loyalty
    Leadership: Delegating Responsibility to Underlings
    Leadership; Staying ones hand against an insubordinate
    Leadership: Recognizing your subordinates can always improve, even if they are the best
    Leadership: Seeking methods of improving your subordinates

    Negotiation: Common Ground with Enemy
    Negotiation: Deal: Sanctuary for Information
    Negotiation: Agreeing to Hunt the Monster with Night
    Negotiation: Trading a Favor for Treatment of a Broken Wrist
    Negotiation: An Offer of a Hunting Partnership
    Negotiation: The Old Standby: Flattery
    Negotiation: Vern Gives You a Position of Strength
    Negotiation: Don't Reveal the Appeal of an Offer
    Negotiation: Intimidation
    Negotiation: Lower Cave Chambers Available
    Negotiation: Many Skeletons Available I Cave for Necro Use
    Negotiation: The Many Fluid Rules of Lewis Parren
    Negotiation: Putting In a Lower Bid
    Negotiation: Haggling Over Price

    Deception: Had to Kill Chanyalla to Avoid Suspicion
    Deception: Playing a Loyal Etzori
    Deception: Covering a Reaction With a Claim of Clumsiness
    Deception: Have Lies Prepared Ahead of Time
    Deception: Spiked Logs Look Like Cave's Teeth
    Deception: Faking Drunkenness to Lure in Patsies
    Deception: The Hustler's Pattern of Winning and Losing
    Deception: "After You" into Danger, Disguised as Etiquette
    Deception: Concealing Your Needs Within Casual-Sounding Proposals
    Deception: Pretending To Be a Customer
    Deception: Observing Facial Features for Lying
    Deception – Hiding Smiles
    Deception – Giving Apologetic Speeches
    Deception: When There are Many Pirate Crews, Infiltration is Easier
    Deception: Masks Work Better for Some Than for Others
    Deception: Drawing Attention to Yourself so Partners Can Get Away
    Deception: Shouting "Fire" When You Know it's Not
    Deception: Lying About Changing
    Deception: Using Closeness to Mask Lies
    Deception: Promising Things You Don't Mean
    Deception: Making Educated Guesses
    Deception: Letting Them Do The Talking
    Deception: Blending In with the Other Team While not Being on a Team
    Deception: Going With the Plan, Changing it Last Minute
    Deception: Giving signals to imaginary companions

    Sociology: The "Go Away" Tough-Love Routine
    Sociology: Bonding Through Shared Adventure
    Sociology: A New Common Enemy Can Outweigh Old Prejudice
    Sociology: Hard Times Form Stronger Bonds Than Good Ones
    Sociology: Not a Good Idea to Flaunt Your Winnings at the Losers
    Sociology: Compliments are Surprisingly Effective
    Sociology: Endless Bluster in the Company of Pirates
    Sociology: Assurance of Safety Imply Inherent Danger
    Sociology: Making Light Jokes About Disturbing Subjects

    Psychology: Blaming Immortals for All Your Problems
    Psychology: Forced From Home a Second Time
    Psychology: Guilty of Murder to Acquit Theft
    Psychology: Needing to Blame Victims for Being Witnesses
    Psychology: Suppress Morality in Favor of Necessity
    Psychology: What Would The Father I Murdered Think?
    Psychology: Acknowledging Your Own Crimes to Avoid Hypocrisy
    Psychology: Betrayal is to be Expected
    Psychology: Making Oneself Suffer to Assuage Guilt
    Psychology: Protection of Locals Might Assuage Guilt
    Psychology: Self-Loathing
    Psychology: A Fellow Half-Avriel Fills a Special Role
    Psychology: Knowing a Friend Has Taken a Blow Meant For You
    Psychology: Learn to be a Beast From the Beasts Themselves
    Psychology: Fearful Reactions are a Drawback to a Bad Reputation
    Psychology: Acceptance of Deserving a Violent Death
    Psychology: The Predator/Prey Rationale
    Psychology: Speaking of your life.
    Psychology: Grief takes many forms.
    Psychology: Past Victims Will Not be Remembered as Sympathetic
    Psychology: Too Late to Change?
    Psychology: When Intimidation Tactics Backfire
    Psychology: Children's Death's Weren't Your Fault, or Neronin's
    Psychology: Donning the Persona
    Psychology: Orphans feel unloved
    Psychology: All men are monsters
    Psychology: Trying is Everything
    Psychology: Those who oppose the Immortals tend to have grand goals.
    Psychology: Like You Lie to Night, so Will Followers Lie to You
    Psychology: Don't Confuse a Powerful Display with "Showing Off"
    Psychology: Fear of Betrayal is Easily Manipulated
    Psychology: The Fear of Having Been "Played" by the Black Guard

