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The Desnind Delegation



The Ti'al Representative: Spread of information, teachings, and exchange of ideas.

Name: Àbo The Ti'al Representative
Race: Sev'ryn/Eidisi
Date of Birth: arc 655, Ymiden the 45th
Skills: Teaching (Master), Writing (Master), Deception (Master), Politics (Expert), Gardening (Expert), Meditation (Expert), Socialization (Expert), Research (Expert), Cartography (Competent)

Appearance: 6'1, with black hair and striking blue eyes. His compection is pale with a tinge of blue. He often wears fine robes of Iyo silk, favoring hues of green and yellow.

Personality: A friendly and sociable man, Abo loves to celebrate with other people and enjoys large gatherings of people.

Marks: Yithnai (Favored)
Abo is part of the Cazav, a cult dedicated to Lisirra. He's infiltrated the The Oludibo Cikakken, but was always held back while in Desnind from higher office. He's taken it upon himself to lead the Ti'al portion of the delegation to Scalvoris, being one of the few willing to do so.


The Näfäkä Representative: The head of security among the delegation, responsible for guarding the Flutterbus.

Name: Igbaradi The Näfäkä Representative:
Race: Sev'ryn
Date of Birth: 697, 3rd of Cylus
Skills: Ranged (Shortbow): Master, Woodworking: Master, Strength: Expert, Endurance: Expert, Tactics: Expert, Fieldcraft: Expert, Hunting: Expert, Politics: Competent, Teaching: Competent, Discipline: Competent

Appearance:5'10" with dark skin and black hair and brown eyes. He often wears practical linen armors and animal hides. He usually carries the trappings of a hunter, such as a bow and field fletching kit.

Personality: No nonsense and disciplined, Igbaradi takes his role as head of security for the rest of the Delegation with utmost seriousness.

Marks: None known.


The Tsabar Represerntative: The spiritual advisor and seeker of spirits. They seek unity, understanding, and wholeness.

Name: Ma'aikata The Tsabar Representative:
Race: Sev'ryn
Date of Birth: 685, 1st of Ymiden
Skills: Meditation Master, Dreamwalking ?, Socilization Master, Psychology Master, Detection Expert, Unarmed Combat: Desnind Standard (Da'Riya): Expert, Gardening Competent, Athletics Competent

Appearance: Brown dreadlocks are pulled back to reveal a craggy, yet smiling face. Clear hazel eyes, set sunken within their sockets, tend to dart energetically over whatever scene they find themselves in.

A birthmark stretching from the top of the right cheek , running towards her upper lip and ending under her left eye, in the shape of a unicorn.

Personality: She's very lovable and brilliant. Having spent much time wandering Emea, she tends to appear detached from Idalos, and sometimes frustrates people by giving them the runaround in conversation, and being needlessly cryptic. Her loving nature though, this is what she's often admired for. Friends tend to count on this and her charisma whenever they need help.
Marks: Nyvahi (Favored)


The Aik Representative: The Health advisors, responsible for spreading the particular healing lore of the Sev'ryn people. They are accompanied by a group of volunteers.

Name: O'nse The Aik Representative:
Race: Sev'ryn
Date of Birth: 681, 11th of Saun
Skills: Medicine (Master), Needlecraft (Master), Caregiving (Master), Discipline (Expert), Gardening (Expert), Research (Expert), Intelligence (Expert), Graft (Expert)

Appearance: Gray, greasy hair tight in a bun reveals a lean, tense face. Her narrow brown eyes are set handsomely within their sockets, and tend to have a gentle gaze. Fire has left a mark reaching from just under the right eye , first running towards thin lips and ending on her left cheekbone and leaves an agonizing memory of unfortunate corruptions that she has endeavored to treat as illnesses. She has a lean frame, and stands at a diminutive 4'`11".

Personality: She's planful and balanced of temperament. Of course she's also rational, tolerant and punctual, but these are in a way balance by being possessive as well. She's devoted to Moseke, but sometimes trusts a little too much In her magic over her patron Immortal.

Marks: Sevrath (Favored)


The Mulki Representative: A advisor on issues of ritual and celebration, responsible for counseling the bereaved and overseeing the various rites.

Name: Muhïm'rìn The Mulki Representative:
Race: Sev'ryn/Biqaj
Date of Birth: 675, 12th of Zi'Da

Skills: Medicine (Master), Caregiving (Master), Cosmetology (Expert), Gardening (Expert), Dreamwalking ?, Singing (Expert), Dancing (Competent), Needlework (Competent)

Appearance: Golden, wavy hair hangs over a chiseled, wild face. Bright violet eyes, set high on his face shine with mirth. A small knife left a mark stretching from the bottom of the left cheekbone, running towards the left side of his lips and ending on his left cheek left a souvenir of an early life lived dangerously. His form is athletic and lean, and he stands at 6' tall.

Personality: The man is intense, yet sympathetic and calm when the occasion calls for it. He's also fun-loving and fearless, but far less strongly and often mixed with being a slightly gallows-humor as well. He is devoted to his adopted culture though, having come to Desnind after a life lived ignobly as a pirate.

Marks: Sevrath (Favored)


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