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Clavam's Plots

Capstone/Invention Ideas
Combat: Polearms

Combat: Polearms: Enduring Wounds: Less valuable spears and polearms also tend toward being rusty, less clean, with jagged edges, awkward knots, and all around shoddy craftsmanship. As a strange consequence of this, he's able to exploit the inadequacy of his weapons to create wounds that are harder to heal or treat. A minor wound will be as difficult to treat as a moderate wound, a moderate wound as a severe wound, and a severe wound as a fatal wound.
Shields: Leatherback - As a scout, Clavam is no stranger to marching with his equipment on his back. When wearing his shield over his shoulder, on his back, ranged and thrown weapons will tend to hit the shield. If a marksman or peltast attempts to call a shot on any other part of his body, it will tend to veer toward the shield or miss entirely.

Shields: Quick Shield - While his shield is not held in hand, slung over his shoulder or otherwise not ready. As long as it's within reach, he can bring it up to block an attack at a trill's notice, as if he'd been holding it at the ready.

Shields: Shield Visor - (Related Skills: Detection) Clavam is so used to wielding a shield, that during combat or an advance, his own shield cannot obstruct his own vision or attacks regardless of how it covers him.
Tactics: Rout to Victory - When falling back and feinting a rout from an opposing force, Clavam is able to pull off stragglers to give relentless pursuit. In the opposing forces eagerness to pursue him, they often will ignore dangers and obstacles that might otherwise give them pause. Traps will become more effective at catching them, and flanking maneuvers of surrounding troops will break them far more easily.

Tactics: The Upper Hand - Clavam has mastered the flow of a battlefield to such a degree that when fighting alone, he is able to increase the odds of his victory by only allowing one enemy at a time to engage him. Thus he creates a sort of mathematical bottleneck, against the enemy, to where they cannot gang up on him, so long as he himself only engages with one of their number at a time.

Tactics: The Fallacy of Numbers - Clavam has mastered the art of taking on numbers far greater than his own, and uses this to his advantage by turning multiple opponents against one-another through a combination of body-blocking, exploiting a lack of coordination, guerrilla tactics and careful positioning to draw out fights and gradually wear down numbers. As long as Clavam holds reasonable information on his surroundings and opponents, he is often capable of emerging from fights where he is vastly outnumbered, or the odds are heavily weighed against him. ~ Capstone idea by Squirrel

Tactics: Spoils of War (related skills: Tactics, Detection.) - After a significant victory over an opposing enemy or force, Clavam has become adept at sorting through and picking out the best loot from the leavings of the field. During a seasonal wealth thread (Once per season), he's able to gain an additional +5 wp for the seasonal wealth thread. It is not cumulative with other capstone bonuses to wp.

Tactics: Stall for Time - Clavam has dealt with many situations where they have limited time to accomplish the results they wish to. Thus now when they are dealing with a time-sensitive objective, they are able to stall the critical moment in attaining that objective, to the point where they have twice as much time to accomplish what they need to.

Capstone: Tactics: "It's a Trap!" (Related skills: Stealth, Design, Fieldcraft.) - By crafting several abnormalities in the environment and surroundings, Clavam can make it appear as if any of these abnormalities is a deadly trap, and thus prompt passersby to be careful or avoid it entirely. This allows him to misdirect them into one of his more well-hidden traps, or else safeguard an area with a smattering of false traps.
Invention: Trap-Making: Slip Trap - A simple, improvised trap that can be deployed on the run. One side of it is slippery, the side facing the ground, while the other side of it is sticky, adhering with the foot of the quarry. For most bipedal creatures, this trap will cause them to slip and fall as they run over it.

Invention: Trap-Making: Rhythmic Proscription/Prescriptive Trigger - A complex and very sensitive trigger that fires when it detects rhythmic or arrhythmic vibrations in the ground, as if through footfalls. It can be set to not fire when it is triggered by rhythmic footfalls, or arrhythmic footfalls, depending on the quarry the trapper wishes to catch with his trap.

Invention: Trap-making: Weight Proscriptive/Prescriptive Trigger - A trigger that fires or doesn't fire based on the weight of those triggering it.