    Interrogation: Angry Lips are Loose lips
    Interrogation: Beware Subtle Counter-Interrogation
    Interrogation: Ask questions in a sharp series.
    Interrogation: Be explicit, when appropriate
    Interrogation: Be subtle, when appropriate
    Interrogation: Decisive questioning

    Rhetoric: Using societal definitions in your argument
    Rhetoric: Defining evil as a passionate state
    Rhetoric: Twisting phrases to suit your needs
    Rhetoric: Using a witness to discredit a claim
    Rhetoric: Reading aloud
    Rhetoric: Carrying a story along
    Rhetoric: The Many Phrases of Lewis Parren

    Persuasion: Honestly Acknowledging Your Distrust
    Persuasion: Insulting a Man's Pride to Oblige Them to Respond
    Persuasion: Playing on a New Bartender's Need to Remove a Hustler
    Persuasion: Challenging Others' Bravery
    Persuasion: Blaming Your Reactions on Instinct
    Persuasion: Look for Common Ground in Life Experiences
    Persuasion: Offering Something for Someone's Help

    Storytelling: Avriel Savagery Changed Everything
    Storytelling: Death of Nicholas at Your Own Hands
    Storytelling: Happy Childhood as Nicholas' Son
    Storytelling: Mother Killed for Birthing You
    Storytelling: Telling tales of a forgotten youth
    Storytelling: Immersing yourself in the story
    Storytelling: The tale of Hershel and Spirit
    Storytelling: What You Found in the Cave is good Story Fodder
    Storytelling: Telling a Story to teach a Lesson.

    Surgery: Anatomy: Hitting to nose forces bone into the skull
    Surgery: Anatomy: Hitting the skull can cause concussion
    Surgery: Anatomy: Hitting the collarbone will puncture the lung
    Surgery: Anatomy: Arm bone and its muscles
    Surgery: Gentle Touch-Probe to Find the True Injury
    Surgery: How to Craft a Crude Sling
    Surgery: Measuring the Arm for Skeletal Comparison

    Philosophy: Desecrating the dead is morally deplorable
    Philosophy: A Kicked Dog Bites
    Philosophy: Saving the World Through Conquest
    Philosophy: Tyranny is Greater than Freedom
Etiquette: Sometimes, being late can be a sign of importance.
Etiquette: Often, being late is just rude.
Etiquette: Don't Laugh at Others' Failures
Etiquette: Ignoring Racial Hatred
Etiquette: Unharmed Travelers Can Provide Rumors and Services
Etiquette: Listening to Stories in Which You Have no Interest
Etiquette: Walking Like a Gentleman
Etiquette: Accepting Gifts.
Etiquette: Polite Conversation
Etiquette: Not picking up a kitten in Yaralon so as to avoid a potential fight
Etiquette: Yari don't like to interrupt one's fight
Etiquette: First come first served when discovering a monster in Yaralon
Etiquette: Yelling a warning after throwing an explosive


