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Sirothelle's Centre for Trade and Commerce

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The Corn Exchange

The Corn Exchange
Much of Sirothelle’s trade occurs through the slave market, but the city cannot survive on the produce from the city farms alone, thus they must trade with number of other cities. Owned and operated completely by the Council of the Seven, anyone staffing this facility is carefully vetted to ensure they have the best interests of Sirothelle and Faldrun at heart.

With the exception of the trade of slaves, the Exchange regulates all incoming and outgoing cavarans looking to trade within the city. The building is located just within the city limits, by the Eastern Gate. Once caravans enter the city, regardless of their origin, they fall unter the jurisdiction of the City Guard, and trained staff from the Corn Exchange will carefully inspect all goods for their integrity as the enter. The same process occurs for anything leaving, as the city values their strong reputation on the trade market in Idalos. Anything falling below the standards inspectd will be removed to outside the city limits and burned. Caravans with goods for other cities would do well to leave anything not intended for sale within Sirothelle outwith the city, or risk losing all stock.

The Council charge a fair and reasonable price for storing of a caravan within the Exchange for the duration of a merchant’s visit, and lodging in the Wayfarer’s File is included in this price, however long the stay might be. A merchant can expect to pay 4gn per day, with an additional 5sn a day for the safe stabling of a horse or extra room for other merchants.
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