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Rosamond vs Marlin Tagley (Maltruism)

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The Second Coming

Rosamond had listened without comments. But now she had a comment.

“Are you feeling scatterbrained Mister Tagley? I must admit I have ample experience of scatterbrained people; the world seems full of them. Sometimes I have wondered if it’s this property that makes their minds float up through the air, to what seems to be a place far up above the clouds, where they can no longer see the world and the people anymore, and so get disconnected from reality. Once up there, they do a lot of scattering, much like the Immortals you could say. I don’t give much for Immortals Mister Tagley, but I like the idea of Deceased Immortals. It proves that the whole rhetoric about being Immortal and fit to rule over humankind is nothing else than delusions and lies. They can die. They just don’t know it yet. But their time will come!”

She watched Tagley, but his face was as unreadable as her own often was.

“I doubt you are able to be that scatterbrained though” she continued.

“Yes. I still want this job. Death comes to us all and there’s no way to avoid it. Today Red, Tomorrow Dead. In this light, there’s no reason to be worried about exactly when tomorrow comes, or more correctly, never comes. I don’t know the dangers you are speaking of; The Cauldron, and The Fence. But I know that you may manage to pull me out of danger, or you may fail. Nobody can sit in an office - or in a tavern - and guarantee the life and safety of people who are involved in dangerous things on the field. There’s always a risk. Before you know it things can shift. Suddenly the doorknob rattles, like it did on Ferris in your story. Nobody pulled him in. He saved himself by taking things in his own hands. Literally.”

She was speaking a lot. Perhaps it was due to the brandy. Tagely seemed to have his own kind of dinner habits. Eccentric man. She would never have guessed ...

“Deal” she said. She saw no reason to debate the wages.
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RP Medals




The Second Coming

Come and get your Loot!

(There's plenty more where that came from)


  • Story: +5
  • Collaboration: +5
  • Structure: +5


  • Basic
    • Leave Tag-alongs Home for Job Interview
    • Etzos Location: "The Inn for Dinner"
    • Inn for Dinner Location: Room #14
    • Research: Mr. Tagley's Sign: The Random Thumbtack
    • NPC: Mah'ludre & Velvessa Sej'lehna: Owners of "The Inn for Dinner"
    • Past NPC: "Ferris", a Former Investigator
    • The "Sport" of Dodging Horse Droppings
    • Thinking Out loud Helps Assess Objectivity
  • Specific
    • Detection: A Sour Musical Note May be a Message
    • Detection: A Turned Hourglass Can Establish Recent Presence
    • Intelligence: Common Sense Coding
    • Intelligence: Ledger Book a Good Place to Start
    • Intelligence: The Thumbtack Unlocks Message Compartments
    • Investigation: Find a Match to Establish a Pattern
    • Investigation: If You Have Cause, Then Enter
    • Investigation: Once Inside, Don't Go Back Out for Permission
    • Investigation: Prioritze the 'What-ifs', Then Act on Them
    • Mr. Sej'lehna: Caters for The Tower
    • Mr. Sej'lehna: One of Mr. Tagley's Network
    • Research: Ferris' Tale: The Extremes of Investigator Work
    • Research: Room #14: A Permanently "Rented" Safe Room
    • Tactics: Adding Fake Blood to Add to the Act
    • Tactics: Create a Diversion to Hide a Signal
    • Tactics: Hiding a Clue in an Injury
    • Tagley's Network: Friends in Very High Places
    • Tagley's Office: Messy by Design?


A very good dinner and an exciting new job


Just most of the breaks of a trial


A thumbtack in your hand, nothing serious

Fame: +2

Solving a Mystery


I don't actually know if you really want Fame, as a research investigator.
I really enjoyed this. I have always enjoyed collaborating with you. :D
I hope this is a resurgence of Rose's. It looks like there's a few new posts.
*holds breath, fingers crossed*
PM me with any comments or concerns :)
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