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Faith arrives at Storm's Edge and starts gathering data on the Flamefever.

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Specialist Support

Specialist support...
Life, Death
The In-Between
"If I'd known," Faith said to Alissa, her bodyguard and friend, "I'd have been here sooner. You should have told me," Faith met Alissa's gaze and her biqaj companion was unrepentant Faith sighed and then, made her way in to Storm's Edge. There were people everywhere, and there was a lot going on. Faith looked around and spotted a familiar sight - a cloak from an Order of the Adunih member. "Alright, then," she said quietly. "Let's get on, find out what's what."

Things were were organised now, and so when they arrived a Knight approached them, to take their names. Faith saw his eyes widen slightly when he heard her answer and she knew that he'd heard of her. It was most odd, this whole fame thing, it really wasn't something she thought she'd ever have to deal with, but there it was. They made their way to the Order of the Adunih medical tent and Faith took a few seconds to look around the room. She was pleased with what she saw - things here were obviously very difficult, but the medical facility was well-organised and laid out appropriately. There were people working and the feeling of the place was one of calm. That was how it should be. "If Vivian or Varlum are here," Faith said quietly, "please find out and let them know I'm here and I hope they're well. Arlo, too - he's from Rharne. Anyone important to us." Alissa nodded and turned and walked out.

Faith, meanwhile, made her way to the medics station and introduced herself. She didn't need to, of course, but she did it because it was polite to do so. Then, she moved to wash her hands and got to work. Within a relatively short space of time, she'd heard about the new disease, this Flamefever, and that was enough for Faith. "Alright, get me the information you have. I'd like everything please?" The green cloak who was with her nodded and Faith smiled. "And, first things first, I'd like to see some patients with it?" That was always where she started, of course. With the people.

"There are five, currently," Sian, the green-cloak said and Faith nodded. "How much detail has been taken from them?" Sian looked at Faith and almost managed not to wince. "We're busy. Really busy." Faith's silver eyes looked at the woman who was older than her, and the green-cloak sighed. "We haven't been taking the details." Faith nodded and spoke softly, her voice calm and understanding - but there was an undertone to it which brooked no argument. "It feels like a waste of time, I understand that. But if we are to fight this disease, then we must understand it," it was a simple and obvious thing to her but she understood, too, the tendency to focus on what was in front of you as a medic - not look at the big picture. Especially when things were busy. But it was, very much, a false economy because it was by asking, by gathering data that they beat the disease.

Therefore, it was time to get in there and start to find out what was happening.

So, Faith started by finding out who was here, and who was assigned to what. Gennadiya was here, and that was excellent news to her. Genna was a very talented medic and she was a safe pair of hands, so Faith knew that things here would be working to maximum efficiency, in those areas where Genna was involved. Still, here and now, there was a distinct lack of information. Faith knew that it was time that she got herself to work and got started.

"What information exactly, do you want?" Sian asked.

"We need age, gender, date of birth, race," Faith said, starting to count things off on her fingers. "also, when they got the first symptoms. Where they had been in the ten trials before that trial, and in the trials afterwards. The more specific they can be about that, the better. Also, any childhood illnesses, known reactions to things. Any previous illness, or family history of serious illness." Sian looked at her with an incredulous look on her face. "Do you mean it? You expect us to go into that level of detail?"

Faith turned her silver eyes to the young green cloak and she nodded. "I do," she said quietly. "I expect exactly that." Sian frowned and shook her head. "It doesn't make any sense to me," she said firmly and Faith smiled. "I understand that," Faith replied with a calm expression. "But it makes sense to me. It has helped in my experience, many times, when we've discovered things which we would not otherwise have known. " Sian almost literally huffed and rolled her eyes and Faith's expression did not change one bit, but the tone of her voice dropped.

