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Character Name
Name: Bri, short for Brittle

Age: 16 Arcs

Race: Mer

Style:Swift and Agile

Group: Redwaters

Date of Birth: 1st Cylus, 700

Factions Joined: None

Languages Spoken:

Fluent: Telepathy
Basic: Common

Bri has blonde hair that falls to just past her shoulders, and vibrant blue eyes that cause her to appear to be Biqaj, from a distance. However, her long barbed tail makes it painfully obvious that she isn't. The mottled light blue blends in perfectly with the light sea when seen from above, disguising her true nature to passing ships. Small, dimmer light globes dot her tail, leading to one large globe in the centre of her tail. The brightness from this one can be controlled, allowing Bri to escape notice, if need be.

She disdains weapons, instead attacking with her teeth and claws. Long fangs extend from her gums, distorting her beautiful face. Her body is slim and slender, and she is the fastest in her clan. Small spines decorate her tail, their toxin slowing her victims. Given enough time she could paralyze, however it would deplete most of her venom sacks to do so.

Bri is a natural born leader. She exudes confidence, an odd thing for one who can't remember her past, but she knows the rough extent of her abilities. She carries herself with an air, and many of the Mer look to her as a result.

Bri, from a young age, disliked the idea of anyone being in charge of her life besides herself. She frequently ignores orders from superiors, and find she does far better when given a large leash.

Bri, though she doesn't know it, moves in a way that can only be described as sexual. It has little effect or evidence among the Mer, though the suggestive curve of her body is quite effective among land-dwellers.

Bri is far from content to stay at home. She has a desire to see the world, though for the moment she realizes how dangerous it is, and contents herself with waiting until she is stronger, faster and better equipped to face the world.

She often fails to realize when she is wrong. She refuses to back down, even when she should, and this has caused numerous unnecessary conflicts. She's the type of person that would claim the sky is red, even when staring at a blue sky. Often she simply out-persists her opponents, who give up, exasperated.

Bri was born to a deep sea tribe of mer far from any land. As a child, she found that she was often the one pushing the boundaries and dragging other young mer into trouble. Whether it was pranks played on the older mer of the tribe, or terrifying the rare sailors passing by, she was often the most difficult one to properly handle.

The other children worshiped her for these daring feats, and she found herself with an incredible amount of leeway when it came to dealing with them.

Her tribe was an anomaly- a small group of mer that detested land-dwellers to the point where they refused to have any contact, and believed that avoidance was the best policy. As such, Bri scaring passing boats was a problem. Throughout her childhood she was continuously getting punished for these, and often found herself stuck in a cave for trials at a time.

As she got older, she became more cunning, and adopted new strategies. She took advantage of her position among the other children to use them as lookouts or distractions, allowing her to get closer to the boats.

It was here that her love of gems was born. A ship, heavily laden with gems, was being chased by pirates as the largest storm she had ever seen crashed above the waves. It lost the pursuers, but the sea was angry that night. Waves cracked against the bow, and eventually the forces were too much, snapping it clean off. As it sunk to the bottom, the gleaming of its cargo caught her eye. For weeks she snuck out to the wreck, loving the sight of the glittering stones in her light. She knew that if she returned with the gems they would soon be gone, traded to other tribes. But she felt an intense desire to own them, and she remained silent.

After this, she became more and more daring, needing to have more of the gems. She had heard, in hushed whispers, that sailors could be enticed off the ship by beauty. Stories of incredible seductresses luring entire ships to crash on the rocks were begrudgingly pulled out of the villagers, and the tales danced in Alex's head for days.

She spent nearly a full arc practicing on ships. She very quickly learned that sailors do not find a tail attractive, regardless of how sleek and elegant it may be. Several spears hurled her way made that much clear. Practice made her much better, and soon she had claimed her first victim. The poor watchman, standing guard on the deck didn't stand a chance. But when Bri realized the hapless man didn't have any gems in his pockets, she tore him open to look for more. The red water spread around her, but sparkling stones were nowhere to be seen. Angry, she attacked the ship, her passion getting the better of her.

This was the beginning of the end. The ship teemed with armed sailors, and she swam away as fast as she could. They carried with them tales of a tribe of mer that attacked and killed one of them. Bri unknowingly attacked the next ship, attempting to seduce another sailor, but they were prepared. A harpoon sunk deep into her tail, the other end attached to a buoy. No matter how hard she swam, she couldn't pull it underwater for long, and she soon gave up, simply swimming away.

The waters were filled with boats, and the buoy gave her away, forcing her to keep swimming. Further and further they drove her, the occasional storm providing her with a moment of respite. The wound soon became infected, a thick green slime seeping from it. She began to develop a fever, though she pushed through as the boats reappeared on the horizon.

Nearly a full week she swam, until a large storm came along. The heavy winds whipped across the ocean, pulling and tugging at the harpoon without mercy. As it ripped free from her wound, she passed out from the pain, sinking down, down, down...

Her body, drifted with the tides, a life-threatening fever keeping her unconscious until she was found by the Redwaters.

Bri doesn't remember anything beyond the past two arcs. No one is sure where she came from, but they found her unconscious body floating in the middle of the town, fever burning. Tide, the clans leader had taken in Bri, though the reasons were never clear. The crusty old woman cared for Bri from the moment she had arrived in the town, and Bri had seen her as a mother figure, an odd thing for a race such as the Mer. Since Bri arrived she has taken to the town, enjoying the lifestyle, though questions from her past still occasionally give her pause.

