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An exclusive club for the aukari to relax on occasion

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Ninth Sanctum

Ninth Sanctum
Even the aukari need to relax and unwind at some point. If anything, getting excited in certain ways (if managed) will protect individuals from falling into the emotional turmoil which will cause combustion. Therefore, there exist a number of pleasure houses around the city. The Ninth Sanctum offers people from all walks of life the chance to enjoy the company of another. From the poor to the most wealthy, there is something for everyone. Nothing is done simply in the The Ninth Sanctum - the business is built on the concept of exaggeration.

Not being one to discriminate against many, the hosts are both male and female. Every female host represents an almost ethereal state of beauty; they always wear the most fashionable and most scandalously lavish clothing. Male associates, on the other hand, often wear nothing save for a leather thong, all extremely well-toned, clean-shaven, and exceedingly polite. Often, hosts are human, or aukari-human mixed, as increased control is something the owners decided was a necessity for their hosts to have.

Music is always playing in the Ninth Sanctum, provided by a regular cycle of entertainers that cater to customer requests. Night after night the Sanctum puts on shows that aim to amuse and delight its large audience, which is offered at a lesser price than a private show. Hosts will dance upon poles, with an array of different props or pieces of furniture. For many, the pleasures of a night alone with a host are not necessary; the spectacular show put on offer each night (which is constantly changing depending on those on stage) can be enough of an enjoyment.

The Ninth Sanctum is a long, oval shaped building in the eastern area of the city. A pair of city guards oversee the main doors to the establishment, dealing with potential problems when they show themselves. Two hosts will be outside with the guards at all times, greeting all to the Sanctum. Inside, once they have paid the initial entrance fee to the premises, visitors are guided into a huge parlour overlooking a central stage, a smaller stage nearby intended for the night's musicians. The bar to the right provides drinks for those so inclined, and the doors immediately left of the entrance lead to a small, seculded reception space, where visitors can schedule appointments with the host of their choice. The rear corridors of the Sanctum function as dressing rooms for the entertainment and bedrooms for customers to enjoy the host’s private company.


Entry to the Establishment: 2gn
Song/Dance Request: 2sn
Private Experience with a Host: 5gn per hour


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