• Location • The Embered Glacier

A river of lava which has become a local wonder

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The Embered Glacier

The Embered Glacier
A short walk from Sirothelle, in the other direction from the Quarries, a river of lava flows. If one were to walk up against the river to find the source, he would learn that it originates from a small hole in the wall of The Heart of the World. Ever flowing, the hole has never closed up. Walking with the river, eventually a person would arrive at the end, which isn’t in the sea, or a lake. It just sort of… stops. A second hole, straight into the ground, is where the lava returns, presumably into the underneath of the Heart of the World. The slow pace of the river means that it takes seasons for the lava to move from its source to its terminus. This is where the name ‘Glacier” originates, as glaciers of ice move at a famously slow pace.

For hundreds of arcs - since before the first humans settled around the Heart of the World - the Embered Glacier has existed, and none know how long it has existed for. It is a hazard; in some places the Glacier is hidden until you are right upon it, risking death or injury to walkers. The uneven ground, too, is a risk around the area. However it is still something of a local phenomenon, beautiful and dangerous as it is. Under the light of the moons in particular, the Embered Glacier is described as a spectacular sight. On any given night, the Glacier will have various groups of people scattered along the mile of moving lava, often just enjoying the view.

At various night and days, there can occasionally be found a religious leader of some variety along the Embered Glacier, surrounded by the loyal worshippers of Faldrun. If anything, the lava flow is a more popular place of worship than any of the temples within the city.

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