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Re: Who's Afraid of Ellasin Dathlande


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Comments: It’s such a pity that Tio is not a PC anymore! I really enjoyed the insight into his mind that you gave us in this thread, how he thought that it was impossible for mankind to reach any higher level of power than lichdom before he was turned into an Immortal. I also found it interesting that he thought that he wasn’t anything without his power. I couldn’t help but laugh when he decided to talk to Faith and brought her a badly made cake as a gift.

The description of that cake was great!

I loved the over-enthusiastic Labrador puppy analogy that Faith came up with, and how she teased Tio about his baking skills. I wasn’t there when most of the Ellasin plot took place, so I was quite fascinated by the story of how Faith defeated Ellasin – and the glimpse that you gave us into her past as a slave and how she came to the decision that nothing was impossible.

The thread soon turned serious as Tio asked to speak to Ellasin and Faith warned him not to try and manipulate her. I love how Faith stays firm and won’t give in. You touched upon so many fascinating issues here, Gholiog, the sparks, and if there is anything beyond them, and Ellasin’s fate. I also found it interesting that Famula seems to want to give necromancers a second chance – she did at least give Faith an ability in that regard.

It’s a pity that this thread was never finished. I would have loved to find out if Tio would end up talking to Famula. That conversation would likely have been very interesting!

With that being said, enjoy your rewards!

P.S.: Normally, I would give an inactive PC XP as well. But Tio got turned into an NPC, if I remember correctly, so I don’t think he’s supposed to get XP. Tell me if I’m wrong, please!

P.P.S.: Faith, you forgot to mention which skills you used in the review request!
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