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The shallow bay Egilrun is situated upon is used, these trials, for crafts and crafting. From boatmakers to weaponsmiths, glassblowers to metalworkers, the sound of hammers and saws can be heard almost every break of the trial, with crews working in shifts to produce the beautiful craftsmanship which they might, one trial, become famous for.

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Re: [Mature] The Right Words

Review Rewards


Points awarded: 15


[*] Combat (Axes & Bludgeons): One-Handed: Axe: Hack and Slash.
[*] Combat (Axes & Bludgeons): One-Handed: Axe: Take Care Not to Lodge the Head in Your Target.
[*] Combat (Axes & Bludgeons): One-Handed: Axe: Downward Hack
[*] Combat (Axes & Bludgeons): One-Handed: Axe: Using momentum helps.
[*] Combat (Axes & Bludgeons): One-Handed: Axe: Footwork is important.
[*] Combat (Axes & Bludgeons): One-Handed: Axe: Testing the weight.
[*] Combat (Axes & Bludgeons): One-Handed: Axe: Posture makes a difference to speed and strength of blow.
[*] Deception: Hiding an Axe.
[*] Tactics: To keep a Target alive for questioning or not.
[*] Tactics: Force them into a corner.

Magic: No magic exp

Other: Swollen cheek and hurt jaw, which will make opening your mouth difficult for a few days, and sore and stiff shoulders when waking up the next day.


Points awarded: 15


Deception: A lie built on truths.
Deception: Hiding a knife.
Persuasion: Taking advantage of compassion.
Combat (Unarmed): Know your own strength.
Combat (Unarmed): Mind your knuckles.
Combat (Blades): Careful not to nick yourself.
Caregiving: A front to reassure someone else.
Psychology: Reexamining the self.
Psychology: Recognizing reluctance.
Psychology: Different forms of distress.

Magic: No magic exp

Other: Sore knuckles, small cut on lower back. The latter will be uncomfortable for a while, but heal within a couple days.

I... I hardly have anything to say. Other than, just WOW, to both of you. Damn.

I'll have to read more of you two for sure. That poor man though...

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