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The seven Duchies of Central Rynmere and their respective baronies, cities, towns, villages, and landmarks each overseen by a Duke of one of the seven noble families and ultimately controlled by the King of Rynmere.
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Fishing for More than Fish

15 Ymiden, Arc 716

I need a bigger boat. Bravi'os, I love you, but I need a bigger boat.

So went Nivasis internal voice as the tacked out of Cyrene Bay and headed west. The Bravi'os was perfect for one, but it was no longer carrying one. She'd told Fethryn she'd teach him to fish, and had offered to take him to the salmon run on Kyo river, which happened to align with the Warrick tournament.

A good chance to make some nels, as well as watch one of the Kingdoms spectacles. Plus, she'd heard that Veljorn Burhan might make an appearance. After what she and Fethryn had uncovered about Brices missing men, she was interested in who this Veljorn was. It felt like they'd stumbled onto something before it was common knowledge, and she wanted to get the measure of the man so see how concerned she ought to be. After the incident in the arena with the Qe'Dreki she thought the answer was very. With the blue Burhan cloaks, she was starting to wonder if perhaps Veljorn was Dreki Riki. It fit. It felt right. It also wasn't the sort of thing she'd mention to anyone until she was quite certain. Nobles had this distressing tendency to have commoners killed if they were perceived to be smearing their oh so exalted names.

She let more sail out, the weather was fine, the wind steady out upon the ocean, there was enough cloud cover to keep the suns from baking a person too badly. Not that Nivasi worried overly much about the suns anymore. Her dark skin had been baked even darker over the Arcs, so the only real consequence of too much sun for her was more freckles, and what did she care about that? She was no noble to fret and fuss over a little spot. She worked under Faldruns twin suns, so she bore their marks. It simply was what it was.

Still, she couldn't help a slight snicker. One particularly popular theory on the reason there were two suns rather than any other number related to a fairly intimate part of Faldruns anatomy. There was a reason it wasn't uncommon to hear a Biqaj complain that a day was hotter than Faldruns balls.

Which raised some fairly interesting questions about Tried and the third moon..

In any case, she turned her attention back to the horizon, watching for familiar landmarks and changes in the tide. While mostly an easy journey, there were a few reefs, rocks and sunken ships along the way to watch out for. Bravi'os may have been a bit small, but she had no intention of tearing the bottom out all the same. A small boat was infinitely better than none.
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