Capstone: Trap-Making: Everything is a Trap - Clavam can craft any basic quality trap within trills in the field, using whatever components or resources are at hand from his surroundings, such as rocks, twigs, branches, etc.. Once crafted, the trap can be deployed and activated within moments.

Capstone: Trap-Making: Trap Obedience (Related skills: Detection, Stealth, Tactics.) - Clavam can choose not to set off traps that he himself set or personally crafted. He can walk over them, trip them, or otherwise do all that's necessary to activate them, but they won't work unless he means for them to.

Capstone: Tanning: Iron Tanning Solution

Capstone: Combat: Polearms: The Iron Standard: Clavam has become so accustomed to working with substandard equipment, that he is able to make them last and go the distance. Weapons and armor he makes of cheap materials such as iron never need maintenance, never break, and are always at peak sharpness and balance for their material/quality/type.

Capstone: Leatherworking: Insert capstone here
NPC Ideas
Saul Provence

Name: Saul Provence
Race: Human
Birthday/Age: Cylus 24 675
Languages Spoken:
Fluent: Atvian
Broken: Common
Skill Table
Skill XP Level
Abrogation 76 Master
Attunement 51 Expert
Teaching 33 Competent
Tactics 30 Competent
Discipline 30 Competent
Shields 30 Competent


Hair: Shaven scalp, black mustache and beard.
Eyes: Red (Mutation related)
Complexion: Pale.
Build: Average.
Height: 5'11"

Personality: Saul is an intense and uncompromising individual. At times, he is as stubborn as the dominant abrogative spark that resides within him. He likes order and regimented life. Things falling out of place tend to upset him. He dislikes disheveled, disordered people, and failing any attempt at reforming them, he will go out of his way to intimidate them until they go away.

Backstory: Trained and brought up in the Imperial Arcane Academy in The Eternal Empire mountain territories, Saul's life path was laid out for him the moment he adopted the Abrogative spark. From then, he became obsessed with maintaining the status quo, and upholding the rightful rule of Raskalarn. In short, he is an Imperial fanatic. It was he who managed to locate the long-lost son of Raskalarn, Clavam, where he had gone to. He discovered that the son of their Immortal Empress had been sequestered at the Forbidden Post in Etzos, and it was under his auspices that he sent along Orania Sabello to go and extricate him from the fortress.

He awaits the return of Orania, in Rharnean Territory, where he will linger in hopes of seeing if the son of Raskalarn takes to the spark. He hopes to do this with the idea that Raskalarn will reward him for not only returning her son, but empowering him into the bargain.

In-Game History Thus Far:

Relationship to PC: Savior, and potential mentor. He sees Clavam as a way of serving his empress, and also serving his own interests in so doing. He hopes to earn a promotion in the Order of the Legion.

Mutation Ideas


Theme: The Vanquished


The Conquerer:

Hello, I wanted to redesign my victory domain. I don't believe he's used it yet. I'll include the old description as well as the new below. Thanks for taking a look!
Old Victory Domain
Victory: Trophy Hunter As the Mortalborn of Victory, Clavam collects his trophies like badges of honor. And so every trophy he collects can be used to ensure victory in his endeavors. The trophy can take the form of a trinket, a bauble, scalps, ears, or bits of teeth from the one he has vanquished. Whatever form it takes, he can assign only one trophy per victory, from one of the vanquished.

Once every ten trials, he can invoke the power of the domain to consume one of his trophies. This will protect him and his immediate allies from the method of defeat that his vanquished suffered, whether it be by wounds, getting outwitted, outmaneuvered, trampled underfoot, or being attacked by magic. The form of protection varies, but usually, it will bend luck to his favor in order to preserve him from defeat.
New Victory Domain

Victory: Glory Hound As the Mortalborn of Victory, Clavam is able to manifest a creature that feeds off of victory and is harmed by failure. This creature takes the form of a large barghest hound. It's strengthened by victory, and weakened by failure. Specifically Clavam's. The creature is impetuous and brash, and enjoys all forms of victory, whether it be games of chance, debates, social arguments, or battle. He's a contentious and ascerbic creature. He has several abilities, as follows:

Physical Manifestation: For several breaks of the day, the Hound can take on a physical form that is able to interact with the world around. It can be seen by other mortals while in this state, and is not only able to engage in combat, it relishes it. When its physical injuries become too much for it to bear, it will be dispelled, and require Clavam to gain more victories before it can manifest again. Usually Clavam's defeating an opponent is enough to return the Glory Hound to its physical state.

