[Endor]The Mysterious Chest

Lapis returns something he stole but things don't go as planned.

The seven Duchies of Central Rynmere and their respective baronies, cities, towns, villages, and landmarks each overseen by a Duke of one of the seven noble families and ultimately controlled by the King of Rynmere.
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[Endor]The Mysterious Chest

3 Trial, Ymiden, 716 Arc

The flow of the sea could be felt all around Lapis as he began to calm his mind. He was fairly safe within the confines of the small caves hidden behind a zombie worm covered whale skeleton. Not many would consider investigating around the remains of the noble sea giant but Lapis was more curious than most of his kind or at least he thought he was. With less to worry about he cold truly harness his focus and hopefully strengthen his attunement with the arcane.

He breathed the water deeply into his wide mouth and exhaled it slowly out of his gills. He could feel his heart beats working in harmony and the blood pulsating through his bizarre anatomy. He opened himself to the mysterious force but felt only nothingness, though novice mage wasn’t surprised. He already knew there wasn’t anything in the area of importance but the exercise was only meant to strengthen his power. Lapis didn’t really feel any different but he had to believe that practicing would allow his strength to improve. He maintained his focus until he felt it was best to stop before he strained himself.

Since he was already in one of his treasure troves, Lapis decided it was best to look over all that he collected so far. He peeked his head up through the water and into the small portion filled with air and moved a few rocks out of the way to reveal his shinnies. The mer noticed immediately that he still hadn’t opened the wooden box he had recovered last season. He picked it up into his hands and bashed it as hard as he possible could and to his surprise it exploded into a flurry of papers and even a bit of odd looking land flowers. Lapis stopped to look over what secrets the parchment held, and picked up a detailed drawing of a women and what looked like her daughter. The rest were faded letters written in common that lapis stubbled to deliver. considering the other items the letters came with lapis could only assume they were love letters. Lapis let out a sigh, and his face became strained in thought. these objects were of little use to him but were likely to be sentimental to someone. It was likely this person was dead but it still felt wrong for him to keep it.

Lapis stuffed the papers back into the box and pushed the rocks back to cover his treasure. With the small chest in hand the Dolphin mer swam out into the sea towards the shores of endor. After a fairly short swim he was at the port, making sure to swim low so as not to draw attention. He gently swayed his tail back and forth until he was just under the docks. There wasn’t much land around the docks that lapis could drop the box with out notice but to his right he spotted a shallow stone ledge. Lapis swam towards it and cautiously popped his head out of the water. He stretched his arms out and placed the box on the ledge. It seemed to all go smoothly until Lapis heard a man yell “Mer!” from behind.

Lapis was stunned for a brief moment but quickly regained his senses, diving back into the sanctuary of the sea. With a strong flick of his tail he shot through the water as fast as he could muster. His escape was short lived as a weighted net was thrown over him forcefully pulling him to the ground.
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