[Emea] Encounters

All completed Encounters that have appeared in Staff Moderated threads are detailed here.

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[Emea] Encounters

Inevitably, some ideas and scenarios are going to be reused. Emea and the creatures within are no exceptions to this rule. In Emea, beyond the borders of typical dreams, events and scenes play before the dreamers; strange encounters with creatures, situations and decisions that stand out from the ordinary dream, repeating themselves to multiple people across the world and posing the same or similar dilemmas. To what end, no one truly knows, but the fact alone that dreamers on separate ends of Idalos encounter the exact same dream is curious enough to be tracked.

As players run into Encounters (Staff Moderated threads; not Nightmares) through threading, they are going to be recorded in this thread along with available information, flavour and a record of all threads where they have been encountered. As Encounters make it into this thread, they become open to public moderation (players may apply specifically for certain scenarios in Staff Moderated threads) and, occasionally, self-moderation.
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"Encounters" are the most common type of Staff Moderated thread in Emea, and usually serve to pose a dilemma to the character with the intention of being thought-provoking and potentially morally questionable, depending on the character. They are geared towards prompting development for the character and their player in unusual and indirect ways, to be used as a tool to expose them to certain conflicts otherwise not readily available.
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