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Fauna - Spine Fish

Spine Fish
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Developed by Darius Baer.
Price: Nobody would ever pay for a Spine Fish, unless they lost a bet.
Habitat: Spine Fish are known to live in both cold and temperate parts of the Hollow Sea and all around Scalvoris Island. Some say they are also found in more distant waters.
Lifespan and Development: In captivity and ultimately protected from the outside world, a typical Spine Fish might live up to 5 arcs. However, they rarely live this long, due to predators, which typically take the form of any carnivorous fish of a larger size, and sailors.
Diet: Small fish and seaweed.
Temperament: Spine Fish swim in large schools. They are not intelligent, and they are often curious of boats and other sea creatures they encounter. This makes them a particularly easy catch for sailors fishing out at sea or on the end of a wharf.
Abilities: Spine Fish are believed to have healing properties, and are often [glow=blue]served to sailors[/glow] as a result.
Weaknesses: Their combined curiosity and lack of intelligence makes them easily susceptible to being caught by predators.
word count: 188
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Re: Fauna - Spine Fish

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Nice nice! Or... well, you know! :D Yay - thanks very much!
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