• Location • The Mountainside Slums

Where the slaves and drudge workers reside

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The Mountainside Slums

The Mountainside Slums
The slums are the overbuilt, decrepit buildings which make up the area of Sirothelle just outside the city limits where all of the wretched of the population will live out their days, sleeping between long days toiling in the fields of the farms, or in the quarries. The residents of this area are the many slaves of the city, as well as any poor souls who failed their education in the Reyula and were sent to work in this drudge life.

There is little order to the way these structures were put up - accommodation that, at best appears temporary, is often replaced as it falls apart under the pressure of the heat of the volcano. Wood, metal and canvas make up the structures, which are unstable and easily damaged.

Disease is rife within the Slums, as the population per square foot living in this area is far too high, cultivating a very unhealthy, even dangerous environment. Hygiene is varied, with some going to great lengths to maintain their health. Others have little shame in relieving themselves in any of the narrow, warren-like pathways that exist between the flimsy houses.

At the edges of the encampment, dotted at various intervals around the outside, exist a number of purpose-built rooms for the wardens of the slaves. These structures look much like any house within Sirothelle proper, and are used on rotation for wardens to spend a few consecutive nights, comfortable in a warm bed as they watch over their charges. Though the slaves have few (if any) material possessions, the Slums are perhaps the only part of Sirothelle where the law of stealing does not apply. The city guard will not enforce any restrictions on slave-against-slave claims, thus anything that slaves do happen to own will not be recovered if lost.
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