Looking for Companions! (Rynmere, Andaris specifically)

Players can use this forum as a way of connecting with other players for roleplaying purposes whether it's for finding friends for your character, family members, group members, etc.

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Looking for Companions! (Rynmere, Andaris specifically)

Looking for Companions!


Well, a bit like it says on the tin, really. I'd be interested to thread with some more people. Faith is an undertaker and a slave, as well as a devout followe of Famula. But she loves learning things and is very much into herbalism/ medicine and cookery. I'd be happy to have most any kind of plot really, from social through to an adventure of some kind.

My ideal for Faith, longer term, would be that she gets to make some IC friends. I very much want her worship of Famula to be a driving force for her, but that involves learning lots (wisdom aspect) and as she has been raised in a very isolated way, I'd like her to interact with people and learn about other's viewpoints.

So, short version, I'd love to thread with you - would you like to? If so, reply here or drop me a PM and we can work something out?
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