Tower Satravial

Once an isolated and dying township, an influx of academics, adventurers and thrill seekers have made Scalvoris Town their home. From scholars' tea shops to a new satellite campus for Viden Academy, this is an exciting place to visit or make your home!

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Tower Satravial

Tower Satravial

The Tower Satravial as a structure has two clasess of entrance. One is deemed in Lorien, 'Hasin'avel' or 'Servant's Reception'. The other is referred to as 'Orien'avel' or the 'Master's Reception'. The former is accessible via a staircase at the bottom floor, leading in from the street to the 1st floor. The latter is accessible via a doorway leading in from the balcony on the 8th floor. One cannot enter the Master's Reception without the ability to fly.

From the 1st floor entrance, one would enter into a fairly opulently appointed space, with a central staircase rising upward in a spiral. Beside the staircase, there is plenty of room for ground-walkers to wander, mingle, and relax. The spiral staircase leads up and down. Downstairs is a simple Wine-cellar, equipped with taps from many different vintages of good-luxury quality.

Upstairs is where the Satravial servants have their living space and work areas, where they may cook for themselves or for the Satravial family. There are chutes and elevators installed in the open kitchen area, in the wall which can be used to send food up toward the Satravials' living area on the upper stories of the tower.

On the 3rd story, a well appointed interior amphitheater is set up for the listening pleasure of guests, when the mood strikes Kalortah to perform or has visiting musicians who wish to perform with him. There's plenty of space for a small audience to attend these performances, and the acoustics of the room are excellent.

If entering from the Master's Reception, one would have to land on a balcony which protrudes from the red-stone bricks of the tower. Then, upon entering the Master's door, they would be treated to a far more opulently decorated area than even the Servant's Reception below. This space is clearly designed with entertainment in mind, with a great number of games, art, and other curiosities and treasures to admire. From the center, a spiraling staircase leads to the 7th floor.

The 7th floor is where the Satravial family makes their living spaces. It's an open plan, with dividers in place to allow for some semblance of privacy. This area is every bit as well furnished as the 8th floor.

Here, the spiral staircase is shut off from the middle portion of the tower. There's a series of hidden switches and such that conceal the den of Kalortah from the prying eyes of his family as well as any interlopers who manage to access the Master's door. The 6th floor is a very minimalist space, lined with red-stone bricks and floored with white marble. There are a few candles around to light the space when Kalortah is in residence. Otherwise, it's closed off from the rest of the world. Another hidden passage leads further down, into a treasure room, where much of Kalortah's prized possessions are stored. Beneath that, is arguably the most important and vital room in all the tower.

The Room of Reflection is decorated from ceiling to floor, from wall to wall with equisitely crafted mirrors. Full length mirrors, vanities, and other such installments decorate the entire room. It is here where Kalortah retreats from the world to reflect on his own glory. It's also where he hides his growing collection of transformation gems. There is no access from here, to the lower floors. One must fly up out of the 8th floor, and down to the street in order to access the Servant's Reception, the Servant Operations, and the Amphitheater.

Player Notes

 ! Message from: Kalortah
Here is Kalortah's house thread. You may post under the minimum word-count in order to visit. This is also where his letters are forwarded, and as such any letters sent to Kalortah ought to end up here. This house's ownership was established roughly around Cylus 2nd 720.
Original Description and Room Layout

Who wouldn't want to own a house where every room is on a single floor and circular too!? This place is brimming with character - there are nine floors, and therefore, nine rooms. With a central spiral staircase running through the property, it's just divine!

9 large rooms large garden out the back and in Scalvoristown

Nice little house, nine round rooms, lots of stairs. If your pc is interested in buying this property, it's a minimum Tier 7 one - you can make it higher if you wish.The exact location is up to you, the player.

Functional Layout:
1 Large Garden surrounding the tower (Wine Grapes grown as well as various blossoms).
9 Large Rooms:
Basement: Wine Cellar (HHI)
1st Floor: Servant's Reception Hall. (HHI)
2nd Floor: Kitchen and Servants Operations. (HHI)
3rd Floor: Listening Room/Small Amphitheatre (HHI)
4th Floor: Room of Reflection, cut off from the bottom floors. (Mirror room HHI)
5th Floor: Treasury. (HHI)
6th Floor: Isolation Chamber, hidden access through the 7th floor.
7th Floor: Family sleeping sections, Rookery. (HHI)
8th Floor: Winged Reception Hall, lounge area. (HHI)
1 Small Room (8th Floor external balcony)

HHI = Rooms containing house hold Items (masterwork)
All rooms contain good+ furniture as per a Tier 8 house.
Developed by: Kalortah
word count: 880
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Kalortah is always under the effect of the Tarouz ability,

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