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The little things about Valaris outsiders might want to know!

A once prosperous, thriving city now sits the ruins of its glory in cold, arctic ice. This is not a place for the living, as the climate of Valaris is deadly, especially during Cylus. However, those who choose to venture into the ruins may find more than just treasures.

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[Valaris] Cultural Quirks

Sun Jul 17, 2016 3:28 pm

Cultural Quirks
Every city is different. Every race is different. Combining the two, and having different races mix in different places you create an entirely unique environment to inhabit and explore. For this reason, every culture in Idalos and the surrounding islands is set apart from the next. Each of these cultures have their unique quirks. Here, you will find all the quirks and flares unique to Valaris, from the most minute and insignificant to the bold and unspeakable.

Prophet's Note: if you have any ideas for Valaris which you would like to add to this ever-growing list, please PM a Local Prophet or add your idea to the Valaris Development Thread.
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