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Quinn Neis

Name: Quinn Neis
Created by: Ari'sora
Race: Sev'ryn
Birthday/Age: 15th Saun, 683
Title: Craftsman
Skills: Appraisal: 35, Business Management: 40, Negotiating: 50, Persuasion: 75, Woodworking: 80
Details: Quinn grew up on the streets of Scalvoris Town. He survived because he quickly discovered two natural talents; the first was that he was quite good at whittling carvings out of bits of wood that he found, and the other was that he was very good at convincing people to buy what he made. When he met Azira at the age of 15, it was love at first sight. His natural talent with wood got him a job at Tarik's shop, and he quickly fell in love with working with wood. As he grew older, his love for Azira grew stronger, and she fell in love with him in return. Quinn got Tarik's blessing to marry his daughter when he created his first master work at the age of 20; not a bad feat for someone who grew up on the streets. They were married soon after that.

Now Quinn works at the shop. He works with wood whenever he can, but he will help Ren run the shop whenever is needed.

This NPC is free to use in the shop where he works.

word count: 216
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Re: Quinn Neis

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Approved! I'll move this thread when I've put the NPC in the repository. Thanks!!
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