• Location • Foundling Dormitories

A home for orphans of the city

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Foundling Dormitories

The Foundling Dormitories
It is common, but definitely not unheard of, for infants, children or adolescents within the city to become orphans. Either through accident, military career or combustion, parents who would have otherwise had a number of years left to see their children grow into adulthood, expire prematurely. For some of these children, the grief and shock of the loss alone causes the child to follow a similar fate not long after.

The welfare services for aukari-born (including half-breed) children in the city is very good, as the belief of the city is that all can be used to benefit Faldrun in someway. For this reason, care for children without parents is a top priority. They act instantly, collecting the child and ensuring care and support if provided to protect the child from their own emotions, which would be bubbling close to the surface. Once the initial fear of combustion is past, the care continues, with a clean, warm bed, adequate provision for food and continued education as appropriate in Parvos, Reyula or Oikeia as necessary. The orphan children are left wanting for nothing.

Children who fail in the schooling, like any other, will be removed from the Dormitories and sent to work in the drudge work of the city. Those who complete their educations at Reyula or Oikeia will then be supported to find accommodation of their own.

Enye Malke

Race: Aukari
Date of Birth: 2nd Trial of Ashan, 791
Skills: Endurance - Expert
Medicine - Competent
Teaching - Expert

A young woman, Enye is highly accomplished, particularly in her care over herself, and her control. Yet she is also known to be a very empathetic individual. For that reason, she was entrusted with the overall care of all orphans within the city of Sirothelle, and she does so with diligence. With a team of matrons working alongside her, she ensures that not a single aukari orphan wants for anything following the loss of their parents.

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