[Approved by Pegasus] Caelin Ash

A general use city NPC who provides affordable travel for University students and Scalvoris residents.

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Caelin Ash

Name: Caelin Ash
Created by: Yeva
Race: Biqaj
Birthday/Age: 33
Title: Sailor (Ex-pirate), Non-academic university staff
Skills: Seafaring (Expert), Navigation (Expert), Fishing (Expert), Swimming (Expert), Fieldcraft (Competent), Deception (Competent), Detection (Competent), Seduction (Competent), Gambling (Competent), Blades: Cutlass (Competent), Appraisal (Competent), Unarmed Combat (Competent), Strength (Competent), Endurance (Competent)
Details: Caelin Ash is a (conveniently) "reformed pirate" who now offers transportation services for university staff and small student groups needing quick boat travel between island territories. Paid in advance per season by the department heads, he is often seen around the shore of Scalvoris Town during the hours of dawn and dusk to escort those willing, usually for field trips, excavations or hands-on demonstration. He is not above offering his own life experience to lessons, but his arrogance and weakness for teasing female counterparts makes him a crass, and frustrating individual to spend significant time with. For those who are needing travel for class, it can be assumed his fees are paid for, however if needing a quick and independent ride, he will try to wring you for everything and anything he can.
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Re: Caelin Ash

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Nice! I'll get this NPC into all the necessary repositories and then move this thread, but it's approved!
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