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Raelta Farraday

Raelta Farraday
Name: Raelta Farraday

Age: 16

Race: Human

Date of Birth: Zi'da 22, Arc 619

Marks: N/A

Factions Joined: N/A

Languages Spoken: Fluent Common, Basic Archaic

Partners: N/A

She's above-average height for a human woman, though with a slender frame. A single glance at her physique would show she probably hasn't worked a physically demanding day in her life. The few blemishes on her round face take the form of freckles across the nose and cheeks, though those are usually concealed with make-up that compliments her light skin tone. Her almond-shaped dark green eyes are almost always giving playful looks, squinted as she smiles. They're framed by her loose red hair, usually waving free down her back, rarely tied up. She does what she can to cover it up, but she has started to develop smile lines between her lips and cheeks.

Most of her garments tend to be simple and sturdy, though well made and suited to her figure. After all, she makes the majority of them. Occasionally there's an accessory or two that she tends to share between outfits, but other than that, she dresses according to her station as an artisan.

Her gait is graceful, each step tender as she tries to glide across the ground, without the heavy thudding of her heels. Fingers often curled in a feminine display, moving to frame her face when she is making an aside or joke. She twists and twirls, sashaying her hips to help show off whatever garment she's wearing. This demeanor tends to fade when it's cold, when she's tired, when she thinks she's alone, and when she's drunk. At those moments she's much more relaxed and casual.

Determined and driven to the extreme, she will go to great lengths to get what she wants, even if it comes at some risk to herself. She is often firm and resolute on subjects, unwilling to shift her perspective unless someone tries very hard or something radical happens. People who don't try their hardest aren't worth her notice, in her opinion, and if someone's not giving their all in convincing her of something, then what they're saying must not be very important.

Her ego is great. Even if she falters, she constantly reminds herself that she will succeed somewhere down the line, and does not stop. Every garb she makes in her line of work is a form of experimentation, trying out new techniques and styles to see if they will catch on, or at the very least look nice. The craft is more about growing greater than making a source of income. She won't be satisfied with just survival. She wants her name to be whispered in envy when someone sees a design she made.

Despite her teasing demeanor, with coy smiles and dainty gestures, she honestly has no perception of romance or sexual gestures -- and if she notices she tends to be repulsed. To the poor soul who wishes to court her -- it will be a long and arduous battle.

Raelta was born in the city she'd never leave -- Andaris. She doesn't know her mother, other than vague memories from her first two arcs of life, nor does she have any idea about that side of the family. In her father's reluctant words, Raelta's mother stayed long enough to nurse her daughter, but once it seemed like she was going to do fine, she went on her way. She was an adventurous woman, her father Ferragus stating he was surprised she stayed around at all. Their love was brief and passionate, and that was it.

So for the young girl's adolescence, she was largely alone. Other than playing with local children and attending her free education, little concerned her life. Ferragus being a weapon smith, occasionally she needed to 'hold the fort' while he went off on a business excursion, or moved with a military force to provide on-the-spot repairs to weaponry, while a relative would come by to check on Raelta now and then. When she graduated school, she served as a sort of face and manager for the Farraday Bladeworks, dealing with potential customers so her father could focus on his true passion in the sweltering heat of his forge.

The two didn't have much in common as far as interests went. Ferragus liked his forge, and to him, Raelta just liked 'girl things' that he didn't quite understand. He was a relatively absent father despite both living in the same building. His parenting boiled down to working, then asking about his daughter's days during her meals. When she reached adulthood, they keenly felt the absence of having a mother around as Ferragus fumbled trying to figure out what the heck to do. Fortunately the sheer amount of family friends that resulted from Ferragus' connections through work formed a sort of surrogate family.

Ferragus' passion for his work did rub off on Raelta, though not in the way he anticipated. He was hoping for a perpetual aid at his side -- truly, he wanted a son he could take under his wing as an apprentice, but other than quiet grumbles at dark hours, he had few complaints about his daughter. Noting her lack of aptitude for his craft, he started seeking out something she could pursue -- anything really. He sent her out to a few friends, trying to see if she'd find a passion or aptitude for anything, each one faltering at some key point. Sure she was serviceable, she could do the work, but Ferragus wanted her to be beaming with joy whenever she came home. The only topic at the dinner table seemed to be her asking about the highborne she was now starting to see on a more frequent basis. Not knowing what else to do, he used that as inspiration to try and land her a position as a servant for a noble house, apprenticing under a friend of his, Nadia, who quickly discovered that Raelta really didn't care that much about their society either, and frankly was a terrible match for service with her misplaced ego. She was just interested in clothing.

So once again, the girl got sent around, this time apprenticing under an older clothier by the name of Tybalt. By this point, her spirits were down. Waiting for the inevitable discovery that this just wasn't for her as well. The lessons of Tybalt exhausted her, chiefly due to boredom on her behalf. There wasn't gusto to her new mentor's way of work. Instead he was meticulous, whispering the secrets of his craft while spending days on end on a single product. It wasn't until Raelta saw his clothes on human form that something in her clicked. So she started to give it a honest shot.

He taught her the fundamentals of the trade. Techniques both to sew clothes and to gather customers. When Raelta started expressing her interest about the sort of dresses the nobility would wear, Tybalt explained with deriding tone the ridiculous tastes of the upper class. Despite his clear disdain, it only further provoked Raelta's interest.

