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Kalous finds him self gripped by a Nightmare

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[Nightmare] I dreamed a dream of time gone by


"Kalous." A voice soft like spring dew forming on a flower's pettles grazed his mind like the fingers of a lover on the skin of their love. The voice tickled at memories and emotions barely contained by the life that had lived them.

"Kalous. Kalous, wake my love." The voice said still soft but growing insistent as he slowly stirred. It was Mira's voice her dulcimer tones long since silenced tugging at parts of him that he had sought to freeze in Viden's ever frozen world. He heard the voice and his eyes shot open as he sat bolt upright. He stared at the person before him, he luminous blue eyes set like saphires in her slender azure face. His mouth worked soundlessly as he slowly stood from the simple bed. His eyes already brimmed with tears as her cheeks rose to make her eyes squint and her smile radiated warmth he had long since lost hope of feeling.

"It's, it's you." He said his voice weakened by emotion and barely above a whisper. His hands rose as he slowly moved forward. It was a dream, it had to be, but a very large part of him didn't want it to be. She was here in front of him and he'd rather die in her arms than wake to a world without her in it.

He stumbled forward as she made a mock pout and stepped closer to meet him.

"Oh," she said like a mother seeing a child crying, "don't cry. I'm here."

He reached her and his thick arms engulfed her as her slender hands slipped around his waist and up his back. He embraced her, though filled with terror that in doing so she would fade away. Her body pressed against his and her head lay upon his shoulder while he pressed her close. His hands rubbed her back and into her hair as he let himself be filled with her presence. He could smell her skin, feel her warmth, and the thought that he was not in a dream but waking from a terrible nightmare occurred to him.

"Sweet one," he said as emotions boiled over and made the tears stream with a vengeance, "I dreamed I'd lost you forever."

"Oh, my love, you could never lose me." She said sweetly into his shoulder. "But it would be easier if you hadn't let me die."

He drew back as terror gripped his heart and mind. Flames erupted from her skin and blew him backward with singed clothes. He quickly jumped back to his feet and grabbed a blanket to toss over her while he screamed her name.

"MIRA!" he screamed over and over, "NO! Not again! No!"
He covered her with the blanket and she disappear in a puff of ashes as he fell to his knees on the floor.

The blanket still gripped in his hands became a sword before his eyes, but in his grief he couldn't register it.

Slowly he stood as grief and rage flared to existence in him and he looked for the source of this pain.
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[Nightmare] I dreamed a dream of time gone by

Guilt was such a tricky feeling, wrought upon the self for all the wrong reasons. More often than not, an excuse to wedge the blade in deeper to a wound that was already bleeding, as if the pain would overpower its cause. Grief, in this case.

The hut was still intact, no scorch marks left despite Mira's firey display. The flames had died as quickly as she did, though all the warmth had been sucked out of the room, every strained breath carrying past his lips painstakingly like a puff of smoke, the chill rolling down his throat and biting at his lungs, causing a burning sensation in his chest that didn't do much to distract him from his grief, flames still dancing in front of his eyes despite them dying a long, long time ago. At this point, the flames could've comforted him, blanketing him with warmth to pull him out of the frigid and oppressive cold that wrapped itself around him, stinging into his flesh and seeping into his blood. The beat of his heart thrummed in his ears even as the freezing cold coiled into his chest and gripped onto it as if in an effort to stop it---And then, the wood of the hut he sat in creaked, the ethereal hand inside his chest briefly materializing in his field of vision and pulling itself out of his body, leaving behind a void that left Kal short of breath.

"It wasn't your fault, though, was it?"

A disembodied voice, full of malice and amusement, brushing against Kal's right ear. If he'd whip around to catch the source, he'd sweep his arm and blade through naught but more, cold air. There was no one behind him, but the hot breath still hovered in the air as testament to the presence of... someone, or something, who was definitely with him in the room. A dark sense of foreboding crept over Kal as the room fell back into silence, the voice and its owner not speaking again just yet, but...

Another creak behind him caught his attention.

"You should've seen her, Kalous."

This time, the voice was familiar. He knew it better than anything else, and he'd heard it just moments earlier. Mira stepped forward, barefoot over the wooden floor. It sounded like her and, if Kal turned around, looked like her, in every way. A serene smile rested on her face as she greeted her lover once more, no hint of resentment or fear, and the cold in the room was unchanged. No hint to the flames that had just devoured her, moments before. There was something to her tone, though. Something unfamiliar and troubling. A pitch that did not belong.

"Such bravery and resolve..."
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