  • Politics: Chanyalla: Liability to Associate With
    Politics: Common Enemy Makes Strange Bedfellows
    Politics: Patriots are Found in Every City
    Politics: Third Party Stirring up Trouble
    Politics: Aukari No Worse Than Anyone Else
    Politics: Immortals are Useless Without Their Minions
    Politics: Monster Attacks Among the Poor is No Priority
    Politics: Necromancers and "Birds" are Being Roasted on Spits in Etzos
    Politics: There are Rarely Any "Innocents" in a Pirate Camp
    Politics: Jurisdiction Conflicts Aid the Criminals
    Politics: Safety vs. Money Often Decides Whose Side Folks are On
    Politics: Vuda's Words about 'Dominance' Rings Explain a Lot About Etzos
    Politics: Some People Don't Care If They're Giving You A Weapon
    Politics: Knowing When You're Framed
    Politics: Hiring People to Deal with Framers
    Politics: Common Grievance is The Key to Fomenting Rebellion
    Politics: Everyone Has Their Grievances
    Politics: Lady Terris and Capt. Segrille are Having an Affair
    Politics: Lady Terris May be the Key


  • Monsters: Shadow Beasts
    Shadow Beasts are Real
    Shadow Beasts: Fire is the Best Weapon
    Shadow Beasts: Leave no Trace upon Death
    Shadow Beasts: Mist Body Solidifies Into Weapons
    Monsters: Arrow Buzzards
    Monsters: Immortal Spawn
    Diri: Lists the Who's and Why's of Choosing You
    Diri: Of Like Mind and Agenda
    Diri: Offers Supernatural Power of Dominance
    Diri: Opening to its Mind Allows Clearer Communication
    Diri: What is it Made of?
    Diri's Dominance: Boosting the Perception of Importance
    Diri's Dominance: Experiencing it Yourself is Most Convincing
    Diri's "Future" Ability: Twisting Links from Some Memories to Other Results
    Diri: It is Bound to You Now
    Yaralon Secret: The Yardrae Kitty can fuse with one's own shadow and control it


