Paladin's Quest

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Paladin's Quest

Hello! For all those that don't know, I'm Christopher, and this is Paladin and herein I will be recording his goals, plot notes and anything else I feel may be pertinent to his overall story, characterization and direction of growth (or lack there of :P ).
Character Synopsis
Growing up in the Eternal Empire had shaped Kazmir into a dedicated and loving slave to the will of Raskalarn and her Empire. In his mind he wished to be the living embodiment of the perfect Imperial citizen. But in his heart he knew this was wrong. What happens when the chains of the society that created you pull too tight? What happens when freedom demands acknowledgment at the cost of all else? What happens when the question perched upon you lips has no good answer?

When reason and emotion collide, something has to break.
Character Personality
Though he is disturbed on a great level, in general interaction Paladin would not appear insane. In fact quite the opposite. He has a way about him, a methodical, soft, and passionate way of being that most might even find soothing. At worst he comes off as on the side of distracted or lost in thought, often staring off into the void or mumbling to himself.

A strange dispassionate empathy guides his relations to others. Where as on one hand his actions tell that he is a deeply caring person, there is a distance of emotion in his manner and speech. A benign aloof detachment to all persons. At the same time he seems to readily enjoy the company of others, even if he rarely seeks it out. Taciturn is his modus operandi.

Both deeply philosophical and also an idealist, he can often come across as almost zealous in his opinions about the world, particularly on right and wrong and the nature of morality. That can lead to great conflicts with he and others, as he refuses to bend to the will of those who exercise authority. Though he is willing to nudge for mortal beings, he is ironclade in his views about the Immortals (and indeed any being which demands worship), thinking them all to be Tyrants


Short Term

  • Seek the Seekers
    Paladin has learned that the Rynmere University may be host to arcanists. Though his focus remains on the Seekers, he should plan in investigating the University post haste
  • Book Passage to the Western Region
    Pala has instructed that her son should seek passage to either Etzos or Valaris, implying that she has work for him to do in the Western region. Having convinced Pala that Rynmere is in need, Pala has permitted Paladin to work for awhile out of Andaris.
  • Acquire Books
    Paladin wishes to revisit a pair of works he had read in his youth. “The Will of the State” was penned by a Raskithecal philosopher and is rather common in the Eternal Empire. The other book, “On the Mortal Heart” is significantly more rare, as only fifty copies were ever made.
  • Secure Funds
    What little monies Paladin could gather before he left Imperial lands is nearly taxed to its limit. Though he has enough to live on for a short while, he needs to figure a way to earn. Selling his sword is less than ideal, but would be the quickest method.
  • Investigate the 'Sacred Seven'
    A second meeting with the Rynlist Monk, and Paladin was able to voice his differing with the Rynlist faith. Though he maintained his composure, his own argument less than satisfied his self.

Long Term

  • The Freedom of Faith
    During a second encounter, Paladin has witnessed a great deal of change in the young woman. He hopes to maintain a friendly relation to Faith, and ideally to guide her to recognizing her own freedom. Paladin must begin to think of a way to argue for the inferiority and immorality of slavery. Both for Faith's sake, but more so for the love of all those under a tyranny.
  • Amass Power
    Fame will be the vector of Paladin's ideas, he understands. He must find a way to to become known and beloved.
  • Find those who share vision
    After spending an afternoon with a young woman by the name of Levinia, Paladin has become more wary than ever about giving Pala to the masses. Though, seeing such Innocence... perhaps he does not need Pala to spread their Precepts?
  • Save the Innocent, Spare the Fool, Slay the Tyrant
    Paladin has vowed to take the weight of the world upon his shoulders. To protect the weak, educate the fools and slay any that would seek to dominate or control.
  • Kill the Immortals
    All of them. It may be prudent to kill Famula last.
Miscellaneous Notes

