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Stronghold of education and learning, this fortress is in one of the coldest areas of Idalos and home to many knowledge seekers in a variety of disciplines. However, unknown to most, below the city are those who suffer for the sake of science. While all are welcome, not everyone will be treated as they expect.

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The Memorial Gardens

Memorial Gardens
Developed by Rupayo
Settled on the quiet outskirts of Viden is a patch of forest where people's friends, family, or even enemies are laid for their final rest. Flowing through this small garden is a river called Gryx where people go to let their loved one's ashes float down river to be carried out through a ritual of what is considered, "The Waters of Time and Peace". With the ground being solid year round it's impossible to dig graves for headstones or bodies, so the cremated ashes of the dead find their solace within these waters. The ashes that are sent down river have soiled the snow around the bed to the point where it's grey and even black in some places with the soot. Even after a fresh snowfall the ashes bleed through the snow, remnants of the people lost to time.

As part of the grieving process some people have taken to balancing rocks, also called cairns, on the shallow river out of respect for their loved ones and to give homage to their recently deceased. Many cairns can be seen in and around Gryx and it's sacrilege to knock any over, if a cairn is found knocked over most people will take the time to reconstruct it. If others don't, it's the caretaker's job to. The cairns represent the balance between life and death, precarious and dainty in its abstraction. Not everyone creates these cairns but those who do will often leave a trinket or other offering on the makeshift headstone to represent their loved one.

None are allowed in the cemetery after dark nor is anyone allowed to visit without checking in first at the Caretaker's cottage to take down the name, date of death of the deceased, and/or name of person visiting. This is to ensure that no one is coming here to rob the cairns or get up to "tom foolery" as Jaimus calls it. These details are added to a hulking, old, dusty tome that must weigh around 15 lbs. Those found trespassing are subject to being chased out by Jaimus Irdicus the Paltharnum caretaker of the cemetery who is armed with his trusty red-tailed hawk.

A hotbed for ghosts, this area is known for souls to collect, some deciding to remain after death here in this beautiful place. While most are merely Echoes, some much stronger ghosts reside in this forest making an un-life for themselves and they have all formed something of a small society within the eaves of the gardens.


Name: Jaimus Irdicus
Created by: Rupayo
Race: Ithecal; Paltharnum
Birthday/Age: Saun 29 663
Title: "Grave Digger"; "Cemetery Caretaker"
Skills: Intimidation; Master
Stealth; Expert
Falconry; Expert
Detection; Competent
Running; Competent

Details:This imposing lizard-man revels in the death around him. Sour, hateful, and a force to be reckoned with he is nicknamed "Grave Digger" not because he digs graves, but because it is said that if he catches you breaking any rules he will put you in said grave. Jaimus is an all around dreadful person and everyone can agree that no one wants to ever have to spend more time with him than necessary. This man isn't without joy, in fact he delights in carrying out his duties as caretaker of the cemetery, but only because his personal philosophy is that the more people that die in Viden the closer the Ithecal are to their one true goal.

With his trusty hawk "Jaimus II" he haunts the cemetery as much as the ghosts here do keeping a watchful eye round the clock for mischief or other ill-doings. Keen eyes and light feet making him nearly impossible to escape and those that are caught trespassing well... let's just say you better be ready to make a "run for your money". It is a joke among the Viden citizens that he doesn't sleep and others have commented on how he sometimes seems to be in two places at once, always popping up where you least expect to give you loathsome looks.

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It is free to release your dead here.
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