Fanfare: When Clavam enjoys victory, the Glory Hound is capable of enhancing Clavam or a close ally's endurance, to the point of restoring that ally's spent energy and stamina so that they can continue the fight. Every subsequent victory prompts another rush of energy, until final victory is achieved (In games, when on balance they've won more than they lost in a night, or in battle when they've defeated the enemy and put them to rout, or in a competition of some sort, and won the entire thing), at which point the recipient of this ability is granted complete convalescence as if they'd rested for eight breaks.

Guardian against Failure: Clavam can be preserved from failure by spending the physical form of the Glory Hound. This comes in the form of luck, the form of which is open to narrative interpretation, or to moderator discretion. Longer odds result in a greater injury to the Glory Hound in order to stave off defeat, through which the Glory Hound will have to feed on much more victory before it can re-manifest.
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The Forsaken Mites


The Forsaken Mites

The Mites are a small tribe of Tunawa led by a 'King' named Cazuth. They originate from Desnind, having resided there for many arcs, Cazuth and his four brides, who birthed several hundred sprouts for him in their time, all but one of these sprouts being female. While living in Desnind, they were falsely rumored to be in league with the Lisirran cult. The one that resides in hiding somewhere in Desnind territory, with ties to Rhakros. They were thus expelled from the vicinity of the Ojogbon tree and had to face exile or punishment by the Desnind authorities.

From there, they made their exile sailing for the shores of the Western Continent, and eventually ending in the Plaguelands of Rhakros. Unfortunately for Cazuth and his kin, Lisirra held no such illusions to his devotion to her cause. She knew him to be a long-time servant of the Arachnid Queen, Sintra, providing little hatchlings for her cause. They were horribly persecuted and hunted for arcs while living in Rhakros, and for a time. Many of his children and one of his wives, Cavmiusa were captured, subjected to all manner of experiments in an attempt to twist the tunawa to Lisirra's designs. Some of them were even converted to Yithnai, much to Lisirra's delight.

They suffered these injuries for decades, until Ymiden of 719, when Sintra came to Etzos and subsequently marched south to Rhakros. There, while on the way to the city of Lisirra, Sintra's agents came upon Cazuth and his dwindling kin, who related his tale and bemoaned his fate, asking the agent if Sintra had forsaken his years of service and sacrifice. The agent, seeing an opportunity to turn these tribal tunawa into loyal agents of the Webspinners, informed Lady Sintra. Lady Sintra, ostensibly moved by Cazuth's plight, offered him a place, and even promised a way for him to recuperate the losses of his kin. She offered the opportunity to grow his own Ojogbon tree in the forests of Etzos, if he would only uncover the secrets of the wilderness in the Forbidden Spit.

Cazuth agreed, and so was given safe passage back to Etzos by several of Sintra's trusted agents. There, in the eastern wilderness of Etzos, they were given a base of operations. At the very least they were given a temporary home on the very edge of the wilderness, a plot of land selected by Cazuth for where the Ojogbon should be planted, should Lady Sintra make good on her promise.

Here, Cazuth, his wives, and three score of his remaining children (Not including his son), reside doing Sintra's bidding, and slowly collecting geographical information and intelligence for the Webspinners.

The Mite King, Cazuth


Name: Cazuth
Mark: Adored of Lethroda
Race: Male Tunawa
DoB: 648 34th of Ymiden

Skills: - Unarmed Combat (Toṣeọruni Az'vi): Master; Stealth: Master; Leadership: Master; Poisons: Expert; Detection: Expert; Tactics: Expert; Trap-making: Expert; Mount (Arachnid): Expert.

Description & Personality: Cazuth is a cold and pragmatic tunawa, who nevertheleess enjoys the company of his beautiful wives. Although he'll think little of sending any of his children or even sometimes his wives on expeditions into the wilderness or cities of Idalos, he is capable of incredible fits of rage when even one of his children should suffer injury or casualty. He is devoted to Sintra only as a matter of Pragmatism, and not true unconditional devotion. He sees himself as a Monarch in his own right, and will not abide being treated as yet another servant. He will see her fulfill her promises to his people, and will honor his end of the bargain in turn.

