Sneaky Beaky In [Fridyr]

How do you go about smuggling a One-winged Avriel into Athart?

38th of Ymiden 716

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Sneaky Beaky In [Fridyr]

Vyren jutted his head forward as the woman spoke to him, anger rising suddenly inside of him. He smothered it, returning his attention to the man apologizing.

"Vyren. Let's just say I have a personal reason for wanting them down. I can do what you need me to do."

He kept his words short, his explanation brief. Brevity would be his friend here- the more explained, the more likely it was that he would dig himself a hole.

The pair exchanged a glance, looking back to him as he folded his hands on the table. Lodyn gave a grunt, looking down at his hands.

"Very well Anyra. You win. Take him away." She rose with smile, her hands forcibly grabbing his shoulders and yanking him to his feet.

"You want to be short with us, this is what happens. We'll talk to you two separately now," Lodyn continued.

Vyren shot a look over his shoulder at Frid, shurgging his shoulders as he was led from the room, the heavy door slamming shut behind him.
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