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Nicolas Morgan

Hey there! Hold up for a moment and stop all posting in the In-Character forums. Upon reviewing your CS, several issues arose:
  • Pretty much your entire character should've gone by Narrator Support first before any of this was written. Everything in here would've required prior approval and permission (including the Starter Package modifications). While your background is interesting upon closer inspection, this isn't something we can just approve as it stands.
  • While a minor issue in the grand scheme of things, if his asterism had been busted beyond repair because of his experiences, the likelihood of him being trapped in any one form is unlikely. The Yludih are always in crystal form; any other form in Idalos is an illusion projected on their bodies by the asterism itself. So if your asterism was injured, chances are you'd be trapped in crystal form, instead. Or dead, considering the asterism is the equivalent of a human heart, for the Yludih.
  • Because of Yludih's unique relationship with Uleuda, they do not dream like regular mortals when they sleep. They don't go to Emea. Instead, they go to Uleuda when they sleep, and this complicates things if you want an Yludih who is left in the dark about their nature. After a certain point in his life, chances are his parents (both Yludih) would've introduced it to him in order to teach him about what he is. Even after losing his memories... Uleuda would be there every time he went to sleep.
  • Having knowledge of magic at all is a very conscious thing. You either know it or you don't, and unless you intended for Malice to be a separate entity altogether (Which would make him an NPC, not a part of your PC) then there's no way he would have any skill in it that was "hidden" from him.
  • Malice poses a unique problem in and of itself, as multiple personalities in RP is a very touchy subject and grey area. It's been poorly done and overdone in so many settings, it's met with no small amount of scepticism. I'd personally ask you to reconsider that approach entirely, unless you seek a unique approval through Narrator Support---which would imply he's more than just a separate personality.
  • Without unique approval from Narrator Support, all Sorcerers require Wells and Conduits in order to utilize any sort of Arcana. There are no exceptions to this rule, as it stands, and no amount of skill points will compensate for this. Even if you seek approval through Narrator Support, it's very unlikely.
... The character as it stands is disapproved, for now. The premise itself is very out there and requires approvals from the Narrators and/or Versifiers. I would personally suggest re-evaluating the character as a whole and communicating with staff members to conjure up a replacement so that you can get something reminiscent of what you wanted Nicolas to be in his current iteration. This concept might not be good for a Yludih, or it might---I would encourage you to seek out Shards if you want to try pursuing this concept as it's written, and coordinate with him, the Narrators and Plague/Mythic (as resident Magic gurus) to see if this is plausible at all in the end.

For now, though, Nicolas can't be approved. I apologize for the inconvenience this might cause. Pitch me a PM back if you have any thoughts or questions about the intervention or if I can help you brainstorm around this issue at all to come up with an alternative.

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