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Rakvald's residence and mailbox.

108th of Ashan 720

Almund is a thriving township with a dark side. With houses made from the wooden bodies of decommissioned ships, there are many opportunities here, coupled with many dangers.

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Rakvald Manor

 ! Message from: Rakvald
This residence has been sold after being owned for an arc as of Ashan 721. Re-sold for 86 wp.
Rakvald Manor

The manor's ownership was re-established after 108th of Ashan in 720. It stands in a richer section of Almund, a large townhouse once known as Devukrad manor (now Rakvald Manor).

The main house is about two stories high. As one moves through the front door, they'll find themselves in a well-equipped gambling parlor, complete with decks of cards, chess and checker tables, dashboards, billiards, and plenty of furniture on which to relax. From this octagonal room, it has three thresholds leading into separate hallways.

The left hallway leads to a master bathing house, which is furnished with bronze bathing tubs, and tiled with ceramic from floor to ceiling. There's a high window in the bathhouse, to allow light in without betraying the privacy of those within. The right hallway leads to a large kitchen, which is fully appointed with all the cooking equipment one could hope for. Another door across the big kitchen is a large study, fully stocked with books, writing equipment, bookcases, and a fine desk with a backed armchair.

These hallways bend at a ninety-degree angle at their end and lead to a third hallway that connects them. From the middle, a staircase leads to the upstairs halls, which splits space between a library on the left, and a master bedroom.

Opposite that staircase, is a trap door that leads down to a large laboratory which is equipped for surgery, alchemy, and seems to have space even for simple butchery.

Next to the house, outside, is a large stables, where any of Rakvald's animals are to be housed and cared for.

Player Notes

This is the place for any and all correspondence to Rakvald.
Rooms included
2 huge rooms: 1 large library (HHI), 1 large laboratory (HHI).
5 large rooms: 1 large stables (HHI), 1 large study (HHI), 1 large gambling parlor (HHI), 1 large garden space.
3 average rooms: 1 master bedroom, 1 master bathroom, 1 big kitchen (HHI).
1 small room: an upstairs hallway.

HHI = Rooms containing house hold Items (masterwork)
All rooms contain masterwork furniture as per a Tier 10 house.
Developed by: Rakvald
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Re: Rakvald Manor

A young man with dusty goggles on, arrives at the manor in early dawn, burdened with numerous satchels. He knocks on the door a while, then searches around through his mess of scrolls and letters before setting a wrapped package in black-dyed canvas down. The young man quickly sprints away, down the street to where a horse waits for him to mount and ride through the streets of Almund.

In the black canvas package, a thin letter sits in a pressed envelope and underneath is a teardrop-shaped wine bottle set in plush pillowed cushions to avoid breakage. Inside the letter...
16 Ymiden, Arc 720
My dear initiate Rakvald,

Thank you for all your thoughtful letters through the seasons. I received them all, and though I might not have replied, know that they gave me a light in the darkness of a war and difficult times.

I do have your echo scroll, but I wished to correspond this way as you should find a bottle along with this letter.

Please, be careful with it. It was not easy to create...

It is a gift for you. An attempt of mine to create the pray soup that we had on the night I initiated you. It ended up more like a wine, so I would suggest pouring a thimble's worth into a port glass and slowly sip it. Do NOT drink it like wine! Nor drink the whole bottle at once. It should last for about twenty servings. It is a very powerful concoction of hallucinatory effects, but given that you informed me that you are now also a dreamwalker, I am certain you will be able to handle such a thing.

You made mention that your Graft spark is progressing? Perhaps you might write on the Echo Scroll and tell me more about that.

Also, how has your Becoming progressed? I apologize for not being the best mentor in that regard... perhaps, I might be able to make it up to you one trial. Do you require anything? Anything at all. Simply ask.


...oh, and Rakvald, I do not correspond or go by the name of Zarik any longer. It may be why you have not heard of news about me if searching for it. You may call me Llyr from here on.


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