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Location in Egilrun for lodging and some other resources (bathhouse, modest library, dining).

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North End Lodge

North End Lodge
Located in Egilrun, most fittingly at the northern-most side of the residential district, North End Lodge is a hotel and lodging establishment that's been operating since Arc 695. It has changed owners a few times, and most recently underwent massive renovation in Arc 717 under the new owners.

While there is a tavern-like area where one can order food and drink, this is not the main purpose of the lodge and is intended only for guests staying in one of the many rooms. Sometimes the lodge hosts private events as well, such as meetings or parties.

There are a variety of different rooms available at a range of prices, from hostel-styled multiple bunks in the same room to private suites with full baths included. The suites tend to be considered one of the better options in the growing village, and foreign visitors coming to-and-from Scalvoris Town often stay here because of it.

The lodge has a few features that it boasts, and which can only be obtained through either staying at the lodge or acquiring a membership to utilize the lodge's resources. This includes, but is not limited to:
  • A public bathhouse that has a hot-stone steam room.
  • A library filled with various maps and books (put together specifically for visiting academics).
  • A crafts display to showcase for-sale wares of local finery made in Egilrun (and also to connect visitors to different craftsmen).
  • A VIP dining lounge reserved for the Elements and only the Elements.
  • Tavern-styled dining area meant for patrons and their guests.
  • The Blue Room: a mythological suite that is said to exist somewhere in the lodge, but cannot be requested/rented at the front desk. It can only be found, and those who are invited by the sapphire door appearing for them, often don't return... but there are many stories about this room. Many believe it to be the resting place of the first owner/builder of North End Lodge.
  • The Red Room: an actual suite that can be requested/rented, but is said to be haunted. Those who rent it either don't know about the horrific stories that accompany this luxurious room or are looking for a bit of a thrill. People don't disappear once they go past the ruby door, but they do often check-out early in the morning with faces as pale as can be and a jittery shake to their hands. There is rarely anyone who stays two nights in the Red Room.
It is no small joke among the local villagers that North End Lodge can be shortened to "Nel" and they tend to have a positive reception to the establishment in general, mostly due to its willingness to showcase crafts for visitors who might not otherwise have browsed such wares.

NPC Name

Name: Cornelia Caldwell
Race: Human
Age: 42, 20 Saun 677
Title: North End Lodge, Manager and Owner
Skills: Etiquette (80/100), Negotiation (70/100), Caregiving (60/100), Logistics (50/100), Seduction (40/100), Socialization (30/100), Deception (30/100).
Other Information:
Cornelia is the youngest of the Six Caldwell-Zyma Heirs. She was born in Scalvoris Town, and grew up moving between estates as her parents expanded their homes. Coming from family money made directly through trade and business (rather than any blood lineage of inheritances), like most of her family, Cornelia has an enterprising spirit. Her greatest love has become the North End Lodge since she acquired it in Arc 717. It is her third lodging establishment she's run. She is known as a fair, but shrewd negotiator, and has the best interests of Egilrun in mind. Proud of her Scalveen heritage, she is incredibly law-abiding and does not tolerate criminal behaviors within her establishment.

Price List / Goods Available

If appropriate
Item: Wealth Tier:
Hostel Rooms (4-6 beds/room; includes access to bathhouse and library) Tier 1 - Tier 3
Private Rooms (1-2 beds/room; includes access to bathhouse and library) Tier 2 - Tier 5
Private Suites (+ private bath and access to library) Tier 4 - Tier 7
The Red Room Tier 7
Visitor Pass for Bathhouse Tier 3 - Tier 5
Visitor Pass for Library Tier 4 - Tier 5
Food and Drink Tier 5 - Tier 6

Player Notes

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Credits to: Carver
Submitted for Development: 5/02/2020
Developed by: Carver
word count: 742
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