Towards the Bright Beacon

Lapis journeys towards a mysterious goal.

11th of Ymiden 716

Here are all threads from before the Fall of Emea in 719 and all threads pertaining to the Fall. As of Ymiden 719 (1st June 2019), this forum is locked for new threads and is a repository for old content.

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Towards the Bright Beacon

Ooc= Everyone is free to join this dream but if you do you'll be transformed into some form of mer or sea creature. This is your opportunity to try playing your character as a different race.

11th Ymiden, 716

While the sea was often a mysterious and beautiful place it was also an undeniably deadly one. In Lapis's dream however there was almost no feeling of unease to be felt. The oceans were filled with bright colour and luminescence that seemed to repel the shadier sides of the ocean. Everything from schools of fish to octopus was full of energy and tranquility as they moved about the waters. Even the lifeless sand and rock formations reflected the colour of the shinning coral and bright sea life.

In the distance a beacon of glittering majesty drew Lapis’s attention, he didn’t know what it was or why he desired it but the mer sought out the untangle destination like it was what he wanted more than anything. Lapis hitched a ride on the back of a giant manta ray which carried him through the tranquil waters towards his goal. The creature was nearly ten times the size of a regular manta ray and nearly blanketed the sea floor with the shadow it cast. It was clearly some type of sea leviathan but lapis thought very little over who worshiped it. There was only the thrill of the chase and spark of wonder he felt as he looked at his beautiful surroundings.

From the few deep cracks in the ocean rose more large leviathan like creatures of all different kinds of see life. Massive sharks with jagged horns made of blood stones and Jelly fish surrounded by numerous ghostly forms were just some of the oddities that emerged from the depths. They all sported vastly different looks but shared the same attraction to the pillar of brightness like planets to a black hole.
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