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Kitara Moore
Kitara Moore

Age: 16

Race: Mixed Race (Aukari and Human)

Date of Birth: February 6

Marks:Mark of Flames

Factions Joined:None

Languages Spoken: Fluent common, basic Vauni


It is said that you can tell her emotions by her eyes. They would have a bit of purple if she's sad, bright if she's happy, stormy if she's angry , have a slight tint of pink if in love, and have a bit of green if curious.

Kitara has two personalities. One from her mother and one from her father. She has a dark side and a light one. When she's leaning towards the light side, she usually full of emotions and seems like that one friend who's always happy. On the contrary, when on the dark side, she seems totally emotionless and cold.

When Kitara was younger, her parents divorced because of there completely different personalities. No one in the village was surprised. Kitara was put to live with her mother who was human. Her mother was a kind and considerate women. She was always around to help others out and her kindness rubbed off onto Kitara. When Kitara was thirteen, her house blew up In flames. She made it out alive, but her mother didn't. So she was moved to live with her father who was Aukari. Her father was a completely different person to her mother. He was cruel , cold, and ruthless. If wasn't pleased with some things, he would take his anger out on Tara. He forced her to join the military service for extra money. The military was fine with that since she was a good fighter.She would always wonder why her mother married her father at times. Slowly, her kind and considerate personality from her mother started to disappear and be replaced with a cold and emotionless one. She started losing her friends and people would fear her. It wasn't until the day that her last friend brought her to her mother's grave that she changed. With the help of her friend, she fought off the dark personality and brought back the nice one. The problem was that the dark personality would always be in her because of all the days she was abused by her father and hung around his cruel friends. Kitara not only had to worry about controlling her flames , but controlling her emotions so one personality wouldn't over flow the other. So she decided to run away. Away from the cruel parent, and away from the military. She doesn't know if they've figured out that she left, but if they do, there would be a high price to kill or bring her back since she was one of the best.

Has a room in her fathers house, but doesn't go home since she ran away.
Knowledge & Skills

Skill NamePoints AcquiredTotal
Persuasion 5(SP) 5
Thrown weapons(daggers) 10(SP) 10
Unarmed( brawling) 5(SP) 5
Stealth 5(SP),5(RB) 10
Navigation 10(SP) 10
Deception 5(SP) 5
Hunting 10(SP) 10
Acrobatics 5(RB) 5

Basic Knowledge

Knowledge of Sirothelle(SP)
knowledge of Sirothelle's military protocol(SP)
Deception: can tell if lying(SP)

Specialized Knowledge

Knowledge of father finding her(SP)
Knowledge of controlling her emotions(SP)
  • General
    • 1 "good" quality weapon of choice
    • 1 "good" quality dagger
    • Tinderbox
    • Whetstone
    • Soap
    • Tin plate, spoon and fork
    • 2 water skins
    • Standard shirt, pants, stockings, underwear
    • small back pack
      • Medical( in small shoulder bag)
        • Bundle of 15 cloth bandage strips w/holding clips
        • Needle and thread
        • 3-use vial of antiseptic alcohol
        • Single-use vial of strong local anesthetic
        • 1 tourniquet kit
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... ... ...
... ... ...
... ... ...
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... ... ...
Total Currency: 0 ON, 100 GN, 0 SN, 0 CN
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Greetings! I'm Whisper, Versifier and dedicated Prophet to the cities of Northern Idalos. I've noticed a few problems with your Character Sheet that you should probably take a look at. Until these issues have been resolved, I'm afraid you cannot post IC in any of Idalos' cities.
  • Please list beside each of your skills whether they are part of the Starter Package (SP) or Racial Bonus (RB).
  • You have only selected 50 points for skills so far - you are entitled to another 10. I assume this is your Racial Bonus that you are missing. Please have a look at the Aukari page to get your Racial Bonus.
  • Please list beside your Knowledges that they are Starter Package Knowledges (SP)
  • You are entitles to start with 2 Specialised Knowledges, not 3. Please remove one.
  • Please list your starting money in your ledger (100gn)
  • Please deduct from your ledger any outstanding starting purchases which are not included in your Starter Package (i.e. everything listed in your items). I assume you are starting with the City Dwellers' Pack. Please have a read over the package listed here. If this Package does not suit your needs, please select from another one and edit your CS appropriately. You cannot mix and match.

Once you have fixed what I have asked you to, send me a PM and I will remove this Intervention.
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