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Thu Mar 26, 2020 3:55 pm

15th Ashan, 720

Location: ---

When Ari'sora had been told that class would be held outside totrial if the weather was nice, Ari'sora was delighted. It meant that the class would be held in the courtyard rather than in their usual classroom. And that meant that she would be able to spend more time flying before class than she usually would be able to. All she would have to do was land in the courtyard at the designated time, after all.

Ari'sora arrived at the University early. It was a beautiful trial, and she wanted to try something before class began. She had read a book many arcs ago about aerial dancers; Avriel who flowed through the skies as easily as the wind did. They wore bright costumes and did tricks, as well as dancing through the air to please their audience. Ari'sora had no idea if the aerial dancers were real or not, but she loved the idea of them. There was something very...freeing about dancing with the wind, and Ari'sora thought that the idea of learning tricks in the air sounded like great fun.

It was with that thought in mind that Ari'sora began flying in a series of loops that might have been somersaults had they been done on land. Forward and backward, slowly, and quickly, she experimented with them all. It quickly became obvious to her that if she flew her loop too quickly, she risked getting dizzy, so she made the decision to keep to a safe speed rather than risk crashing into something. At first, her loops were very large as she needed plenty of space to make them. but the more she practiced, the smaller she was able to make them. By the time she had to get to class, she had managed to get them down to the point where she only needed a few feet to complete a loop. Not quite the same as the somersaults she had seen a street performer to a few trials ago, but definitely close enough to be recognized as an aerial form of the stunt.

As Ari'sora approached the courtyard, she saw a couple of her classmates kicking a pig bladder ball around. She paid little notice to it until it popped. The loud, sudden noise startled her so badly that she instinctively swerved away from the sound. Ari'sora never saw the tree whose path she had flown into until it was too late. The pain was incredible, but it would have been a lot worse had she not already slowed in preparation for landing. She thrashed instinctively, trying to free herself from the branches of the tree, but her struggles only managed to make things worse.

The professor looked on with a disapproving frown while two of her fellow classmates climbed the tree. Between the three of them, they managed to get Ari'sora free from the branches, causing her to fall the last ten feet to the ground with a thud. Several of her classmates laughed. Ari'sora turned a deep shade of red as she scrambled to her feet, and checked herself over for injuries. There was nothing too serious, but she knew that she would be one massive bruise by this time the next trial.

"Don't worry, Ari'sora. You can crash into me any time." one of her male classmates said with a leer.

Ari'sora frowned in confusion. There was something...suggestive in the man's tone, but she couldn't figure out what it was for the life of her. The professor cleared his throat.

"If the entertainment is over for one trial, do you think that we could get back to the reason that we are all here?"

Ari'sora flushed again, and stammered an apology as she nodded quickly.

word count: 650
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