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hi, i've had my eye on standing trials for a little while now and i didn't have the time to join due to university. however, thanks to a little you-know-who, i've finally had time to get a character started!

to get started, my name is nicolette, though you can call me literally anything you want (within reason) and i'm a nineteen-year-old art student studying at -insert expensive art school here.- i've been into character creation and world-building for a while (my major is focused around concept art) and i'm no stranger to post-based roleplay forums. i used to be on various other sites throughout highschool and the latter half of my middle school career before i stopped sometime around the summer of my junior year to focus on getting into my dream college. i haven't been on any sites since then!

i'm starting with my character keskil väär in scalvoris, so if you're based there, you can message me here or through discord if you'd like to thread sometime! i'm super excited to start on standing trials and to get back into roleplaying after not being in it for a couple years!

it's a pleasure to meet you all!
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Re: Greetings!

Hello Nicolette and Welcome to ST!

Your CS is beautiful, and I enjoy the Tarot Symbolism included in it!

Concept Art is a fun focus. It's a hobby of mine, so if you ever want to chat about it, send me a PM!

Also, feel free to PM me if you have any site questions or need any advice around the site/lore/etc. and I'll help where I can.

Again, welcome and have fun!


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