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Fauna Development. Muter Fish, an uncommon and aggressive creature with healing properties for those brave enough to hunt it.

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Muter Fish

Muter Fish
Developed by Yeva
Price: Tier 6
Habitat: Underwater caves and nighttime shorelines.
Lifespan and Development:
Diet: These carnivorous fish are known for eating just about anything that will fit in their mouth. Highly territorial, their eyes pulse a warm glow, attracting both mates and more importantly, curious fish, which they then shoot towards with devasting speed in an effort to capture them in their large needle lined maw.
Temperament: Aggressive, Territorial
Abilities: The eyes of the Muter Fish are often called 'liquid gold', known for their jelly that gives off a bright glow in even the darkest of waters. When harvested, this substance is a highly potent pain inhibitor and is coveted by surgeons for its ability to numb even the more gruesome of injuries.
word count: 128
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Re: Muter Fish

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I love this! Lovely piece of development, thanks very much!
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