  • Nicholas: Teacher and mentor, now gone (ML)
    NPC: Chanyalla: Rhakrosian Spy
    Chanyalla: Enemies Can be Good People
    Chanyalla: Played Her Part to the End
    Ethelynda: Rescued by Avriel
    Ethelynda Tactic: Taithir's Light (Major)
    Ethelynda Tactic: Words of Empowerment
    Xiur Tactic: Fog of Cold
    Xiur Tactic: Spell of Hope
    Xiur Vessels: Powered by Starlight
    Immortals: Ethelynda, Xiur & Faldrun
    Immortals: Witness To Their Existence
    Immortal: U'frek
    Immortal: Xiur
    Immortal: Moseke
    Immortal: Yvithia
    Immortal: Qylios
    Immortal: Ilaren
    Immortal: Ymiden
    Immortal: Ethelynda
    Immortal: Jesine
    Immortal: Faldrun
    Kovic: Also Called "Mammon"
    Kovic: One Hell of an Actor
    Kovic: May have had a tryst with Nightshade
    Kovic: Stated that he would abandon the tryst.
    PC: Petra: Human Soldier of Etzos
    Petra: Suspicious, But Lacks 'Probable Cause'
    PC: Nightshade Eld: Another Avriel Hybrid
    Night: Half Avriel
    Night: Willing to Help
    Night: Selfless
    Night: The Closest Thing to a Friend
    Night: Kills the Killers using the Weapons of the Dead
    Night: Believes There's Good in You
    Night: Birthday is Ashan 120
    Night: Gave You a Gift
    Night: Has a Beautiful Smile
    Night: You Envy Her Wings
    Nightshade Eld: Doesn't know her alignment
    Night: You Have Come to Consider Her "Precious"
    Nightshade – Hates and Loves You
    Nightshade – Decided to Accept You
    Night: Went on a Date with You
    Aerlan: An Earth & Wind Mage
    Aerlan: Introduces Himself With a Demonstration of Skill
    PC: Aerlan: Eidisi Mage
    Gangui: A Defiant Man
    Gangui: Known As Red-Hair
    Gangui: Not A Veteran Of Battles
    The Judge: Massive and commanding
    Faith: Should be dead
    Joseph Barley: Criminal by circumstance
    Glass-Eyed Doctor: Collects Some Body Parts
    Glass-Eyed Doctor: Keeps Some Disturbing Things Preserved in Jars
    Glass-Eyed Doctor: Lives in a Hut in the Woods
    Glass-Eyed Doctor: Will Take Favors as Payment
    NPC: Glass-Eyed Doctor: Weird but Competent
    Ears: Must Have Been Mutated by "Padfoot's Freakshow"
    Lewis Parren: Makes Enemies Easily
    Lewis Parren: Very Good at Piol
    Parren: Changes the Rules Arbitrarily
    NPC: Lewis Parren: Game Master and Scam Artist (Deceased)
    NPCs: Al'Angyryl Prospects: Thane, Slip, Oxy and Ears
    NPC: Lewis Parren: Tavern Hustler
    Oxy: a Miner
    Slip and Thane: Brother and Sister
    Raskithecal Mummy: Final Remains of Raskithecal Wizard Found in Ruins
    Raskithecal Wizard: Living in Two Separate Time Lines
    Raskithecal Wizard: Present Version Rationale, Future One Zealous
    Paplo Ynush: Many Venomous Things Have Beneficial Uses
    Fridgar: Has a Serious Skin Condition
    PC: Fridgar: The Guy That Broke Your Wrist
    Fridgar: Mage
    Fridgar: Capable of Self Healing and Teleportation
    Fridgar: Capable of Throwing Lightning
    Marrow: Necromancer and Rupturer
    Neronin: Has Joined Your Faction, Al'Angyryl
    Neronin: Calls Himself "Marrow"
    Neronin: Carries His Back-up Personnel With Him
    Neronin: Proof That Magic Does Sick Things to the Wielder
    PC: Marrow: Real name is Neronin
    PC: Neronin: Human Necromancer from Etzos
    PC: Danielle Tobelle: Pirate Victim: Whose Name You Didn't Catch
    Don Paul: Has an Elaborate Back Brace Apparatus
    NPC: Carlos: The Don's Defier Mage
    NPC: Divinya: The Don's Necromancy Mage
    NPC: Don Paul: Criminal Boss
    Finn: Orphan from Etzos
    Finn: Misses his family
    Finn: Trusts You Inexplicably
    Toom: Quick to accept a "gift".
    Doran: Surprisingly Not Arrogant
    Doran: Stabbed Xiur
    Doran: Will Make You A Gauntlet
    Delroth: Immortal of Birds, Wind, Vanity and Greed.
    Delroth: Has the ability to turn you into a parrot as his discretion.
    Delroth: Knows exactly who and what you are.
    Faith: Slave No Longer
    Padraig: Curator
    Navyri: Has Seen Otherworldly Things
    Navyri: Sought by Immortals
    Navyri: Can do Strange Things in the Dark
    Navyri: Embodies Naer Beauty
    Navyri: Possesses Wings
    Patrick: Comes From a Place Where the “Ale Flows Freely”
    Patrick: Is a Seer
    Patrick: Immortal Champion for...
    Tei’serin: Mage or Blessed?
    Tei’serin: Tenacious
    Tei’serin Nji’ryn: Immortal Champion of Ymiden
    Tei’serin: Apparently Pregnant
    Ilinis: Murderer
    Emerath: Removed with the Null Gauntlet
    Emerath: The All Seeing Game’s Mistress
    Aeon: Dead
    Aeon: You killed him.
    Hostess (Faith): Lives in Scalvoris
    Hostess (Faith): Was friends with Aeon
    Hostess (Faith): Husband is called Padraig (Curator)
    Zipper: A useful contractor
    NPC: Augustis
    NPC: Augustis: Nefarious
    NPC: Brego: Malcontent Leader - Deceased
    NPC: Diri of Dominance: Seeks Partnership
    NPC: Jurga: Brego Follower
    NPC: Zie'la - Brego Follower - Returned to the Fold