Player Note: Pala more active in Saun. Plan ahead for synthesis. Plan ahead for schism. The pieces fit, but their not all there.
Player Note: Cult. Avoid haste. Show evolution of subculture. Ideas are the bombs in your mind. Don't jump gun. When manifestation begins, bring it to Kingdom. Early is fine, later is too big. Too many variables. (Revolution? Persecution? Evolution? Corruption? Self Destruction?) Faith again... clip wings? Paladin offer firm, Pala submit. Drive wedge?
Player Note: How is the attacking Andaris going to effect him? Psychotic break? Flight? Synth!
Player Note: Heads or tails? Evens or odds? Black or white? Too many variations. Narrow and compress...
Player Note: Show a paladin in Paladin. Got the vectors, need the cure.
Player Note: Timelines mutherfucker, do you speak them?
Player Note: Finish "Will of the State" and "On the Mortal Heart"... Focus on Will...
Player Note: Watch for Faith. Too much power. Too much pressure... Axiom pressure break... Deal with this. Self reflection. Too early for schism. Too early for synch.
Player Note: Yana recruit? Fifth Lesson. Check out her timeline then bring it up.
Player Note: Refocus mages. Look around.
Player Note:4k a day keeps the men in white coats away.
Player Note: Juggernaut. Cassiopeia never let go. Different love? Control through submission? How does that reflect schism? Should have thought of this... good job dip shit...
Player Note:D/s ref. Domination through submission? Light it up, hide? See above: Needed evil? House of Roses? Schism.
Player Note: Ryn afterlife/Pala reincarn/Ali immortal. Ripples in the mind. Smooth it out.
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Paladin's Quest

Paladin's Songbook

As Paladin is something of a songbird (or perhaps more accurately that annoying robin outside your windows at 5:43 am that won't shut up despite the death threats), I decided to start a small record of lyrics for songs he knows. Most will be coming from public domain folk music, adapted to setting. Though if I get into the habit I may add a few original. If you have any ideas for good songs, send them my way and I'll see if I can't engineer them for the setting.

The Ballad of Paladin
"Have Sword, Will Travel" reads the card of a man.
A knight without armor in a savage land.
His fast blade for hire head's the calling wind.
A soldier of fortune is the man called Paladin.

Paladin, Paladin Where do you roam?
Paladin, Paladin, Far, far from home.

He travels on to wherever he must;
A chess knight of silver is his badge of trust.
There are campfire legends that the plainsmen spin
Of the man with the blade,
of the man called Pa-l-l-l-l-a-din
"The Ballad of Paladin" Duane Eddy - Written by Johnny Western, Richard Boone, and Sam Rolfe
Adapted by - Malruism

I just had to add this. Thank you Maltruism!
The Coachman

“I once took a job as a coachman”

“My money was paid in advance
So I traveled down to Andaris
And then I crossed over to ol'Vance
I was met by a charming young lady
Who clothed me in breeches so tight
Said, I see I have got a fine coachman
To drive me by day and by night.”

“She first took me down to the cellar
And filled me with whiskey so quick
She told me to drink in a hurry
Then she asked for a look at my whip
She held it, viewed it a moment
And then laid it down with a smile
Said, I can see by the length and the look of your slash
You can drive me the better part of ten mile!”

“She bade me get into position
So I climbed right in to the seat
Three swishes I gave with my cracker
And drove her right down the High Street
I handled my whip with good judgment
Until I was sure of her ways
But the very first tug that I gave on the brakes
I broke the main spring of her stays”

“When my mistress grew tired or grew weary
And wanted to take a short rest
She'd call for her servant maid, Sally
She'd say, Neli, we've got a fine coachman
He understands driving in style
While the spring on my chassis's being strengthened again
I'll let him drive you for a while”

Sweet Neli buxom young lady
begged my whip drive round Krome side
And I being a dashing young coachman
Sweet Neli rode for two nel a ride!"
"The Coachman" Charming Young Lady - Written by Unknown
Adapted by - Myself
I couldn't find an exact source, though there seems to be many versions of this song.
word count: 524
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