[Approved by Pegasus] [City NPC | Adoptable] Nicolette

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[City NPC | Adoptable] Nicolette

Name: Nicolette
Created by: Yeva
Race: Human
Birthday/Age: 2nd Saun 712
Title: Orphan at Luna's Dream
Skills: Storytelling (Competent), Acting (Competent) Painting & Drawing (Novice), Needlecraft (Novice), Caregiving (Novice)
Details:Nicolette is a girl who was left in the custody of Luna's Dream Orphanage shortly after her birth, abandoned upon their doorstep much like many of those who are admitted. She is a highly creative child and perhaps a bit forthcoming with blunt truths, but prefers to play games of imagination more than most. Her biggest aspiration is to become a queen, although a princess or very, very rich person - preferably a member of the merchant's guild - would suffice. Her favorite hobbies include make believe with her two best friends, fellow orphans known as Lucan and Elijah (Eli, for short).

While not an aggressive or disobedient girl by nature, she is not afraid to rally against liars and people who cannot share. Her favorite toy is a stuffed bunny, hand-knit, whom she calls 'Bert' or "Bertie', often found cradled under one arm, or ready nearby to join in any of her games as an extra cast member. She has a lot of promise as a future actress and believes Friell in the Spirit of Adventure to be 'magic".

Other: Adoptable

Used Previously: Assistance Needed Pt. I & Tea for Three
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Re: [City NPC | Adoptable] Nicolette

 ! Message from: Pegasus
Approved! Will upload this NPC to the repository and location and then move this from here. Thanks so much!!
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