  • Resistance: Drinking Some Booze
    Dancing: Combat Moves Are Easily Adapted.
    Dancing: Keeping a Rhythm.
    Dancing: A Way of Getting Close.
    Alchemy: The Powdered Remains Has Powerful Effects
    Alchemy: Definition of Reagant
    Alchemy: Definition of Neutralizer
    Alchemy: Your Powder is a Neutralizer
    Alchemy: Must Be Done in Steps
    Alchemy: Many Reagents Come from Animals and Plants
    Alchemy: Triggers Must be Added Last
    Alchemy - Capable of Creating Bombs
    Alchemy - Useful for Acquiring Otherwise Difficult Equipment
    Alchemy - Surprisingly Complex With Formulas
    Meditation: Calm Surroundings are a Balm (ML)
    Alchemy: Possible Subterranean Reagents in Cave
    Appraisal: Kovic: Good Actors Make Good Liars
    Appraisal: Kovic: Good Liars Make Good Spies
    Appraisal: A Miner's Torch May Be a Sentimental Treasure
    Appraisal: Adamantite: Burgundy in Color
    Acting: Let Your Real Emotions Guide Your Performance
    Acting: Pretending That You Belong There
    Whip: It's Hard to Miss Someone Tied to a Post
    Linguistics: Discerning Accent Effects From Actual Pronunciation
    Linguistics: Old Memories Return Easily
    Linguistics: Cheers and Jeers in Many Languages
    Writing: Using Rabbit Blood as Ink
    Medicine: Self-Exam is Tough Through Feathers
    Medicine: The Heartbeat is the Pulse of Pain
    Medicine: Stomach Wounds Take Time to Heal
    Cartography: Mapping Out Your Cave's Lower Levels
    Physics: Being in an Out-of-Time Zone had Bizarre Effects
    Physics: The Time Distortion Had You Trapped
    Physics: The Underground Ruins Defy Reality in Many Ways
    Torture – Aim for Non-vitals
    Torture – Crippling Causes Suffering
    Torture: Stomach Wounds Hurt
    Socializing: Veiled Threats and Bluster in Most Comments
    Subterfuge: Monitoring the Team You are Pretending to Be On
    Teaching: Showing a Young lady a Neck-Snapping Move
    Acrobatics: Using Your Single Wing for Situational Boosts
    Acrobatics: Pirouette and Wing Beats to Control Wind
    Disguise: Just a Cloak and Helm Will "Humanize" You
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Credit to Pegasus

As a note: Noth is a Grandmaster in Intimidation. That means that he's at least as scary as the Count from Sesame Street. Beware.

"The tyrant confuses those he can't convince, corrupts those he can't confuse, and crushes those he can't corrupt." - Anonymous
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Renown: -370
Character Sheet
Plot Notes
Wealth Tier: Tier 1




