[Imperial Border Fortress]Reinforcements

Tristan and Rican Arrive

18th of Ymiden 716

A blistering desert that stretches for hundreds of miles around Nashaki, with very little relief from the baking heat.
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[Imperial Border Fortress]Reinforcements


Tristan listened as Vierka explained the situation to Rican. The news of the necromancer was unexpected, and he hoped they wouldn't run into that one again. Men, coming back to life...

He suppressed a shudder and looked back at Vierka. She was leaning back, staring at the ceiling as a Beta rested its head on her lap. She was rather attractive, but he had heard rumors of how she dealt with inappropriate advances, and he was sure a slave asking for that would be considered inappropriate.

Rican finished reading the file she had given him and went to pass it to Tristan. His master blushed as Tristan shook his head slightly, realizing that Tristan couldn't read. His face aflame, he returned the pages to Vierka wordlessly.

At her offer, Rican was already shaking his before she had finished.

"We should be good for supplies, though you have my thanks for the hospitality you've shown us thus far. May we discuss the tasks tomorrow, perhaps? It's been a long journey, and my body aches for sleepeople. "

He stood, gesturing to Tristan to do the same.

It was then that Tristan noticed the wolf. Its eyes were locked on him, holding him in place with the strength of its gaze.

Rican nudged him with his shoulder, breaking whatever daze he had been in. Together, the two of them left the room, heading back towards their beds for a long-awaited rest.

word count: 243
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[Imperial Border Fortress]Reinforcements


Story: 5/5
Collab: 5/5
Structure: 5/5

Etiquette: Eating with commanders
Vierka Gardise: A stern commander
Vierka Gardise: Protective even of slaves
Nathan Helfyre: Doesn't obsess over manners
Leadership: Keeping your unit supplied
Tactics: Current Situation of the War

Was actually really fun to write. Sorry it took me so long on some of the posts, to say nothing of how long the review took. Definitely looking forward to more of Tristans adventures in the future. =]
word count: 85
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