Envy gripped her while she was relegated to repairs and weaving garments for the common people, looking on at the work of her master. In that moment, she wished she could wear his creations. Her father had no sense of style, previously scoffing whenever his daughter wanted something more colorful than brown. Eventually, her envy overcame her good senses, as she tried fitting on a garb meant for a noble when her teacher had left her alone. Enamored with the dress, with how it swirled around her, how delicate it made her feel, she didn't realize something could go wrong until it did. The fit was for someone even thinner than her, causing a slight tear at the sleeve. She stitched it up, and the dress was sold without much quarrel, but Tybalt noticed. Expecting a scolding and destruction of her budding seamstress career, the old mentor simply told her to go on her way, and practice her trade on her own. And then locked the door after her.

And thus she did. Though she knew little of how to run a business, she did what she could to set up shop, her father providing a small amount of funds to help get her started, along with the savings she had been building up from her time with Tybalt. Thus began a quest for artistic glory.

She owns a small one room apartment on the second floor of a small complex, long staircase with steep steps leading up to it. The door tends to creak a bit when you open it slowly, and you need to wiggle your key inside the lock to get it to work. The apartment building has a shared bathchamber between residents.

It's a nice enough room, kept clean and tidy. A small fireplace is kept perpetually stoked throughout the cold seasons, chairs otherwise at the central table moving to face it when it's a bit nippy outside. Her bed off in a corner by its lonesome, made and tucked in whenever she awakens. It's actually a bit of a struggle to wrestle out the blanket if you want to sleep in it. She keeps her dagger hidden under her bed's leftmost pillow -- the one she tends not to use. A small mirror hangs off the nearby wall.

On the central table, a small arrangement of flowers serves as a centerpiece, overwatered and colorful, moved to one of her windows whenever she doesn't anticipate company. Usually she doesn't even eat on it, it's where she practices her trade in lack of a good station for tailoring. A few shelves nearby hold most of her tailoring equipment, at the ready to be used. As for her clothing and other supplies, they're kept in a chest.
Knowledge & Skills

Skill NamePoints AcquiredTotal
Sewing [SP] 25, [RB] 10, [ML] 4 39
Intelligence [SP] 6 6
Business Management [SP] 7, [ML] 3 10
Etiquette [SP] 6 6
Persuasion [SP] 6 6
Cosmetology [ML] 4 4
Appraisal [ML] 4 4

Basic Knowledge

Tailor: A Journeyman's Knowledge on Sewing Clothing
Streetwise: General Self Preservation on City Roads
Business: The Art of the Deal
[ML] Failure is Just Another Step Towards Success
[ML] Neither a Mommy nor a Daddy's Girl
[ML] Not Just Any Job Will Do
[ML] NPC: Tybalt: Rynmere Master Clothier

Specialized Knowledge

Fashion: What's Hip with the Highborne of Rynmere
Business: The Businesses of Rynmere and their Owners
[ML] Appraisal: Telling Good Cloth From Bad
[ML] NPC: Tybalt: Doesn't Give Second Chances
[ML] Stitching: Decorative as Well as Functional
Marks Section




  • .


  • Clothing
    • Common Quality Cotton White Blouse
    • Common Quality Cotton Navy Skirt
    • Common Quality Wool Navy Coat
    • Common Quality Leather Brown Boots
    • Common Quality Wool Undergarments
    • Common Quality Leather Corset
    • Common Quality Wool Green Overdress
    • Common Quality Tafetta White Underdress
    • Common Quality Black Linen Chemise
    • Common Quality Black Embroidled Silk Slippers
    • Common Quality Silver Earrings
    • Common Quality Silver Bracelet
    • Common Quality Gold Earrings w/ Emerald Gemstone
  • Possessions
    • One Set of Toiletries: Soap, A comb or brush, razor, toothbrush, toothpaste
    • One waterskin
    • Two sets of eating utensils
    • Tinderbox
    • Two knives
    • Six plates
    • One sewing kit
    • One tube of lipstick
    • Assorted eye paints
    • Rouge
  • Furniture
    • One Bed
    • Two Chairs
    • One Table
    • One Chest
    • One Fireplace
    • Two Medium Shelves
    • One Small Dresser
  • Weapons
    • Good Quality Steel Dagger
Leather Corset -5GN 95GN
Tafetta Underdress -3.5GN 91.5GN
Wool Green Overdress -7.92GN 84.3GN
Black Linen Chemise -0.9GN 83.4GN
Black Silk Embroiled Flats -11GN 82.4GN
Silver Earrings -2GN 80.4GN
Silver Bracelet -1GN 79.4GN
Good Steel Dagger -6GN 73.4GN
Sewing Kit -4GN 69.4GN
Two Medium Shelves -15GN 54.4GN
Small Mirror -10GN 44.4GN
Lipstick -1GN 43.4GN
Hair Pin (10) -.5GN 42.9GN
Eye Paint -2GN 40.9GN
Rouge -.5GN 40.4GN
Gold Earrings w/ Emerald Gemstones [PP] 40.4GN
Small Dresser -30GN 10.4GN
Total Currency: 0 ON, 10 GN, 4 SN, 0 CN
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