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29th of Ashan 720

Seated on the shores of Lake Lovalus, Rharne serves as the home of the Lighting Knights, the Thunder Priestesses, and the Merchant's guild. This beautiful trade city is filled with a happy and contented people who rarely need an excuse to party.

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Judged By Lightning [Spectators]

29th of Ashan, Arc 720

Lightning Cathedral, Rharne

The Lightning Cathedral, even after two arcs living in Rharne, Nikolaus still marveled at the architectural design of it. With its grand stained glass windows, each telling a story about the historic moments of Rharne. I need to have grand stained glass windows in my house Nikolaus thought to himself. What is this trial about? The witness is none other than the Champion of Famula herself, Faith Augustin. Is it about the war? Why is she the only witness? Nikolaus made his way through the crowds.

Isn’t that guy famous here? But why would they have her as the only witness? Nikolaus thought to himself as the Lightning Knight called out Patrick Barnell. Nikolaus was about to exit the building when it happened. Lightning struck the floor, dark red portal, and a beam of light.

What in the……….”

Then there they are the three Immortals including the patron of the city.

“………….three counts of high treason………criminals of Rharne……. Accused of high treason”

Now this is interesting Nikolaus thought, as he made his way back to his original position. So this man, Patrick knows about the Shadow Quarter, so it’s not a myth. He even killed upper-level members of the Shadow Quarter. But, its war, we do what we have to do to win. That’s the price you gotta pay. Nikolaus thought to himself while listening to Faith’s testimony and Patrick’s defense.

Maxine, Alistair of House Venora, Ellasin, Cobra, Belinda, Carter, Jess, Nir’wei, Padraig, Vivian, Varlum should come in handy. Nikolaus made mental notes about the names.

As if struck by lightning, Nikolaus came to a sudden realization If this man killed upper-level members of the Shadow Quarter, then they must have someone amongst those present today. I’d do that too if a witness that knows about my secret organization stands on trial. Maybe as a contingency? But for what? To break him out? I'd do that but against three Immortals? It's better to silence him. So what would they look like? Normal folks? The guards? The Lightning Knights? Nikolaus thought to himself as he tried his best to subtly observe the people present there.

“You lying, traitorous bastards, Don't you know how many people died? Don't you care?” that outburst of emotion brought Nikolaus back from his thinking. What in Idalos?

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Re: Judged By Lightning [Spectators]

Being brought back from his thoughts, Nikolaus focuses on the trial. He was no stranger to the guilt feeling that Patrick must’ve been feeling. He almost lost his life due to the same mistakes he made.

".........Faith, please………I don't know what to do. I..."

Nikolaus navigate carefully among the crowd while subtly observing the room. Stopping here and there to make it not obvious, as also he wanted to get a closer look.

What the……..” Nikolaus said to himself as he looked at the ethereal being manifesting beside Patrick.

That’s his brother? This trial just gets crazier and crazier by the trills. Remind me to get a ghost as my lawyer.

After finding a good vantage point Nikolaus leaned on a nearby pillar, making himself comfortable.

"I'm not here to save you this time Patrick. In fact, I'm finished with even trying, because it's high time you learned how to help yourself."

Playing the devil’s advocate huh? Or he’s just really fed up. Cameron, Dust Quarter, Rose. Harlot ‘n’ Hound drop-off point? But they would have switch venue since everyone here knew it. It is possible that the lightning knights had been infiltrated, who knows how far the rabbit hole goes. Nikolaus made another mental note about the names, locations, and possible connections.

“The infamous Kingpin Cheshire... He's... Patrick's biological father”

What the fuck? Nikolaus scoffed.

Now that’s what you call hitting the jackpot. Good thing Claudia “talked” me into attending this trial. She got the nose for this kind of stuff. A grin crept up his face.
As if struck by another lightning, Nikolaus began observing the faces of the people surrounding him, he began navigating amongst the crowd.
Someone from the Shadow Network must’ve been present here or if they aren’t then they will be sending people here. I mean, that’s the son of one of the big

“…………before you are sentenced, there is one last thing."

Here comes, make, or break.

“And that would be justice done."

Nikolaus realized that he’d have been holding his breath in anticipation.

"Death takes away any hope of redemption for him, it sends him onwards without dealing with the consequences of his actions and, thus far, that is all his life has been. What I would have done with this man? I would bind him in lifelong service to Rharne, to Ilaren. Take away every freedom he has enjoyed and ensure that his actions, for once in his life, have consequences for him."

Prison, solitary confinement, under the custody of a Lightning Knight. Another mental note added.

As Nikolaus was observing the lightning arcing off Patrick’s body when out of the corner of his eyes he saw a young woman winces. At this moment Nikolaus was staring at the young woman. She must’ve noticed him, she puts on her hood and makes her way out of the building. Without losing momentum, Nikolaus follows her lead. But she was more agile than him, navigating her way easily through the crowd. As they got out of the building Nikolaus chased after her. As he was about to grab her cloak, dust gets into his eyes and he blinked, she was gone. Nikolaus ran in the direction he assumed the woman ran off to but to no avail. He asked the passerby but they did not see the person matching his description.

Gone in a blink of an eye, now that’s interesting. Nikolaus thought to himself as he propped up against a nearby wall to catch his breath. Reaching for his flask, he found it gone. In its place, he found a gold token with a crescent moon-shaped hole in the middle.