History: Cazuth wasn't born in an arachnid's den, as some of his children had told as bedtime stories to each other. He was an ordinary, yet ambitious and driven sprout, born under the darkness of night as all male tunawa are. Yet before long, he caught the attention of the Queen of Arachnids, through his adeptness at the art of trapping his foes and subtly manipulating situations to his advantage. She allowed that he could earn her favor, if only he delivered a phial of Ojogbon sap for her. He did this, and was swiftly blessed by the Mistress of Manipulation.

His accumulation of wives and children began soon after the theft of the sap. His courtships were partly driven by the fear that Sintra might have designs upon the Ojogbon, and thus compelled his urgency to spread his seed as it were. Before three decades had passed, he'd already accumulated a couple hundred children, and four wives. Thus bolstered, he slowed the expansion of his little kinship, and focused on strengthening his bond with each of his children.

This didn't escape the notice of Sintra. She saw an opportunity to further her influence, to gain hundreds of followers by the ministrations of Cazuth. She appeared to Cazuth a second time, and offered him the power granted by her adoration, as well as a small colony of spiders that would forevermore protect and serve his family. Thus intrigued, he agreed to another service in her name. This time, however, the ask was far more personal. She asked for the legs of his first and only son, Bracken. Bracken was an accomplished rider of beasts, a hunter and an acrobat. He cherished his mobility. Cazuth was horrified that Sintra would make such a request. Yet the promise of more power and security for his growing clan proved too much not to indulge.

He found his son in the night, and pruned his legs with an oshgon blade. Sintra appeared on the spot, lest Cazuth change his mind, and took the legs, also deigning to show mercy on his son, thus sealing his wound with a droplet of magical spider venom. From then on, his son, Bracken was half a tunawa, but they set him up with his very own spider mount and special riding equipment, so that he might be able to move yet.

Even so, Bracken never forgave his father's betrayal, and has sought to undermine him, with dreams of usurping his position in the clan.

It was shortly after this that Cazuth was found to be lacking in moral and veritude with Moseke and the spirits of the earth. Thus he was expelled, and forced to flee with his clan and his spiders to the very shores of the Southern Continent. There, they found a seaworthy boat that might transport them to the Western Continent. The rest of Cazuth's history is wrapped up in the story of the clan itself.

word count: 1114
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NPC ideas

Orania Sabello

Name: Agent Orania Sabello
Aliases: Etzos: Gladis Tanner
Race: Human
DoB: 16th of Ashan 688
Languages: Fluent Common; Fluent Ith'ession; Broken Atvian

Table Title
Skill XP Level
Combat: Ranged (Crossbow) 80 Master
Deception 60 Expert
Stealth 60 Expert
Intelligence 60 Expert
Linguistics 30 Competent
Detection 30 Competent
Etiquette 30 Competent
Combat: Blades (Spatha) 30 Competent
Discipline 30 Competent
Leadership 20 Novice
Tactics 20 Novice
Endurance 20 Novice


Eyes: Black
Hair: Brown shoulder-length.
Height: 5'10"
Build: Lean and strong.
Complexion: Light olive-skin, freckled.
Clothing Preference: Simple fabrics, leathers. and animal hide. Her favorite cloak is a black-feathered mantle of gray fox furs.

Relationship to PC: She's one of several agents from the Imperial Order, dispatched to the corners of Idalos to find Clavam for Raskalarn. She won't know who he is immediately. His imperial name is not Clavam.

Personality: In stark contrast to the professional stoicism that many Order agents espouse, Orania is sentimental, playful, and romantic. These traits have served her well, nonetheless, and she's proven one of their more talented members when it comes to societal infiltration. She's well capable of adapting to the atmosphere and cultural particulars of her target organizations.

She uses her borderline childish behavior and ostensibly sentimental nature as a shield and cover for her status as a spy, but at the same time this can sometimes attract unwanted attention or even hostility. Forming attachments to her targets is considered her primary weakness within her Order Dossier.