RP Medals




  • Six torches
  • Two lanterns
  • Two tinderboxes
  • 190 feet of rope
  • Two barrels
  • A pull wagon (two feet wide, three feet long, two feet deep)
  • Two knives
  • One bedroll
  • One compass
  • Fisherman's net
  • Fishing pole
  • Thirty hooks
  • One blanket
  • One longbow
  • Twenty arrows
  • One set of toiletries
  • One set of unkempt fur clothing-Poor quality
  • Three waterskins
  • Three rucksacks
  • Hand-crafted axe
  • Heavy Adamantite Mace
  • Normal Quality Chainmail Tunic
  • 4 Wing Decorations for the Cave
  • Copper Pan
  • 2 Sets of Woolen Clothing
  • Set of Cotton Clothing
  • Hand-Axe
  • Glittering Stone
  • Good Quality Bronze Helmet
  • Poor Quality Bronze Helmet
  • One set of Iron Greaves marked with the Etzori insignia
  • One locket with the portrait of a dead lover within
  • Barrels Crates and chests marked with Odd emblems.
  • Rack of unusable weapons of somewhat irregular design.
  • Chunks of pottery made from clay not found locally.
  • Armored, Mummified Body of Raskithecal Wizard.
  • Bag of powerful alchemical powder.
  • Noth's Skull
  • One full set of plate armor: Armet, greaves, vambraces, aventail, cuirass, pauldrons, cuisses, etc.
  • Assorted pieces of plate armor
  • Brass ring of a Black Bird
  • Bird Mask
  • A necklace of small pearl-white teeth on a string.
  • 1 small dagger (average quality)
  • 1 diary of an Etzori soldier (deceased)
  • 1 silver ring.
  • Portal Anklets
  • Four Standard Iron Daggers
  • Padfoot's Head
  • Two doses of Jubiplunt Essence(Calming tonic)
  • 1 Full set of Leather Armor(Normal)
  • 1 Longsword(Normal)
  • 1 Round Shield(Normal)
  • 2 Draft Horses
  • 10 Skull Frag Grenades
Null Gauntlet
Made from a powerful and unique alchemical reagent powder obtained in this thread,
and built with the alchemical expertise of Doran in this thread,
The Null Gauntlets can generate a field of time and energy negation that "uncasts" spells and neutralizes energy.
This is done because the alchemical powder used is the decayed dust of bodies, items and materials pulled through a Rupturing portal existing in two times at once. The time distortion makes magic energy empower its own reversal and neutralization. Natural Energy has more initial resistance to being negated, but this can be overcome by an attuned wearer with some concentration.
A high level Raskithecal Rupturer tried to make a portal permanent by powering it with an actual fracture. He tried to fine-tune the portal to the "frequency" of a well taken from that same fracture. Somehow, the well was accidentally pulled into the portal, landing inside the fracture from which it was taken; a conduit for power being drawn from the fracture that now empowers and surrounds itself.
This resulted in a feedback of magic energy tuned and powered by itself through a conduit, formed from its own matter, that had now been reinserted back into its own fracture with nothing controlling it. The end result of this compounded backlash of power distorted time itself, creating a wormhole to the same location in two times. The powder is made from items sucked back from the future and now decayed.
Magic energy contacting the triggered energy field becomes unstable in relation to the time that it is generated, making any spell immediately disrupted as if the casting mage forgot what he was doing in the midst of casting.
Because the item was made with samples of Noth's own skin and blood, he is the only one that can safely use it without risk of neutralizing nerve signals in his body. Anyone stealing it bare-handed risks paralysis. Anyone ingesting the powder will die of immediate multiple organ failure and brain shutdown.
The power of the hostile cast empowers the gauntlet's negation ability, but the nature of this reversal of the cast returns the hostile caster's ether at the same time that it ends the gauntlet's source of power, so that basically, the spell was never cast.
At this time, the negation is the only thing this gauntlet does. With Meditation, focus and experimentation, Noth could learn to do more.
Emerath’s Eye:

This polished, green gem from the Game Keepers crown is worth 2000 GN if sold to a jeweler. If held up to the eye, the user will be able to see bound spirits (Anak, Diri, Familiars) within 20 feet of them; however, it does not allow visualization of the rest of the world. These spirits must be bound to someone to be seen as they are not actively shielding themselves from all eyes. They may be gone with the eye is lowered and raised again.
Wilderness Pack 0 10 Gn
Looting bodies 0 14 Cn
Looting more Bodies ... 45 gn, 9 sn
Hot Season NPC Payment 80 gn ...
Leftover from Hustler 35 Gn
Looting Ratty ... 10 gn
Robbing Parren ... 960 Gn
Looting Etzori Victims ... 8 gn, 2 cn
Cold Season NPC Payment 80 gn ...
Renting Ship to Rharne 75 gn ...
Renting Room with Doran 3 gn, 6 sn ...
Padfoot Cultists ... 18 gn
Vhalar Wages ... 1051 Gn, 6 sn, 5 cn
Buying Services in Scalvoris 30 gn ...
Jubiplunt Essence 20 gn ...
Skinny Jim ... 250 gn
Zipper Bribes 400 gn ...
Zi'da Wages ... 920 gn, 7 sn
Rebirth Cycle NPC Payment 80 gn ...
Warehouse Bribes up to Cylus 718 300 gn ...
Gavrel's Chest ... 300 gn
Caravan Raid with Ryder ... 100 gn
Captain's Quest Payment ... 150 gn
Paying Yanahalqih 300 gn ...
Drinks at Lady Libertine 2 sn ...
Cylus Job Wages ... 634.5 gn
Ashan Bribes 150 gn ...
Business Bonus ... 1000 gn
Ryder's Sword 450 gn ...
Ashan Job Wages ... 2822 Gn
Ymiden and Saun Bribes 300 gn ...
Ymiden and Saun NPC Payment 80 Gn ...
Paying Nauta for Bombs 200 gn ...
Cold Season NPCs/Bribes180 gn ...
Total Currency: 0 ON, 5585 GN, 19 SN, 21 CN
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Credit to Pegasus