"I understand, entirely, that you are tired and that I am giving you more work to do. I appreciate, also, that you believe I am being unreasonable. However," she gestured towards the ward where the flamefever patients were and she walked. Sian walked along side her. "I would ask that you try and moderate your facial expressions. As a medic, it is important that we do not let our emotions show on our faces." Sian lowered her eyes and blushed slightly, then nodded. "I'm sorry," she said quietly. It was fairly obvious that apologies were not usual for Sian, judging by how uncomfortable she was making one. "It's not a bother," Faith said with a smile. "Lets just move forward with a clean slate, shall we?"

They made their way into the ward and there were the five people. Faith's silver eyes immediately began scanning for similarities, but she saw none at first. Ages, genders, races, nothing to suggest that this was hitting only specific types of people. But, of course, it was far too early to tell. "Alright, then, let's get started," Faith said and she directed Sian to two of the patients, while she went to the other three. Faith had been a doctor for a long time now, she thought, although in truth it was only a few arcs, but she was focused and determined. So, she made her way around one side of the room, and Sian, the other.

Faith was calm and quiet, efficient and empathic. She didn't make promises she couldn't keep, but she reassured the patients the best way she could. When she and Sian had finished, they made their way back into the office and Faith looked around. "Alright. Lets get maps up on the wall, here, and each patient is given a number. If they've reported being somewhere, we put a pin with their number on it, in the map. Over there, we start lists and tallies. I'll start that."

Sian watched as Faith began the task at hand. In her neat handwriting, she put "Age" on top of a piece of parchment, with age categories in a list down the page - which went on the wall. Then "Gender" then "Race" - she even put "Occupation Type" and then, Faith rummaged in her Domain Bag and pulled out a group of thick cards, tied together, all of which had holes in the top left corner. "Each patient has their details recorded on a card like this," Faith said, softly. "From now on, you can take them in to the patient, but I didn't want to waste time finding them. The information is transferred to the list - by the patient number. So, HM1 is Human Male 1, HM2, Human Male 2. And so on. There's a system," of course there was a system. Faith had a system for everything. The system, she put down on the desk.

She and Sian then sat together and Faith worked with the young woman, getting the cards filled in correctly. "So, now we transfer that information to the wall lists. Once a patient has been transferred to the wall lists, we store the cards. That way, by storing them separately, we know who has been transferred and who, as yet, has not" And then, they did that. Again, Faith demonstrated and when they were done, she glance at Sian. "Tell me what you're thinking?" Sian turned to her and spoke rather slowly, thinking as she explained. "It gives us the chance to see things physically, to visually determine patterns, or exclusions." Faith nodded. "And why might it be important?"

"If it only attacks men, or humans, or human men, then we can begin to target our investigation."

Faith beamed as she agreed. Then, she pointed to the wall. "And, what pattern do you see?" Sian frowned. "I can't see a pattern, I'm sorry."

Looking at the wall, Faith nodded. "That's because, so far, there isn't one." That meant, she knew, that the next job was to begin looking at blood.

"Thank you for your help, Sian," she said. "I'm going to speak to Gennadiya, see where she's got to. Take a break, you've earned it." And, as the pair of them left, Faith went to go on to the next step in the process.
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Life, Death and the In-Between .
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Re: Specialist Support


Player Name: Faith

Points awarded: 10
Magic xp: none

Knowledge: None requested.

Renown: 5 for small good deed of giving a less experienced medic a few pointers.

Skill Review: All Skills used appropriately to PC's level
Notes: It's not often, oddly enough, that I see Faith in a teaching or mentoring situation such as this. More often it seems like i'm emotionally terrrorizing seeing her leading logistical operations and getting into wild chases and investigations. This is something new to me. I hope you do more of these sorts of threads, because I had fun reading it.

Faith's advice to keep emotions controlled while among patients was a good pointer. There's nothing more disturbing than sympathetic expressions or even sheer panic coming from a doctor.

As I said, I enjoyed watching Faith do her thing here as a medic. Not something I see very often, but it really seems to be where she's most comfortable. I really look forward to when/if she gets her Hospital up and running. It'll be fun to watch her do what she loves most then.

Great writing!

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns regarding this review, feel free to PM. Enjoy your rewards!
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