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Stronghold of education and learning, this fortress is in one of the coldest areas of Idalos and home to many knowledge seekers in a variety of disciplines. However, unknown to most, below the city are those who suffer for the sake of science. While all are welcome, not everyone will be treated as they expect.

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Glasshouse Conservatories

Glasshouse Conservatories
Developed by Rupayo
Through a mixture of permaculture and magic the glass house conservatories hold the main source of Viden's agriculture. Four large glass buildings have their food growing seemingly wild, to the untrained eye. In reality the gardens are a beautiful mess of permaculture, allowing food to grow all year round. Not only that, but the alchemists that work there are said to have concocted a fertilizing potion that allows the food to grow healthy and strong even against all odds. Through magical grafting and a bit of handiwork one of the buildings is an orchard filled with trees that grow happily, bearing many different types of fruit from a single trunk. The bows of these trees are laden with fruit that go in and out of season, all manner of things can be found here from peaches to pear. Among the gardens are ponds filled with fish, this is the main water source of the ponds. A closed circuit aqueduct flows the water from the ponds to the plants and back again, only needing refilled on rare occasion, though there is no shortage of snow to be converted into waters in this city.

Through a use of spirit-wells the building stays warm even through the coldest of months. During Zi'da there are even some wells which provide artificial sunlight ensuring the plants to grow even in these harshest of conditions that Viden endures. It was Delthon Vibes, the residential haunt, that created these contraptions and even to this day does some of the maintaining. Delthon was the first man to create and manage the Glasshouse Conservatories. A true madman and genius he used spirit-wells through harvesting wells from anak. With this the man was able to create a power source creating artificial sunlight for the greenhouses, to be used during Zi'da when the sun is gone for a long period of time. This contraption is a special type of glass run with faldrunium wire which illuminates and heats the greenhouses when the power source, the well, is fed to an anak of sunlight held in a crucible of euvomine imbued embersteel. The euvomine was given by Aeva who was impressed with the man's ideas and prowess in inventing, allowing him to hold spirits inside whatever was made with the euvomine. In order to keep the anak working it's needed to feed it other spirit-wells, particularly during Zi'da. This anak is essentially a slave and a well-kept secret. The only people who know if its existence are Delthon, Mindethia, and Mukhaus. True irony, Delthon was slain by a Induk many, many years ago in an attempt to harvest the powers of the anak spirit-well. He is now a ghost himself and oversees the use of the wells to this day.

There is a marketplace in one of the greenhouses where people buy their goods. A few watchful people sell the produce here from the gardens as no one is allowed inside the gardens themselves unless they are a worker or have some business there. There are a few rumors centered around the place. One is that there is some sort of Black Market deal with Mindethia Luna for her alchemy potions, using the gardens here as her reagents. Another is that because the food is magically grown so such an extreme degree, it will make you grow and never stop growing, even sprouting plants off of your own body-- though this is mostly told between children as a joke to scare each other. The last rumor is more of a well known bit of gossip that Mukhaus would love to take over the Glasshouse.

Mindethia Luna

Name: Mindethia Luna
Created by: Rupayo
Race: Human/Qi'ora
Birthday/Age: Ashan 79 643; 78 arcs old
Title: Alchemist, Glasshouse Overseer
Skills: Alchemy; Grand Master
Gardening; Master
Attunement; Master
Pickpocketing; Expert
Stealth; Competent
Deception; Competent

Details:Once a thief who would sell her wares on the Black Market, it's a well known story to those who frequent the farmer's market that Mindethia was also a graffiti artist of a... certain caliber. Using alchemy to grow plants even on ice and snow she would create vines and moss in obscene or questionable messages. Not wanting to waste talent instead of punishing her they offered her an ultimatum, take a job in the Glasshouse or rot in jail. Like any wise individual, she took the job. As overseer of the Glasshouse she is a fat cat, using the others to do her work and get things done while she lackadaisically makes potions; not wanting to be bothered with the trifles of petty jobs. Even though she is lazy her unique handiwork can be seen within the permaculture gardens and they way they always grow despite the odds.

Being of half Qi'ora origins she seems to age very slowly, looking to be in her 30s the woman is in fact pushing 80 years old. Quick witted and good at making people laugh in her sarcastic way, it can be said the woman might be a little bit untrustworthy. Perhaps she is still doing deals with the Black Market.
Willing/Able to Mentor: Yes


Name: Mukhaus,
or Muk for short
Created by: Rupayo
Race: Edisi
Birthday/Age: 46
Skills: Agriculture; Master
Animal Husbandry; Master
Graft; Expert
Strength; Expert
Endurance; Expert
Caregiving; Competent

Details: The muscle, graft expert, and master of the fish in these gardens Muk is very much Mindethia's "butler" and handyman. Known for getting things done he rather begrudgingly does much of the work around the Glasshouse Conservatories. Naturally a caring person he takes his time with everything, being rather methodical and even loving with the plants, trees, and fish within the Conservatories.

He would much rather be in charge, having that typical Edisi air of superiority, but does his duties-- even if he has to complain. On the more flamboyant side he can be catty and snide when he feels snubbed, but wouldn't dare say anything to Mindethia's face, prefering to mutter to himself when he's unhappy.
Willing/Able to Mentor: Yes

Delthon Vibes

Name: Delthon Vibes
Created by: Rupayo
Race: Ghost, formerly mixed sev'ryn, biqaj, and human
Birthday/Age: Zi'da 24 598
Deceased: Zi'da 23 636
Title: "Haunt of the Glasshouse"
Skills: Design; Grand Master
Engineering; Master
Possession; Master
Materialization; Expert
Physics; Expert
Business Management; Competent

Details:Still here after over 100 years Delthon Vibes, aka Haunt of Glasshouse, isn't going anywhere. A Phantom, he remembers some of his past life and that's why he haunts the Glasshouse, it's all he's known. He was the man to plan and build the current greenhouses that stand to this day. His use of wells is what killed him in the end, he will tell anyone this and laments it loudly. Fights with Mendethia constantly over how to run the Glasshouse, Delthon thinks he always knows what's best-- even though a few of his ideas are rather dated. He also likes to scare people, popping up at random to spook anyone even in the marketplace.

Attractive even after death, he has a melodic voice and a hearty laugh. A crotchety man he likes to give advice when none needs given, injecting his opinion on things when he really maybe should keep his mouth shut. Occasionally he will teach others about design or engineering, but he drives a hard bargain for this to be done.
Willing/Able to Mentor: Yes

Price List & Jobs

Refer to The Shoppe for prices on seasonal fruits, veggies, and herbs.

There are any manner of jobs to be done here, some examples are
  • Harvesting spirit-wells
  • Alchemy
  • Gardening & Agriculture
  • Customer Service in Market
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