As a note: Noth is a Grandmaster in Intimidation. That means that he's at least as scary as the Count from Sesame Street. Beware.

"The tyrant confuses those he can't convince, corrupts those he can't confuse, and crushes those he can't corrupt." - Anonymous
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RP Medals





Meraki, Shadow Cat
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Credit to Pegasus

As a note: Noth is a Grandmaster in Intimidation. That means that he's at least as scary as the Count from Sesame Street. Beware.

"The tyrant confuses those he can't convince, corrupts those he can't confuse, and crushes those he can't corrupt." - Anonymous
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Race: Mixed Race
Profession: Monster
Renown: -370
Character Sheet
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Wealth Tier: Tier 1




RP Medals




Thread List

Arc 718

Saun 718

40: Snatched in the False Night = Graded = 20 XP, 25 Renown

Ymiden 718

Ashan 718

14: Story Time = Graded = 15 XP
22: The Music of the Night = Graded = 15 XP
31: Confessions = Graded = 15 XP

Cylus 718

1: Two Birds, One Stone = Graded = 15 XP, +10 Renown
2: Show No Mercy = Graded = 15 XP
2: Just Business = In Progress
17: {Redacted} = In Progress
22: Out on Business=Graded=15 XP
Arc 717

Cylus 717

1: Trust and Treats = Graded = 15XP
23: Better than Home = Graded = 15XP
23:A City of Villains and Lies = Graded = 20XP

Ashan 717

3: Underneath the Stars = Graded = 15 XP, +2 Renown
7: Pirate at Port = Graded = 15 XP
8: Hunting Crocodiles = Graded = 15 XP
10: The Glass-Eyed Doctor = Graded = 10 XP
11: Dude, Where's my Goose? = Graded = 15 XP
20: No Re? = Graded = 15 XP
56: Bonemaker: Raid = Graded = 15 XP, -8 Renown
58: Bonemaker: Goliath = Graded = 15 XP
97: Carrion Bird = Graded = 10 XP
110: Drinks and Drunkards = Graded = 15 XP, -3 Renown
119: His Guidance = Graded = 15 XP

Ymiden 717

1: The Hustler = Graded = 10 XP, -5 Renown
23: Bloody Arrows = Graded = 15 XP
24: A Leg of Deer = Graded = 15 XP
41: Step Right Up! = Graded = 20 XP, -10 Renown
53:O Icarus of the Fearless Flight = Graded = 15 XP, +5 Renown

Saun 717

2: Date at the Museum = Graded = 15XP
5: Making New Friends = Graded = 15 XP, -3 Renown
5: Fires of Hate = Graded = 20 XP
7:Busting Bandits = Graded = 15 XP = -5 Renown
12: The Shadow Smuggler = Graded = 20 XP, -10 Renown
17:The False Bounty = Graded = 15 XP
17: In Fear of Difference = Graded = 10 XP, -4 Renown
18: Mercenary Misadventures = Graded = 15 XP, -10 Renown
20: Will Spy for Food = Graded = 7 XP, +1 Renown
20: Volatile Concoctions = Graded = 15 XP
21: Mirror on the Mountain = Graded = 10 XP, -10 Renown
26: What's Yours is Mine = Graded = 15 XP, -3 Renown
28: Mercenary Malcontent = Abandoned (?)
32:Etzos Has Skills = In progress