Backstory: A foundling of unnatural cunning, she was turned out of her orphanage at an early age for 'troublemaking'. Once out on the streets, she turned to petty crime and con jobs in order to earn her bread. Before she reached adulthood, she was noticed by Order agents who saw potential in her not only for her cunning but her lack of family connections anywhere. She allowed them to take her under their wing and inducted her into the Imperial Order. From there, she thrived at developing arts of subterfuge. Yet her longing for attachment has long been considered her greatest weakness.

This has kept her from getting promoted in the past, as they cannot fully trust someone who is known to form attachments to both assets and targets. Despite this shortcoming, she has proven invaluable to the Order. She was transplanted early on in her career as a case manager of a sizeable independent intelligence network operating in the military orders of the Western Continent. It is a network she has built up from having worked around Etzos and surrounding territories independently for arcs. Once established, she started the mercenary group "The Crossroads Company", based between Etzos and Ne'haer to shore up her cover. It has the happy consequence of the mercenary's contracts that she built contacts in both cities' militaries. But most of her business is centered around Etzos.

At some point in the 719th arc, her talents for infiltration and intelligence management were tapped by higher-ranking members of the Order. Her handlers saw a potential asset in her ability to form relationships and attachments. Also factoring in was the idea to put her field combat experience to use, they sought to send her to the Rhakros war front. She was sent there in pursuit of a rumor that Raskalarn's wayward son was suspected to be among their ranks. She was given the task of trying to figure out if any among the soldiers were mortalborn or showing extraordinary talents as mortalborn often do. And if she found him, to protect him at any cost and await further orders.

Ostensibly, she was condemned to the Forbidden Post on her company's return from the hositilities. She would have fought against the charges of 'war atrocities' committed by her company, had she failed to receive a missive from an Order informant that her intended target was being escorted to the Forbidden Post as well, on charges of desertion. So she went along with the farce, allowing herself to be condemned to the Spit.

The Crossroads Company was more or less absorbed into another mercenary company, or else taken over by one of her lower level officers, who hadn't as much guilt in the way of their 'war atrocities'.

In-Character History:

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Signature Item Ideas

Quiver of the Victor

Quiver of the Victor
Base Item: A good quality quiver, banded with pattern-welded iron and steel. It can hold up to four javelins at a time.

Signature Enchantment: The Quiver of the Victor plays off of Clavam's Mortalborn ability to take trophies for his Victory domain power. By sacrificing one of these trophies, he can then imbue any javelin stored in the quiver with a minor spirit of Victory. Whether thrown or used in melee, these javelins will hit with more force, pierce deeper, slash wider, and hit more reliably than an ordinary weapon of its class and quality. The spirits of victory will only remain imbued on the weapon until they've tasted victory. Afterward, the javelin will return to its ordinary quality and condition.
Based on Wrathling Forge (Sesser Favored Ability)
Wrathling Forge The spirits of rage live where there is spilt blood and broken bones. The marked call them Wrathlings, small orange-red miasmas with gibbering mouths and formless spines. Alone, these spirits are but the scavengers of fury, wafting through battlefields and taverns, in abusive homes and alleyways. However, Syroa's marked have learned how to make use of these creatures for their own gain. When a Sesser motivates violence from fury, either self perpetuated or as the result of their manipulations, they attract these relatively common spirits. While most cannot perceive Wrathlings, a Sesser can uniquely mark their shape. When found, a single Wrathling can be taken and bound to a weapon in the Sesser's possession. This weapon will hit with more force, pierce deeper, and slash wider than any other ordinary weapon of its class. Weapons with bound Wrathlings tend to manifest unique reddish stains and wear out much faster than ordinary. Fury gives no regard for the damage done to it, caution abandoned for raw, furious power. A Wrathling can never be taken from a weapon. When the weapon breaks, and it most often will wear itself out within the first few bouts it is used, the Wrathling dissipates with the shattering. For whatever reason, magical items cannot have Wrathlings bound to them.
word count: 357
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Obsolete ledgers