No one knows why or how she has gained such prestige in the village, though it likely speaks more to the lack of leadership present in the rest of the clan rather than her own ability. The more aware would also piece that together with the fact that she was adopted and taken care of by the clan's previous leader. The old Mer had somehow managed to survive nearly 70 arcs when she passed, and Bri felt her loss daily. Tide died in the beginning of Ashan, and Bri was still adjusting to the new role thrust upon her.

Tide had gone for her daily swim, but had wandered too close to the shore. Boats chased her further and further ashore, and eventually killed her. Bri had begun to develop a hatred of humans after that, and she now enjoys hunting and killing them.

She has begun schooling with several clan members in order to become an even better leader, and the lessons have been progressing well. There are a few in the village that still dislike her, and she is aware that many fights have yet to be won.
An old shipwreck marks Bri's house, where Tide once lived. The ship sank during the same storm that Bri arrived, an omen to the more superstitious. The ship was returning from a trading post, but was waylaid by a crew of pirates. They scuttled the ship, and left the crew for dead. The empty vessel now guards the entrance to her house.

She lives in a cave hidden behind the old wreck. The cave was carved by Tide during her younger years, and it's all that Bri has left of the old Mer.

She lives alone, about half a days swim from the main trading routes into and out of Scalvoris. Scattered about the sea floor are half a dozen other houses, and together they make up the Redwaters.

Bri is a hoarder. She has collected gems as fast as she can, and she is always on the prowl for more.





Knowledge & Skills

-20 (SP)
Skill NamePoints AcquiredPoints Spent
Unarmed Combat (Natural Weapons) 30/10035/251
Seduction 30/10035/251
Trapping 10/10010/251
Leadership 15/10015/251

Basic Knowledge

Accepting Death
Sailors are Lonely
Ships carry Gems
Scalvoris: Pirate Stronghold
Scalvoris: Trading Routes
The Redwater Tribe

Specialized Knowledge

Seduction: Luring Sailors to the Death
Leadership: Filling a Void
Terrain: Shipwrecks hide Houses
Trapping: Common Crab Habitats
Seduction: Hide the Tail
Buoys: Tools Against Mer
Humans: Hostile to Mer
  • Two underwater scent traps: These simple pouches, fashioned from fishskin and kelp thread, often house unappetizing predator pheromones that diffuse in the water around ones home. Although the material inside must be replaced every few Trials, it effectively wards off ocean predators from the general area where the scent trap is laid.
  • 200 feet of kelp rope
  • Two knives
  • Two Sea barrels- Especially well crafted and lightweight, these barrels seal objects and prey inside without leaving a scent trail for a predator to follow. Easily hidden under the sand, the water-proofing seal lasts for years.
  • Two Long Hooks
  • One compass
  • Mer Hook net- Designed to capture prey underwater, the net ends cascade hooks which dig into the prey as they frenzy trying to escape, weakening them and aiding only in tangling them further.
  • Trapper's Kit
  • One crab cage- Left on the ocean floor with carrion, these traps attract crabs and other creatures to be trapped within the cages. These can be left anywhere within a territory and checked on every trial or so.
  • One harpoon launcher
  • 20 Harpoons
  • One Airskin- Easily inflatable to allow a Mer to secure something hanging from a floating buoy. Some will fill them with air to release in case of attack for a momentary bubble screen or to use the force of the air to quickly propel them away from weapons or waiting jaws.
  • Two strapped packs- worn around the front and back, these packs allow a mer to carry objects on long journeys while keeping their hands free.
Smoky Quartz, 8 Carat

Fire Opal, 8 Carat

Bloodstone, 3 Carat

Boulder Opal, 20 Carat
Starting Package +40GN
Sold Spear +40GN
Fire Opal, 8 Carat -11GN
Bloodstone, 3 Carat -2GN
Smoky Quartz, 8 Carat -17GN
Boulder Opal, 20 Carat -50GN
Total Currency: 0 ON, 0 GN, 0 SN, 0 CN
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Proposed Mer Tribe- The Redwaters

Shine- The twenty-odd arc male is relaxed and laid back, and is in charge of the only shop in the small tribe. His hair is matted into what could be accurately called dreadlocks, and his eyes are permanently half-lidded. His long, thin tentacle are nearly always in motion, however, and seem to be at odds with the rest of his appearance. However for those who pay attention, Shine is fiercely intelligent and has most of the village owing him some favour or another.

Currently he has no feelings on Bri as a leader, deciding to wait and gauge her based on her decisions.

Hull- The fifteen arc female is Bri's most bitter rival, a vocal and arrogant young Mer. Her body is uncannily similar to Bri's, but is mottled a dark red colour throughout her body. She is the hunter-in-training, learning how to lead the Mer Hunts. When she takes over as Huntmaster, her social power will be formidable, and she has several lackeys, hoping to be swept along in the Mer's drive to the top. At the moment she has resigned herself to making snide comments about Bri's leadership, biding her time.

River-The fifty-four arc male is the counter-point to Hull. He has somehow held onto his position as captain of the Guard, a role that was essentially obsolete given the tribe's solitude. However since Bri's arrival, he has seen those under his command nearly double in numbers as she made a call to arms. He has extensive experience in fighting and is striving to impart his knowledge on Bri before he dies.

Echo- The female is another oddity in their small village. She is eerily silent, rarely talking to anyone. No one is exactly sure when she was born, but she has been the best scout they have found in the small tribe. Her body is small, barely six feet long, and is a bland silvery-blue. No one is quite sure what to make of her, but she follows Bri's orders for now.

More to Come!
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