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Re: Judged By Lightning [Spectators]

Nikolaus stood in front of the building adorned with yellow bricks and red timbers with a red-tiled roof and white pane windows. Clenching the token he made his way inside. Once inside the building, he made his way to the bar.

“What can I get you?” the strapping young man with medium-length blonde hair asked.

“Well, I don’t have any preferences yet. Give me your house special.”

“Sure thing. One Moony coming right up.”


“Yes, that’s the name of our house special” the red hair girl chimed in.

“The name’s Ginny and the one behind the bar is Brennen. Let me or Brennen know if you want anything else.” Ginny replied with a wink

“Can I get some meat platter to go with the drinks?”

“Sure, we got roasted chicken, roasted pig, prime filet, and some eggs.”

“I’ll get some of that roasted chicken, thanks, Ginny.”

“No problem”

“Here you go, one Moony,” Brennen said as he pours the mixture into a glass and handed it to Nikolaus.

“Thanks, Brennen” Nikolaus replied. He took a sip from the glass.

“Well, I’ll be damned. That’s one hell of a drink.”

Brennen smiled and nodded in approval, “Tell me if you need seconds.”

“I’ll be taking seconds”

“Sure thing. Anything else?”

“Not at the moment.” Out of habit, Nikolaus rolled the token back and forth between his fingers. Brennen noticed the token but did not say anything to Nikolaus. When Brennen poured Nikolaus his second glass, Nikolaus put the token on the bar.

“Which one did you went to?”


Brennen pointed at the token.

“Oh, this one? A friend gave it to me for safekeeping.”

“Some friend huh?”

“Yup, a token for a flask,” Nikolaus said to himself when he thought Brennen was out of earshot.

Ginny approached Nikolaus and hands him a slip of paper, “It’s from your friend”

Give the token to the Brennen, I’ll be waiting. That’s what’s written on the paper. Nikolaus turned around and observe the patrons. He did not see any familiar faces. Turning to Brennen he handed the token. “From a friend,” Nikolaus said while showing the piece of paper subtly.

“Follow me this way”

Nikolaus followed Brennen to the fourth floor of the building. Brennen motioned him to wait while he knocked on the door and get inside the room. A few moments later Brennen exit the room.

“Do you have any weapons on you?”


“But still I have to check for it,” Brennen replied while patting down Nikolaus

“Alright, you’re clear to go.”

Nikolaus entered the room, inside the room, a young girl was seated on the four-poster featherbed with navy and silver linens. Three men were sitting nearby playing cards. Another one is leaning beside the fireplace drinking from a bottle of wine. An elderly gentleman is sitting and writing something at the writing desk.

“It’s beautiful in here. You could see the night sky through the circular window. The beauty of nature. Make yourself comfortable, I’m almost done.” The elderly gentleman said.

The young girl patted the bed with her hands, motioning for Nikolaus to sit beside her. Nikolaus made his way to the bed.

“Looks can be deceiving Nikolaus.” The elderly gentleman continued. The young girl just smiles and continues to pat the bed motioning for Nikolaus to join her.

Nikolaus shakes his head, declining the offer.

“Ah yes, where are my manners. I am Dr. Roch, a colleague of your father. How is Samuel? I haven’t talked much since he went on one of his crazy expedition.” Dr. Roch said while grabbing Nikolaus’s flask from his drawer.

“That makes the two of us,” Nikolaus replied

“Ah yes. John and Mike, would you be so kind as to get the foods and more of those Moony? You could never get enough of those Moonies.” Dr. Roch replied he motioned for Nikolaus to join him at the table. The other man began clearing the table from the piles of cards.

“He is a difficult man, your father. I mean no disrespect but since he went on that expedition, he never really return. It was as if……..”

“…….as if he’s still there.” Nikolaus chimed in.

“Yes, yes, yes as if he was still stuck there. One of our best and brightest.”

Dr. Roch handed the flask back to Nikolaus. Nikolaus took a sip from his flask. A ball came rolling and hit Nikolaus’s feet. Nikolaus bends down to get the ball and return it to the young girl. As soon as he touched the ball it was as if he’s taken somewhere.

“Nikolaus? Nikolaus?” Dr. Roch asked

Coming out of his trance Nikolaus rolled the ball back toward the young girl.

“What happen?”

“Nothing, I guess I’ve had too many Moony. Didn’t get much sleep much either.”

“Are you sure?” Dr. Roc asked while observing him with doubt.

“Yes. Well, it’s nice meeting you sorry that I could not join you for dinner. Come join us for dinner tomorrow if you’re still in town.”

“Well, I still got some business to do. I’ll be here for a while. I’ll visit you at the Farrows.”

“Good day, Dr. Roch” Nikolaus made his way to the door. My name is Alice. Nikolaus turned around. Dr. Roch saw the puzzled look on his face.

“What is it?”

“Ahh, yes, forgot my flask. I thought I have put it in my pocket. Must be the Moony” Nikolaus laughed nervously

“Yes must be the Moony. Good day Nikolaus.”

As he exited the building he leaned at the nearby wall. This day couldn’t get any weirder and what’s with that young girl. Something’s off about her, and how does he knows I'm staying at the Farrows?

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Re: Judged By Lightning [Spectators]


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Comments: It was interesting to get another PC's perspective on this event. Although Nikolaus was predictably lost for most of it, he seemed to react appropriately as any regular Joe in Rharne would.

Nevertheless, a good job, and I wonder where this story will lead with him following that girl out of the courthouse...

Good writing, and enjoy the rewards.

If you have any concerns about this review, please PM me about them.
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