Skills and Knowledge

UCP Tracked
Skill Total Points Proficiency
Tactics- FT (51/100) Expert
Discipline (36/250) Competent
Combat: Polearms (1-handed) (26/250) Competent
Shield (26/250) Competent
Athletics (26/250) Competent
Smithing (26/250) Competent
Stealth (21/250) Novice
Leatherworking (16/250) Novice
Fieldcraft (16/250) Novice
Endurance (11/250) Novice
Leadership (6/250) Novice
Combat: Blades (2-H) (1/250) Novice
Hunting (1/250) Novice
Logistics (1/250) Novice
Strength (1/250) Novice
Woodworking (1/250) Novice
Animal Husbandry (1/250) Novice

Succession Package: 50 xp 10 knowledge
Racial Bonus: No racial bonus. Opted for starting with domain powers.
Creation Bonuses: 10 base character knowledge for starting as a Mortalborn. (5 more than normal)

Combat Focus
Two-Handed Polearms
  1. Two-Handed Focus: Polearms: Using it like a billiard Stick.
  2. Two-Handed Focus: Polearms: Sliding it in and out of the leading hand, in order to change the angle of attack.
  3. Two-Handed Focus: Polearms: Using both ends of a weapon, in order to take advantage of an opening.
  1. Athletics: Maintaining good footwork is essential to stay mobile.
  2. Athletics: Running, jumping, and climbing over hilly terrain.
  3. x9
Combat: Polearms
  1. Overhand grip
  2. Underhand grip
  3. Couched grip
  4. Switching grips on the shoulder or elbow.
  5. Certain spearheads can be slashed with effectively.
  6. Recognizing familiar parries.
  7. Combat: Polearms: Stabbing and slashing on the backdraw.
  8. Combat: Polearms: Targetting the hamstring to bring a bastard down.
  9. Combat (Polearms): Couched grip for greater leverage on a sweep.
  10. Combat (Polearms): Range is a consideration.
  11. Combat (Polearms): Mind the tip of the spear.
  12. x2
  1. Deception: Pretending to be in a relationship to cover up a conspiracy.
  1. Discipline: Maintaining good military conduct.
  2. Discipline: Facing a dangerous situation with determination.
  3. x6
  4. x3
  1. Endurance: Scar Domain ability: One wound can be chosen every ten days that will not kill him, and heals over into an ugly scar that forms a protective tissue.
  2. Endurance: Marching back through poisonous goop.
  3. Endurance: Bouncing back after a bad slip up that might've bruised you.
  4. x3
  1. x2
  1. Leadership: Impressing a fellow exile with personal fearlessness.
  2. Leadership: Gauging the mood among your party.
  3. Leadership: Considering the background and proclivities of your party, to better understand how to lead them.
  4. Leadership: Using a work task to keep the peace between two followers who are normally at each others' throats.
  1. Ithecal Hide has a very thick and tough grain to it.
  1. Logistics: Making sure materials are available to the craftsman.
  2. Logistics: Everyday running of a forge.
  1. Seduction: Cold lips aren't a great sign.
  1. Weapons can get caught in the wood of a shield.
  2. Don't block your own field of vision
  3. Don't hide behind it.
  4. Keep the shield in motion.
  5. Carrying thrown weapons on your side of the shield.
  6. Attacking around your own shield.
  7. Shield: Shielding against sling missiles.
  8. Shield: Sheltering beneath a shield, when you don't know where the missiles are coming from.
  9. Shield: A shield can only cover you from limited angles of attack.
  10. x2
  11. Shield: Blocking projectiles launched by mages.
  1. Smithing: Pounding out a socket in a spearhead.
  2. Smithing: Water and suet are needed for the quenches.
  3. Smithing: Keeping a forge clean is important.
  4. Smithing: Sweeping up iron dust and other debris from the floor of a forge.
  5. Smithing: The working of a bloomery furnace
  6. Smithing: Iron can turn into steel if it is smelted with certain compounds.
  7. Smithing: The tap for the slag empties into a waste compartment for the less useful material.
  8. Smithing: The bloom contains the more refined and useable iron metal.
  9. Smithing: Emptying the molten metal into moulds.
  10. Smithing: Drawplates are used to draw metal into wire, for the formation of chain links.
  11. Smithing: Mail is often reinforced at the joints and movable parts, in order to protect not only the wearer but prevent the armor from falling apart from excess movement.
  1. Stealth: Try not to draw attention to yourself.
  2. Stealth: The Balance of Weight in Footsteps (SG)
  3. Stealth: Hiding in Nature (SG)
  4. Stealth: Hiding in the underbrush.
  5. x2
  6. Stealth: Hiding what you're doing beneath the cover of a blanket.
  1. Strength: Repetitive motions can improve muscle capacity for those movements.
  1. Setting up positions
  2. Setting up an ambush
  3. Trapping the enemy between positions.
  4. Using a bottleneck position to fight off superior numbers.
  5. "It's over! I've got the high ground!"
  6. Loose formations for peltasts and archers.
  7. Tactics: Military Protocols (SG)
  8. Tactics: Poverty Domain Power: Giving up wealth to ensure survival of a catastrophic event.
  9. Tactics: Combined arms and unarmed techniques for versatility.
  10. Tactics: Squaring off against an opponent with a similar weapon.
  11. Tactics: Spear-wielding opponent: They have greater reach and versatility with a two-handed grip.
  12. x10
  13. Tactics: A slight adjustment in posture can change the opponent's offensive paradigm.
  1. Victory Domain: Trophy Hunter: Can turn trophies from defeated enemies into lucky charms.
  2. Scars Domain: Every Scar a Badge of Valor: Toughens the scar tissue and spares from the consequences of wounds.
  3. Poverty Domain: Patron Saint of Mediocrity: Gets you out of trouble, but keeps you in a hole.
  4. Location: Geography surrounding Etzos.
  5. Location: Forbidden Post: A hidden fortress in the middle of the eastern wilderness.
  6. Military: Ranks in the Etzos military.
  7. Military: Chain of command in Etzos military.
  8. Festivals and Customs: Etzos holidays, traditions, and customs.
  9. Immortal: Raskalarn: Eternal Empress and enemy of every trueborn Etzori.
  10. Immortal: Sintra: Leggy usurper.