Vhalar 717

31: Liberty Meet Tyranny = Graded = 15XP, -1 Renown
32: Captain's Quest = Graded = 20XP, -30 Renown
55: Second Chances = Graded = 15 XP, -5 Renown
56: Bruising Bones = In progress
57: Misery at Milton Manor = In progress
64: Promises and Lies = Graded = 15 XP
70: Neutralitis = Graded = 15 XP
90: We've Been Here Before = Graded = 15 XP
112: North of the Walls, East of the River = Abandoned (?)
119: Princely Dominion = 15 XP, 5 Renown
121: Round Two, Fight! = Graded = 20 XP

Zi'da 717

1: A Privateer Navy = Graded = 10 XP, -3 Renown
2: The Dressmaker = Graded = 10 XP
3: Let's Not Prattle = Graded = 10 XP, -1 Renown
3: Summon Bigger Monster = Graded = 10 XP,-25 Renown
39: Pies and Pints = Graded = 15 XP, 10 Renown
39: Oh Mercy = In progress
40: A Hero's Life = Graded = 15 XP, -35 Renown)
41: Sycophantic Spirits = Graded = 15 XP, 5 Renown
42: Forging an Army = In progress
46: Cradle to the Grave = Graded = 15 XP, -3 Renown
47: Finally, Idiots United = In progress
54: Bad Bird's Dirty Work = Graded = 15XP, -10 Renown
55: Cursed Caravans = Graded = 15 XP, -15 Renown
58: The Turkey Knight = Graded = 15 XP, -30 Renown
65: Lemon Tree Co. = Graded = 20 XP, 10 Renown
87: Symbols of Death = Graded = 15 XP

Arc 716

Ymiden 716

2: A Dark Beast Stirs = Graded = 10XP

Saun 716

2: Darkness Within = Unfinished
36: I Spy With My Raven's Eye = Graded = 15 XP, -7 Renown

Vhalar 716

14: A River of Stars = Graded = 20 XP, -8 Renown
19: The Great Meeting = Graded = 10 XP, +6 Renown
20: Battle to the Tomb of Treid = Graded = 20 XP, +10 Renown
90: Bird Hunt = Graded = 15 XP, -3 Renown
92: An Abattoir of Feathers = Graded =10 XP
100: The Bitter Cold = Graded = 10 XP, -3 Renown
123: Tracking Raid Party = Graded =15 XP, -1 Renown

Zi'da 716

Zi'da 6, 716-Monster in the Woods = Graded = 15 XP, -15 Renown
27: Fodder for the Crows = Graded = 15 XP
27: Trust Hurts = Graded = 15 XP, -15 Renown
51: Observing a Skirmish with Gangui = Graded = 15 XP, -1 Renown
55:Silence of the Caravans: Planning = Graded = 15 XP
56:Silence of the Caravans: Travel = Unfinished
80: Beyond the Veil of Shadows = Graded = 20 XP
Memories & Dreams


Ashan 100, 714: The Wages of Guilt = Graded = 15XP, -2 Renown


Saun 6, 716: Training in the Jungle = Graded = 15XP
Cylus 15, 716: Food of the Godlings = Unfinished
Cylus 16, 716: The Court Hereby Sentences = Graded = 15XP
Ashan 30, 717: The Fairly Fair Fellow = Graded = 15 XP
Ymiden 2, 717: Noble Noble's Noble Feast = Graded = 15 XP
Saun 1, 717: Coaxed into Canoeing = Unfinished
Saun 3, 717: Slave No More = Graded = 15 XP
Saun 5, 717: Fires of Hate = Graded = 20 XP
Saun 17, 717: Feathers on the Sand = In progress
Saun 40, 717: The Game = Graded = 15 XP
Vhalar 121, 717: Round Two, Fight = Graded = 20 XP
Zi'da XX, 717: Tower on the Mount = Graded = 15 XP
Starting Renown: -20
Current Renown: - 350
Theme Song!

word count: 854

Credit to Pegasus

As a note: Noth is a Grandmaster in Intimidation. That means that he's at least as scary as the Count from Sesame Street. Beware.

"The tyrant confuses those he can't convince, corrupts those he can't confuse, and crushes those he can't corrupt." - Anonymous
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