Skill Point Ledger

UCP Tracked Skill Ledger
Thread or Skill Name Points Adjustment Running Total
Succession Package +50 50
Starter XP +50 100
Tactics -16 84
Leatherworking -16 68
Trap-Making -1 67
Fieldcraft -16 51
Combat: Thrown -1 50
Combat: Polearms -16 34
Shield -16 18
Stealth -16 2
Endurance -1 1
Discipline -1 0
Tactics (SG) +5 0
Stealth (SG) +5 0
Endurance (SG) +5 0
Aftermath +10 10
Combat: Polearms -5 5
Endurance -5 0
Midnight Forge +10 10
Smithing -6 4
Logistics -1 3
Animal Husbandry -1 2
Woodworking -1 1
Fletching -1 0
The Burglar and the Highmark +10 10
Tactics -5 5
Combat: Polearms -5 0
Skills Scale Down 2021: Fletching 1 point returned to the pool 1
Skills Scale Down 2021: Trap-making 1 point returned to the pool 2
Skills Scale Down 2021: Combat: Thrown 1 point returned to the pool 3
Athletics -1 2
Strength -1 1
Hunting -1 0
Just Like Billiards +10 10
Discipline -10 0
The Sleeper and the Sabotuer +10 10
Announcement +32 42
Shield -10 32
Athletics -25 7
Leadership -6 1
Paging Morgue, Battlemage Morgue +15 16
Tactics -15 1
While the Hounds are Away, the Sheep will Stray +10 11
Tactics -10 1
When and Where +10 11
Smithing -10 1
Combat: Blades -1 0
Cold Kisses +10 10
Smithing -10 0
Racial Bonus: Discipline +25/-25 0

Wealth Ledger

Current Wealth Tier: 3
Wilderness/Survival Wealth Skill: Tactics (Expert)
Item Adjustment Total WP
Wilderness Package +0 0 WP
Cylus 720 Wage +1 1 WP
Poverty Domain: Remove 1 light wound -1 0WP
Wage: Ashan 720 +2 2 WP
Loot? +1 3 WP

Renown Ledger

Item/ Thread Renown Total
Starting Renown +30 (known for his role as a scout in the military) (SG) 30
Aftermath +15 45
Paging Morgue, Battlemage Morgue +10 55

word count: 1212
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